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5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Infiltrators)


Dusty Dragon
Udit spoke up.

"Uuuh... if you can make illusions, how about an illusion of us running far away in another direction? Like.... there. If the dragon flies that way, he won't be able to see the way Zander, Pyrus and Draco are coming out. It would buy Aquaria some time..."

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"That would be counter-productive, I'm afraid." Imani shook his head. "Any active illusions I send out would be more likely to draw his attention than confuse him, and he would almost certainly see through them on any close inspection. No, I think this rescue mission will be more a case of timing than of tricks. You must get them across the river while the dracolich has circled to the other side of the mountain or he will see you for sure."

OOC: Gasp! The Dracolich has a 27 passive perception and can make saving throws just because he feels like it!

Torbin, Pyrus, and Zander

The three-on-foot came to the gatehouse. It appeared that the few remaining cultists had been murdered by the Beast-Boys when the mercenaries had fled the temple around an hour before. No one was left alive guarding the gate, but the two horses that had belonged to Rowloe's wagon were still in the stables, panicky from the various earthquakes and the smell of blood.

The gate doors were slightly ajar, with just enough room to squeeze through, but they were blocked from being opened further by a very large (and newly present) black rock from the mountain above.

OOC: I guess poor Drako got buried under a pile of rocks, because I keep forgetting him now that his player is gone.


Torbin drew his bow and squeezed through the door first, relying on his keen senses to detect danger and scout the way ahead for the other two. Unfortunately, those horses were likely to have to stay where they were.


Dusty Dragon
Udit perked up but then nervously glanced at the dracolitch

"Across the river? Uh... is there a boat somewhere? Because if so, I'm your man. If not I'm not sure what I can do..."

OOC: Player doesn't remember how big the river is, state, presence of bridge etc :(

Loklafd declared, "I have one last two-man kayak, but you will have to find another way for the others to get across."

OOC: For those that don't remember (it was over a year ago, after all), the river is pretty wide and dangerous. It flows from the north to the south, and over a waterfall to the south after passing under a bridge that leads to and from the Watchtower. The bridge follows a switchback down a road to the south into a forest (part of Cormanthyr) There are quite a few rocks in the river, and it's pretty shallow under the bridge and as it goes over the falls.

OOC: The rock hopping path was by the waterfall and led to the Troglodyte Caves. It was a stealthy way IN (with the Gate and the Watchtower on the lookout), but it's the long way OUT. They are coming out the Main Gate. The bridge is closer to the Watchtower. They can certainly head for it, but it's a bit of a long way to go with the Dracolich circling the mountain...


Dusty Dragon
Udit easily shouldered one of the kayaks.

"Uh... does anyone have any rope? Mine is still in the mountain. It could help. Anyway, uh, I'll head over right quick, I have good boots! Just tell me when old chickenbone is out of sight..."

Loklafd passed Udit a coiled rope and said, "I am sorry that I do not have any more Kayaks. This one will have to do to take you and Auraia across. I will wait here and keep an eye out for the Dracolich."

"Speaking of which," said Corrah the halfing scout, "Bag-o'-Bones is down over there down south flying over the falls. Now might be as good a time as any to get across. Take the canoe with you when you get to shore and hide it in the gatehouse, so he doesn't see it. We'll wave to you when it's clear to come back."

Zander jumped in the water. It was much rougher than he expected and he swam until he reached the first large black rock. The current carried him into it harder than he expected it to, and he slammed into it hard before holding on and taking a quick look around.

OOC: Zander's gonna take [roll0] bludgeoning damage, but he's about a third of the way across.


First Post
*gulp* *gurgle* *sploosh*

"I... I got this." Zander says huffing and spitting out a mouthful of water.

OOC: Should have got a ring of swimming for my up coming uncommon item, LOL.
swimming: [roll0] 2/3 across?
swimming: [roll1] rolling ahead - need to see if he is still conscious.

Udit and Auraia got into the kayak and began to paddle into the rushing current.

OOC: @Ancalagon should give me an Athletics check, with advantage (both from Auraia helping and from his watercraft proficiency.


Dusty Dragon
Udit quickly and efficiently got into the kayak and paddled forward - this type of water was tricky, but he was Lamarakhi, the River People - he had this.

kayaking check with advantage - rescue mission of sort: 1D20+5 = [16]+5 = 21
1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14

He first helped Zander out, who had somehow swam across *in armor* and was almost towards the shore (OOC: this can be done btw, videos of it on youtube) - that guy had a lot of grit

"uh, I'm coming guys. don't make too much noise"

He then added

"Any more, uh, tricks, Auraia?" Udit was glad he had gone after her instead of shooting an arrow at the dracolich. That was Bhaal's way, not the beetle's way.

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