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D&D 5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Infiltrators)


Dusty Dragon
"Cool... uh you mean across the river or back to camp?" replied Udit, as he deftly pushed the kayak away from a semi-submerged rock.

He kept looking in all directions, looking for other hidden threats, but also the signal regarding the dracolitch's position.

OOC: as far as I can understand, Zander already made it across the river, it's just Torbin and Pyrus that are on the "wrong" side.

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After passing Zander in the river, Udit deftly pulled the kayak to the opposite shore. Torbin and Pyrus ran down from the gatehouse to meet them and Auraia embraced her brother.

Udit saw the shadow of the Dracolich pass over the Watchtower to the south.


OOC: Can we see the camp? Auraia can take up to six people up to a mile away to a spot she can see. If she can see the camp, she can take them all there.


Auraia looked around for a good spot to whisk them away to. She could see Corrah waving from the opposite shore as Loklafd helped Zander out of the water. The Base Camp was hidden from view, as it was always intended to be as invisible as possible, but she could see a clear spot between some trees on Greenpeak that would take them very close to the camp.

OOC: I like the idea that Auraia's teleport works by turning everyone into wind, which blows to where she wants to go, and then turns back into everyone. There's four on this side of the river, and three on the other (I don't think anyone else came down). The others are about sixty feet away from her. If she can't take that many (or the others are too far away) she can point to the spot and Corrah will lead the others back up the hill to meet them.)


OOC: She can teleport herself and six others who are within 60 ft of her to a spot she can see up to a mile away, so she can get everyone. I don’t have time to post it, but that’s what she does.


OOC: Not across yet, swim speed 15' but I made a couple good rolls so Zander shouldn't drown. He may get picked up out of the water by a dracolich, and that would be bad, LOL.


Dretchroyaster was furious. His lair had been violated. His servants were gone. His powerful elven relic was stolen. Without it, he would have a much harder time unlocking the secrets of the Earth Node. As he circled Blackpeake he considered, the teleport wasn't fixed to a permanent circle, which meant that they couldn't have gone far. He would find them and make them pay for their effrontery.

Then he spotted movement on the ground, and if he still had lips, he would have smiled. He dove out of the sky, landing amongst the group of little screaming people he rended them with tooth and claw.

* * *

Corrah watched as the dracolich circled toward them, moving around the black mountain and over the Watchtower. Suddenly, something caught it's glowing eye and it dove out of the sky. It flew over the waterfall and out of sight, heading down the road to the south.

"Who's down there?" she asked Zander as Loklafd helped him out of the water.

Zander looked the way she pointed and thought about it. "It must be the mercenaries. Bardaby and the Beast Boys should just be making their way to the bottom of the switchback by now. Poor fellows."

Zander couldn't say he liked any of the Beast Boys, but he had been one of them, as a spy for Imani, for nearly a month, and he knew some of them well.

Then Auraia used her psychic powers and they all turned into wind - first the group with her on the opposite shore, herself, her brother Pyrus, Torbin, and Udit. Then Corrah, Loklafd, and Zander. They all flew up the mountain to a small clearing where they turned back into themselves. Then they ran until they arrived at what was left of the basecamp.

Most of it was abandoned, but Imani, Sesto, and SnorLoska were waiting for them, along with Terrus and Aquaria.

Imani had a teleportation circle open, and everyone piled through, As the scene shifted about them, they found themselves in Imani's study, in his tower in Hap. Lorenn was siting in a chair, thumbing through one of the wizard's books.

Imani sighed and removed his overcloak. He hung it on a stand with his mage-hand and said, You have my undying gratitude and perpetual patronage, my friends. I presume that you would all enjoy a much needed rest. I have secured rooms for you at the Millery Inn (my tower is not large enough for us all). I would be happy to show you the way, and I will buy food and drink until you are full and drunk!"

With that pronouncement, he donned a much more fashionable overcloak and smiled as his servant brought him a bag of coins.

The End. For now.


Dusty Dragon
Udit raised his hand

"Uh... how far are we from that mountain? It, uh, kinda matters..."

His voice trailed off as he saw the bag of coins. An employer that payed off? Most of his companions had survived? Wonders of wonders. But he had to focus now. His eyes darted around, learning the layout of the room, the access points, the blind angles, the hiding spots. This was going to require a deft hand, shuttle-tea even.

He had silverware to return.


Lorenn was absorbed by the book but, as he saw the teleportation circle crackling, he jumped out of the chair and welcomed his companions who have just appeared.

"Hey guys! Listen to this: Four types of horn of Valhalla are known to exist, each made of a different metal." said Lorenn, reading the book out of loud, exited like a child.

"When you blow it, it summons some crazy Barbarians! You can blow it just once every seven days, sadly. Ho! And Udit, I found some good spells you'll want to learn!"

Whispering, "This place his great. You should take a look."

Then, as he spoke about Barbarians, their fallen comrades came to his mind and changed his mood.

"Yeah. You'll want to try Imani's ale too. It might help."
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