Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Chapter#2

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Antony is not much interested in a length pursuit but he guides Bolt forward enough to give the hyena one more taste of lightning to either end it or make sure it does not attack travellers again.

OOC: 1. Command An Animal: Stride
2. Verbal Casting: Electric Arc.
3. Somatic Casting: Electric Arc, [roll0] , DC 18 Reflex.


"I do not think that beast will be eager to waylay people again any time soon," he comments, turning Bolt back towards the others.

Jayesh drops out of his combat stance. He watches the creature flee and responds to Janivel's question.

"I am injured but will survive."

Any that look at Jayesh will see the multiple wounds from the hyaenodon. The monk begins to wrap the wounds to stop the bleeding.

OOC: I am down over half HP.

As a reminder: It is midmorning and you are surrounded still by these brambles. You can see a small river winding down the mountain 3-4 miles ahead although you aren't sure where you will encounter it as the scrub obscures the land directly ahead of you.


Janivel retrieves her bow and checks it for damage, then nods. "Okay. I'm ready to move out if you are - if we rest, it might be a bad idea to do it away from here."

GM: Moving on, unless someone objects. Also, if someone wants to do some healing, it can be retconned.

The group trudges through the brambles for the rest of the morning and an hour or two into the afternoon when the brambles give way to sand. A couple miles across the sand flats is the river that was observed higher up the mountain. It seems like the best place to ford the river is generally northeast across the sand flats.

GM: Perception and Survival (if you have it) checks all around.

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