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Stilben is the major trade hub of the Lucidian coast. Nested in the K'Tawl Swamp, the stench of the port could be found everywhere and the buzzing of insects all around. Still, tho, the hub is always active, and the ale is always pouring in the inns and many businesses attempt to catch the attention of the many visitors.

Looking for coins or maybe just more security with fellow adventurers, a man named Brod invited you to the King's Coin, a tavern with a few round tables at the center, using candles and torches for light. The innkeeper is a balding man in his 40s, cleaning the counter, and the regulars appear to be of all sort.

Brod is an impeccably dressed big man in his 30s with round glasses and short dark hair, and waving at you as soon as you enter the King's Coin to come join him at the table.

"Hey there, my fantastic friends! Gather 'round the table, for we've got some thrilling business to delve into together! Let's chat about our grand plans and exciting adventures!"

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Limit Break Dancing
Cielo leans forward. "Business, you say?" She touches her glass of water and the liquid within begins to fizz slightly. "I've only been in town for a week or two and I haven't met everyone, but I know you're not with my guild. Or any alchemy guild that I can name."

She takes a sip, and the effervescence makes her wiggle her nose. "Sorry, my mouth tends to outrun my manners," she holds up a palm. "Let's clear the air, shall we? My name is Cielo. In The Summit Peaks, I'm a Journeyman for the Perfumer's Guild...but here in Stilben, I'm a glorified salesman and tourist. I'm always watchful for interesting opportunities, though."

She turns to the halfling on her right. "And you, good sir? I love the amulet, by the way. It's a holy symbol, yes?"

Tal (Talisker)
Race: Human (variant)
HP: 9/9
Pass Perc: 15
Pass Inv: 9
Pass Ins: 13
Feats: Mobility (human feat 1st)
AC: 16
Initiative: +3 Ki: 0/0
STR: 10+0 (+2)
DEX: 16 + 3 (+5)
CON: 12 + 1
INT: 8 -1
WIS: 16 +3
CHA:10 +0
Acrobatics +5
Athletics +2
Perception +5
Stealth +5
Survival +5
Unarmoured Defense
Martial Arts

"You're fired, Tal."

Tal, young, short and wiry and Rob Johnson, large, middle-aged and brawny were standing beside a massive merchant ship, part of a work crew, replacing old rotting boards on a large government dock.

Tal stood there, shirt half open, sweaty from the day's work, "Wut? But...why?"

"Because you beat the snot out of two workers last night and now we're short two men and, b'y, I had to beg the foreman teh keep me on the job. You're my apprentice, Tal, and it looks bad on me"

"But, Robby, those guys always had it out for me. It ain't the first time they tried jumpin' me. They've been on my case ever since I moved here! It ain't my fault they can't take a lickin'!"

"Well, mebbe you need teh fight smarter or somethin'.... Sorry, Tal, but I got a family teh feed."

Robby stood awkwardly, looking at the pathetic teenager, "Here son, take this, mebbe it's more suitin' your style." The big man stuffed a note into the boy's hand and gave him a hug.

"But I can't read, Robby."

"I know Tal. Go to the King's Coin and give it to a man named Brod. He might have a job for you." Robby let go of the Tal and looked him in the eye but said nothing. Blinking away what may have been a tear, he turned away.

"So long Tal. Mebbe visit me and the family sometime."

There was a finality to those words. Tal wasn't just being fired; he was being let go.

* * * *

Tal walked into the King's Coin - a place he'd never had a reason or money to enter. He smelled of hard work and sea air, carrying the tools he'd spent the last year saving up to buy. His only possession of any value. He looked around, like a lost puppy. The innkeeper, knowing Tal's reputation, just scowled as the young man approached.

"Beggin' yer pardon, Sir, I'm looking for a man named Brod?"

The innkeeper just pointed to the table in the middle of the room where several people sat. Tal sheepishly walked over, nodding at the few faces he recognized,

"Excuse me, Mr. Brod, Sir? My Master sent me teh see you? Says you might have some work?"

Sorry for the long intro, but I needed a reason to be here. Destitute and Desperate seems appropriate.
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