Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Chapter#2

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Half an hour into the flats, everyone manages to spot a well-hidden patch of quicksand ahead of you. As you head around the quicksand, an large insect like creature emerges from the quicksand. It sizes you up before its attack.

Initiative: Party goes first.
Antony 24 @a1 32/32
Siobhan 20 @a2 27/52
Jayesh19 @b1 27/60
Janivel 18 @b2 44/44
Setis ?? @a3 40/48
Big Bug 15 @h8

If there was healing I've forgotten, let me know.

Skimpy map:


Antony reaches into his spell pouch and draws out a pinch of sand. He makes a motion with his other hand and the sand blows away, scattering before suddenly shifting direction and pelting the ground at the edge of the quicksand. Closing his hands into fists Antony intones the words to his spell and then punches upward with one hand and then the other. And as he does, fists of sand punch upwards from the ground. They rise upwards and are followed by a head emerging, then a body. The elemental gives a roar of challenge.

OOC: 1. Material Casting: Summon Monster II
2. Somatic Casting: Summon Monster II
3. Verbal Casting: Summon Monster II, Earth Mephit at E5.


Janivel has her bow out in less than a second, arrow nocked; she lets a trio of them fly, hoping to down the beast before it fully gains its footing. However, she pulls on the string a little too fast on the first attack...

OOC: Arrow Attacks: 1d20+8 9 1d20+3 5 1d20-2 12

That first one's a critical failure, so I'll wait for whatever might happen next before posting damage (she might not be able to post those other attacks, after all.)


First Post
Setis planted the heel of her staff into the loam and squinted slightly at the giant insect. She seemed to shiver, and opened her mouth wide. Then wider. And wider than a human mouth could possibly open. Her throat and lips and the inside of her mouth and throat seemed to shimmer, and developed thick scales or some kind of armored plating, like a crocodile, somewhat. With a thick gargling noise she then wriggled and launched a thick, green-yellow glob of something horrible at the hovering creature. It steamed and sizzled through the air, and seared the ground where it drizzled as it flew!

Perception [roll0]; Survival [roll1]
(Casting Acid Arrow on the critter! [roll2] to hit, for [roll3] acid damage plus 1d6 ongoing; edit - oops, forgot to add spellcasting stat to damage, that's +4, so a total of 6 damage plus ongoing)

(OOC - Also, Setis can spare healing for sure, I'll use her staff to do it. Just need to re-read that section so I can figure out how staves work in this :))

Jayesh drops into his fighting stance and move towards the creature. Once close enough he pulls a dart from its sheath at his wrist and throw it at the insect.

OOC: 1: Enter Tiger Stance
2: Stride to e4
3: Ranged Strike at Bug. Dart attacks on Bug.: 1d20+8 23 1d20+4 11 (Ignore the second attack I forgot that entering a stance takes an action.)
Dart damage: 1d4+1 3

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