Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Chapter#2

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Antony pulls back on his reins and Bolt rears, striking at the hyena with his hooves. Meanwhile lightning crackles between his hands once again as an arc of electricity erupts between two of the hyenas.

OOC: 1. Command An Animal
1a. Strike! [roll][1d20+9[/roll] [roll0]
1b. Strike! [roll][1d20+4[/roll] [roll1]
2. Verbal Casting: Electric Arc.
3. Verbal Casting: Electric Arc, [roll2]. If H1 somehow survives it and the H4 will be targets, otherwise H2 and H4.


Disgruntled, but not ready to cede so easily, Janivel engages in some fancy footwork, and strikes again, with more speed and vigor this time.


Sorry I'm late! Family emergency has proven a difficult thing to manage.

  1. Moving: P20, P21, O23, M22
  2. Attack #1: Janivel's attack, damage, and sneak attack on Hyena 2.: 1d20+8 25 1d4+4 6 1d6 6
  3. Attack #2: Janivel's attack, damage, and sneak attack on Hyena 2 (second attack): 1d20+4 22 1d4+4 8 1d6 3

If the first one drops the hyena, she'll move to L22.


GM: Movement in the scrub is considered rough terrain, 2x movement cost. You can move P20, O21 and flank H2 with Setis instead of Siobahn.

And of course Family issues take precedence over this stuff.


First Post
Setis flattens her ears and snarls at the hyenas. Seeing someone move in behind one, she takes ruthless advantage of its distraction, attempting to latch on with her claws to get her teeth to the canine's throat!

Three attacks, 2 claws and a bite
Claw [roll0] attack for [roll1]
Claw [roll2] attack for [roll3]
Bite [roll4] attack for [roll5]

(ack, forgot flanking bonus! that may not make a difference in this case, but just in case it does...)

Siobhan stands up. She strikes twice at the hyena and hits it twice. The first one a vicious critical blow. The hyena dies.
Arcane energy swirls around Antony as electricity appears from nowhere and strikes two of the creatures. The larger creature takes the full brunt of the zap but the smaller nearly dodges out of the way. The hyenadon is barely holding on to life after that zap.
Jayesh lands the killing blow on the hyenadon. But he additional attacks against the hyena behind him flail to land.
Janivel moves in for a flank after overcoming the brambles. With a critical blow, the hyena is eviscerated with a single strike.
Setis was eyeing the flanked creature until it died. She turns to the last hyena (H3). Her first strike lands perfectly opening a horrid wound in the creature's chest. But her remaining strikes fail to hit.

The remaining hyena steps carefully away (k18), turns, and races away as fast as it can (to F12).

Setis (Se) - 23 - AC:22, 40/48 (big cat) temp hp: 10/10
Antony (AD) - 22 - AC:16, 32/32
Siobahn (Si) - 17 - AC:22, 27/52
Jayesh (JS) - 15 - AC:20, 27/60
Janivel (Ja) - 13 - AC:19, 44/44
H1 Hyena - 9 - AC:15, 0/21 (dead)
H2 Hyena - 9 - AC:15, 0/21 (dead)
H3 Hyena - 9 - AC:15, 3/21
H4 Hyenadon - 9 - AC:18, 0/47 (dead)

There were 3 critical hits this round. I can't believe they removed the withdraw action from the game.

(Shayuri, you forgot to reduce the 2nd and 3rd attacks by -4 and -5 respectively. Your iterative attacks are: claw +10, claw +6, bite +1. So your attacks were 29, 13, 3.
Kaodi and any spellcasters, when you post a spell with a saving throw, mention the saving throw type and your DC so I don't have to look it up.)

You are either out of combat or taking pot shots at the hyena, who has cover from the brambles versus ranged attacks.

B1 hyenas.png

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