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D&D 5E (IC) (OneShot) JustinCase's Within The Circle


Goblin lair

With the torch in one hand, Magdalena yanked the dagger from her belt in the other, carefully approaching the better-armed goblin. She battered at him with torch and thrust at him with her dagger.

Move: Engage Belig
Action: Dagger: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
1D4+3 = [2]+3 = 5

Bonus Action: Off hand torch: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
1D4+1 = [2]+1 = 3

Object Interaction: Draw dagger

AC: 16 (chainmail)
HP: 12/12 HD: 1/1d10
Divine Sense (3/LR)
Lay on Hands 5/5

Prepared Spells:

Spell Slots Remaining/Total

Need to buy torches.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
As Gorir moves in, Belig deftly sidesteps the dwarf's warhammer and then focuses his attention on the warpriest. The spinning flail swings through the air, looking for a weak spot in Gorir's armor, but the dwarf blocks the weapon with his shield before the goblin takes a step back.

Meanwhile Traubon is casting another spell, this time droning arcane words while moving his hands in intricate motions. Three bright magical darts appear before the dwarf, and each rushes towards Belig who tries to avoid them but to no avail. The impact of the magic has the goblin distracted for just a second.

This gives Magdalena the opportunity to step forward and, with her dagger, she stabs Belig just under his arm where his armor is open. It feels good to feel the blade sink into the soft goblin flesh and see the ruby red blood on the shining blade as she withdraws. With her other hand the paladin uses the lit torch to confuse Belig, who instinctively blocks her with his arm and causes the flames to scorch his flesh.

Belig is now started to look panicked, his eyes looking for a way out while still keeping a defensive stance.

OOC: Traubon casts Magic Missile, automatically hitting Belig with three bolts for [roll0] force damage.

Belig attacks Gorir (who is at O5, I think?), then retreats (Disengage) to P7. Attack: [roll1] for [roll2] damage.

Magdalena then engages Belig in the next round. Everyone else's actions, please.

[sblock=Map] map - depot round 4a.png[/sblock]
[sblock=Stats]James AC15 8/8
Gorir AC18 11/11
Thadius AC15 8/14
Traubon AC16 9/9
Magdalena AC16 12/12

Goblin #1 AC15 0/7 deceased
Goblin #2 AC15 0/7 deceased
Goblin #3 AC15 0/7 deceased
Belig AC18 5/26[/sblock]
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Seeing the goblin looking for an escape James darts across the room to block his retreat. Readying his crossbow as he goes.
OOC: using a move and a dash James move to V6


Thadius stalks the worried goblin and flashes him a wicked grin. "You shouldn't have come here. Lord Wildhurst will be overly pleased when we bring him your corpse." Sharp teeth show through the smile as if something just donned to the tiefling. "Or better yet if we bring you to him alive so he can torture you himself."

Pointing at the beast with his bloodied morningstar he yells out. "Take him alive!"

Action: Help -give Gorir advantage this round
Bonus Action: none
Move: O8
Intimidation if needed: [roll0]



"Take him alive!" shouted Thadius. Gorir wasn't too keen on the torture but he saw the merit of taking the goblin leader alive. He pulled his shield in close, then rushed the goblin leader, trying to pin him down.

[SBLOCK=Actions and Rolls]
Move: P6
Action: grapple Gorir grapple check: 2D20.HIGH(1)+4 = [15, 17]+4 = 21

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]AC: 18 (Chain and Shield)
Initiative: +0
HP: 11/11 HD: 1/1d8

Warhammer: +4 5ft 1d8+2S
ShortSword: +4 5ft 1d6+2P
Light Crossbow: +2 80/320ft 1d8P

Warpriest 2/3 per long rest

SPELLS: Cantrips
Guidance; Sacred Flame; Spare the Dying
level 1: 2/2
Bless; Command; Healing Word; Sanctuary[/SBLOCK]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Belig's Acrobatics check against the grapple attempt: [roll0]

Gorir steps forward, and with the help of Thadius distracting the goblin, manages to grab Belig and hold him tight, the once dangerous flail now useless as the arm wielding it is held close to his body.

With a snarl, Belig screams, "Idiots! We will poison the village, poison you, poison everyone! Goblin armies will march, killing all your mates and young!"

He continues ranting powerlessly, struggling to escape the dwarf's iron grip.
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OOC: I was thinking more of making sure he was knocked out, instead of dead during Gorir's attack. LOL
This works to I guess. Magdalena and Tarboun still have a turn, so I'll wait to see if they can disarm him or knock him out.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: By my count Magdalena has already had her turn, with the dagger-and-torch attack.

However, since Belig is effectively grappled now and I'm not letting Traubon do anything if not absolutely necessary, technically it's a new round. But better yet, just drop out of initiative and act normally.


"Oh be quiet!" the teifling yells louder than the goblin had been cursing. He takes and slams his fist into the side of the head of the creature, his morningstar still held in his grip.

OOC: Wish to k.o. him so he won't alert anyone, but as I said in his rage he was louder than the goblin lol. Ahh lvl 1 how fun it is to be new to the adventuring game lol.

Minimum damage is 5 pts. So hoping for an auto hit for aesthetics haha

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