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D&D 5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Infiltrators)


Location: In the Rift
Encounter: The Dracolich Dretchroyaster & Bhaalite Skeletons

Terrus, Aquaria, Auraia, & Lorenn

Terrus, having grown overlarge, struck a skeleton with such force that the creature flew across the room, barrelling through another of them and giving Aquaria a chance to help her sister and grab the last of the Bhaalite Idols. Unfortunately, there was no time to drag Auraia's unconscious body out of the toxic mud, and she slowly sank into it as it burned at her clothes and flesh.

Terrus turned to fight the other skeletons as Lorenn disappeared through a fold in space and appeared behind him, conjuring a floating hand. But the big stony Genasi was still treading on the Dracolich's wing, and everyone in the Vault felt the creature stir. Though many of the heroes did not understand this (some were beginning to), the Dracolich was connected to the Earthen Elemental Node it was wrapped around - it's every move shook the mountain like an earthquake. The creature's bony wing slid out from under Terrus and absently swatted at him while the Vault shook and rocks fell from the ceiling of the rift and into the toxic mud. Thankfully for him, Terrus was able to duck under the wing and it settled again as he stepped away from it.

By this time, Aquaria had made it to the Idol's niche and placed the artefact inside. There was a loud wooshing noise as the vault cleared of the noxious poison cloud (though the toxic mud remained). Terrus valiantly fought off three of the skeletons while being scratch by one of them. The two that had crashed together managed to pull themselves free of each other and chased Aquaria. One of them stabbed her in the back as she turned to fight them.

Lorenn made to move his floating hand toward the Crystal Staff when the Wizard Imani's voice came through, loud and clear over the sending stones:

"Thank the Gods! I have been trying to reach you without success - it appears that the Wards were able to disrupt our communication. I have seen the mountain shake! I must warn you again - do not disturb the Dracolich! At least, not until we can coordinate an exit strategy! I can create a teleportation circle around one of the sending stones. If you remove the Staff from the Dracolich before then, you are very likely to wake him. If he kills you all, we will have failed! Place a sending stone on the ground close to the Staff, and I will create the portal. You may go through it and return to our camp. The last few of you through must take the Staff and run. It's the best we can do, I'm afraid."

OOC: I assume Lorenn doesn't grab it yet, then. Does anyone in the Rift even have a sending stone?

Damage Taken: (BGs) Skeleton4: 14
(PCs) (Notes: Terrus & Aquaria poison is mentioned last round and is for starting their turn while there was still poison. Lorenn and Auraia avoid it because Aquaria stopped it. Auraia still ends her turn in the Toxic Mud, so she takes damage again while stabilised and winds up at yet another "one failed death save".
Terrus: 5 Poison, 8 (sword)
Aquaria: 8 Poison, 13(6) Acid, 8 (sword)
(If my math is right, that leaves her at 5 HP.)
Auraia: 6 Acid (1 Failed Death Save yet again)
5 skeletons. 2 Attacks each. 4 vs Aquaria, 6 vs Terrus
Attack: 1D20+5 = [10]+5 = 15
1D6+2 = [4]+2 = 6
1D20+5 = [2]+5 = 7
1D6+2 = [5]+2 = 7
1D20+5 = [2]+5 = 7
1D6+2 = [4]+2 = 6
1D20+5 = [16]+5 = 21
1D6+2 = [6]+2 = 8
1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
1D6+2 = [4]+2 = 6
1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
1D6+2 = [4]+2 = 6
1D20+5 = [4]+5 = 9
1D6+2 = [2]+2 = 4
1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
1D6+2 = [1]+2 = 3
1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
1D6+2 = [6]+2 = 8
1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18
1D6+2 = [6]+2 = 8

Dracolich wing vs Terrus. Lucky!
Attack: 1D20+15 = [3]+15 = 18
2D6+8 = [6, 2]+8 = 16

Aquaria (who moves through it) & Auraia (who's lying in it) Acid damage from Toxic Mud
Terrain: 2D8 = [5, 8] = 13
2D8 = [1, 5] = 6


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OOC: I believe that the sending stones are with Udit and.... Mord? definitely one of the warlocks...

OOC: Yeah, I think it's Udit, Mord, and maybe... Sesto? All above. We can just assume that either everyone can hear, or the Chrystal Staff is broadcasting it below. Let's go with that last one. Everyone can hear him. That said, they still need a sending stone at the bottom to get the Staff away. Of course, that leaves everyone up top with no easy way out...


OOC: Lorenn's idea was to go grab the staff while Terrus takes everybody up to join the others. The Dracolich should take a few rounds to wake up and some other rounds to get up top (the Dracolich is maybe too big to fly and must climb), enough to TP away before it catch us. And we won't survive down there any longer anyway ;).
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OOC: I’d still like Terrus to try to wrest control of the Node away from the Dragon. No idea what it would do, but it...calls to him...


Mord, Zander, Udit, SnorLoska & Sesto vs The Dracolich Simulacrum

Mord sent his eldritch blasts at the Dracolich Simulacrum, striking its skull but doing little visible damage. The creature turned and was scratched by his floating knives. It bent down and made as if to breathe its noxious cloud, but the poison didn't appear. Shaking in frustration, the creature turned toward SnorLoska, looking to knock the half-orc away from the niche, perhaps to regain control of the Bhaalite Wards.

Zander rushed forward, leaping into the air. He caught the side of the stone "stage" and clambered up, and stood over the Dracolich Simulacrum as Udit's arrow bounced off of the creature's spine. He watched as it lunged forward, snapped its jaws onto SnorLoska's shield and lifted the half-orc off his feet. SnorLoska swung his flaming sword over his shield with no thought to his own safety, striking the creature on its nose-ridge, a burst of flame flowed over both sides of the creature's face.

Then, holding onto the edge of the rift with its hind-legs and beating its bony wings, it reached forward and clawed at SnorLoska, raking him on both sides. The big half-orc fought on in spite of the pain, as Sesto's Angels joined in, slashing with their swords of light, they left dark black scars on the simulacrum's shoulder-blades.

Sesto sent healing magic coursing through the room, it warmed the bodies and soothed the pain of some of the more beleaguered members of the group.

It was at this point that Imani's voice rang out loud and clear over the three sending stones.

GM: Damage Taken: (BGs) Simulacrum1 4, 4, 13, 19, 20(10)
(PCs) SnorLoska 15(7) & 13(6)
Healing (PCs) Udit 12, Pyrus 12, Mord 5, Sesto 6

Mord's Cloud of Daggers
Spell: 8D4 = [2, 1, 2, 2, 4, 1, 3, 4] = 19

Simulacrum Bite vs SnorLoska
Attack: 1D20+8 = [3]+8 = 11
2D10+5 = [3, 4]+5 = 12
2D6 = [6, 4] = 10

Simulacrum Claw vs SnorLoska
Attack: 1D20+8 = [8]+8 = 16
2D6+5 = [5, 5]+5 = 15
1D20+8 = [19]+8 = 27
2D6+5 = [4, 4]+5 = 13

Pretty lucky. But wait! Reckless! So Advantage on each...
Attack: 1D20 = [4] = 4
1D20 = [16] = 16
1D20 = [6] = 6

Still safe from the bite, but both claws hit...

Simulacrum's Save vs Sesto's Angels & Damage
Spell: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [1, 10]+5 = 15
3D8 = [8, 4, 8] = 20

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OOC: I need [MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION] Pyrus and [MENTION=6865745]gargoyleking[/MENTION] Torbin to go so I can roll the round over. While the rest of you are waiting feel free to do a little free-action talking to Imani, if you like.


Dusty Dragon
Udit replied in a harsh whisper:

"In battle. We're split up, some below with staff, some above. The crew below don't have sending stone so... uhhh... Sending one over now"

OOC: Udit will toss down his sending stone into the pit. IF he has time, he will attack, but he considers the sending stone a priority, seeing how ineffective his arrows have been

arrow shot vs stone dracolitch after tossing sending stone into the pit: 1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19

OOC2: finally an ok-ish roll!

damage roll on stone dracolitch after hitting AC 19 (I hope that hits!) : 1D6+3+4D6 = [3]+3+[2, 5, 3, 4] = 20

Praise the Beetle!


Pyrus sends another volley of fire, desperately trying to scorch the fake Dracolich.

Combustion, 5 psi points. DC 14 Con Save or take [roll0] fire damage and be lit on fire, half damage on successful save.


Pyrus & Torbin

Pyrus concentrated and the Dracolich Simulacrum burst into flames. It spun about, trying to put itself out to no avail. Torbin fired his bow as it revealed its underside (which was not on fire) and the arrows stuck into the softer rib-bones as it flailed about.

It was not finished, but the battle was clearly on the side of Imani's fortunate volunteers.

GM: I had to resolve the round before taking Udit's action into account. What @Ancalagon posted will be up soon, though.
Damage Taken:(BGs) Simulacrum1 31 & On Fire! & 9 & 9 (Arrows)
Simulacrum Con Save vs Pyrus (Whoops!)
Save: 2D20.HIGH(1)+7 = [1, 2]+7 = 9


Location: The Inner Vault & Dracolich's Lair
Encounter: Simulacrum (Above) & Bhaalite Skeletons (Below)

Begin Round Six

Name * (Position) * AC * HP
Aquaria (*G14) AC17* HP 5/60
Auraia (*H8) AC17(19) HP 0/60 (1 Failed Death Save)
Lorenn (*L8) AC17(19) HP 14/48
Mord (J6) AC14 HP 29/45
Pyrus (K11) AC13 HP 28/60
Sesto (I12) AC18* HP 28/52
SnorLoska (C8) AC18* HP 47/75
Terrus (*J9K10) AC16(17) HP 25/67
Torbin (O5) AC15 HP 24/45
Udit (M9) AC15 HP 29/52
Zander (C9) AC19* HP 39/64
Simulacrum1 (D8F10) HP less 154
Bhaalite Skeleton1 (I8) HP less 23
Bhaalite Skeleton2 (J8) HP less 4
Bhaalite Skeleton3 (G13)
Bhaalite Skeleton4 (F13) HP less 14
Bhaalite Skeleton5 (J11)
*Wards 4/4 defeated




First Post
Zander new the fight was close to over and he pulled out every trick he was taught, watched, or made up to try and bring down this monstrous thing.

Action: Attack (gets two)
dmg [roll1]
Bonus Action: Action Surge - Attack (get two more)
dmg [roll5]
can't roll 8 times so use an above dmg from any roll that missed
Move: None


Udit, Torbin & Zander

Udit released his sending stone from his pocket and it fell into the rift, landing on the ground next to Lorenn. He heaved himself out of the rift once more and took aim, firing a well-placed arrow into the largest vertebra of the Dracolich Simulacrum's spine which split a large crack in the bone-like stone. Torbin followed his lead, sending two more arrows into nearly the same spot.

From his vantage on the massive stone "stage", Zander was able to duck under the Simulacrum's tail as it lashed about while the creature attempted to get past SnorLoska. The tail skidded across Zander's raised shield as it swung over his head. Then, timing it perfectly, Zander leaped onto the creature's back and jammed his blade into the cracks left by the archers' arrows. He pried with all his might (bending his sword slightly) and the simulated vertebra came apart.

This seemed to cause all of the bones to suddenly free themselves from the others, and the simulacrum fell pieces. Zander leaped free, rolling across the stage as many of the larger bones fell into the rift. As they struck the ground, much of the bones shattered into stones, scattering across the ground.

GM: Damage Taken (BGs) Simulacrum1 20, 11, 8, & 9 (Dead!)

OOC: As long as you don't wake the real and much bigger Dracolich, that only leaves the Bhaalite Skeletons down below. It's 300 feet down, though, so I dunno the best way down.
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In the rift, the Crystal Staff sensed what Terrus was thinking and said to him psychically, "With your connection to Elemental Earth, it may be possible for you to wrest control of the Node from foul Dretchroyaster. I can help you, but I will have to release him from our psychic battle. He will then be free to rise in all his terrible might. I suggest you have our escape ready before attempting to remove me from his grasp, or trying to wrest control of the Node."

Imani spoke on the sending stones, "I am prepared for the teleport Circle. Please identify which stone I should centre the spell on by saying into it: 'this one'."


Dusty Dragon
"Uh... that was, uh, really cool Zander! Nice one!"

Overhearing Itami's voice from Mord's stone, (and slightly regreting giving up his own) Udit spoke up

"Uh, the group up has smashed the fake dragon, but it would take us a bit of time to get down there, we can't like all fly and stuff. I don't know if it's safe to just flee while the guys below teleport?"

He then added:

"Uh... How is it going down there?"


Mord watched the simulacrum's fall and smiled for just a moment then looked across at Sesto. He wasn't particularly fond of the light worker, but those angels could come in handy. "Priest! I can bring you into the pit, come meet me tobe taken down. The rest of you should flee. If we are successful, or if we are not, this place may well come down upon your heads!"

And with that, he moved around the rim of the crater, looking for any pinprick of light which he might use to pick as a destination. The moment that he could touch Sesto, he spokenhis spell.