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D&D 5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Infiltrators)


Terrus saw the two struggling, and still large, stepped over to them.

“Let me try,” He said, reaching down and grabbing the staff.

OOC: If were doing turns, Terrus hasn’t gone yet.

Using bonus Action, and 2 points, for Feat of Strength, giving +5 to Str checks.

[roll0] or [roll1]

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Mord, Auraia, & Lorenn's Mage Hand

Sesto's Angels began to sing in perfect harmony as Mord reached out for the Diamond Staff and pulled. The dracolich's skeletal grip on the staff held fast so Auraia turned into a gust of wind that blew up to beside Mord and turned back into the genasi, who tried to help him pry the finger-bones away from the staff, to no avail. Lorenn's mage hand also tugged at a smaller finger.

The grip only tightened.

On Mord's request, Imani's voice came through the sending stone: "The Circle is ready, and it is by another stone! I can attempt to move it if you wish, but it may take some time. It would be much better if you could get to the circle that I have open, and as quickly as possible."

Auraia turned back into wind and returned to her place beside SnorLoska.

The Dracolich Dretchroyaster

Suddenly, the Dracolich's enormous skull raised off of the ground where it rested. Both eyes glowed with a greenish hew and wisps of gas gas played about its mouth, only to whisk across the lair and be consumed by the Bhaalite Idol in its resting place.

"Foolish Mortals! You should not have come here and annoyed me as you have. You will regret it in the short moments that remain in your lives."


Terrus lunged for the staff and tore it from the Dracolich's grip while the creature was still rising from the enormous pile of treasure that it had been 'sleeping' in.

GM: Yup. Better get out of here.
Dretchroyaster Strength vs Terrus
Check: 1D20+8 = [5]+8 = 13


OOC: Okay, we're gonna need to use Initiative here, because the order of events is EXTREMELY important. For instance, you're gonna have to beat an Init Roll of 20 if you want to go before the Dracolich's LAIR action. That said, he's still groggy. I rolled a 5 for his actual turn (in which he will probably kill you). So... "ALL" you have to do is survive his Lair Action and his Legendary Actions. He's 'only' CR 22 before the Dracolich Template!


Location: The Dracolich's Lair
Encounter: The Dracolich Dretchroyaster & the Diamond Staff of Chomylla

Begin Round One (Ten?)

Name * (Position) * AC * HP
Aquaria (C9) AC17* HP 15/60
Auraia (G12) AC17(19) HP 11/60
Lorenn (E12) AC17(19) HP 19/48
Mord (J13) AC14 HP 14/45
Sesto (F11) AC18* HP 31/52
SnorLoska (F12) AC18* HP 19/75
Terrus (I11J12) AC16(17) HP 17/67
Udit (E9) AC15 HP 29/52

Teleportation Circle (D10E11)
Diamond Staff (J12)
Earth Node (N12)

*Pyrus (Running) AC13 HP 28/60
*Torbin (Running) AC15 HP 24/45
*Zander (Running) AC19* HP 39/64
Dretchroyaster (K10O14)
*Wards 4/4 defeated



Here we go!

Everyone gets +2 to initiative, cause Aquaria is awesome like that.

Auraia: [roll0]
Aquaria: [roll1]
Terrus: [roll2]


OOC: By the way, if you happen to beat 20 Init, feel free to post a turn right away. Otherwise hold off and I'll post what happens on the Lair Action as soon as we have our order

With the Dracolich rising out of its treasure-bed, time seemed to slow to a crawl as everyone's heart began to rush. There was little to do, but every action held a sense of urgency.


OOC: Does Terrus feel anything from the staff? Like, dragon killing power or something? Or maybe a +10 to his initiative this round?


OOC: Unfortunately, Initiative is not her forte. Information IS, however, and she can discuss plans with him and grant several spells. I will give you a list soon.


The Diamond Staff spoke to Terrus telepathically: "You have rescued me from his terrible grip, and I thank you! But it may not be for long. I can help you to make a connection with the Earth Node, if you wish, but I am not terribly useful in battle - it is not my purpose. At any rate, I do not recommend standing against Dretroyaster! A retreat would be prudent."

OOC: I looked into it. She can do Detect Magic at-will and a bunch of other Divinations, including Legend Lore, but I couldn't find anything that would be very useful here. She's a +3 Implement, which I would allow Terrus to use as a Psychic focus, if that helps at all. Still, probably best to just throw her to someone else while they jump into the circle.

Prickly Pear

SnorLoska's feral instincts kicked in as soon as he saw Dretchroyaster raising his head to speak. So close, he thought, feeling the fury building inside him, but the dragon will NOT have the last word!
SnorLoska quickly moved to Terrus and grabbed the staff, shouting; Quick. Let go of the staff. SnorLoska snatched the staff from Terrus unresistant hands and rushed back to the teleportation circle and stepped into it. With a swirl and whirl he ended up in front of Imani, slightly disorientated.

OOC: Bonus action: Rage (last one, in case of any poison damage from the mound.)
Movement: 40 feet, should be enough to get there and back.


OOC: Okay, I'd just like to know if Mord beats the 20 Init then I'll get this round going. [MENTION=6865745]gargoyleking[/MENTION] you got a moment?


SnorLoska & Lorenn

SnorLoska rushed forward and grabbed the Diamond Staff from Terrus. Terrus heard her call to him in her mind, "Goodbye and good luck!" and she left him an impression of how to potentially access the power of the Earth Node, should he wish to try.

Then, SnorLoska jumped into the teleportation circle, and was gone. He arrived on the neighbouring mountainside, in Imani's hidden camp. The old wizard smiled and clapped him on the back saying, "Well done, my friend! Well done! I hope the others are right behind you?"

Lorenn sent his mage hand into the treasure pile as the Dracolich rose in fury. "AArgh! Thieves! You will pay dearly for this affront!" the Dracolich roared as Lorenn scooped a brass horn from under the creature's bones and floated them over to himself. He spun on his heels and danced his way into the teleportation circle.

He quickly found himself on the mountainside behind SnorLoska. His friend Corrah ran over to him and said, "Whatchya got there, Lorry?"

Her eyes widened in appreciation as valuable gems and coins fell from the horn as Lorenn shook it off to have a look at it.

OOC: It's a Brass Horn of Valhalla, (Lorenn will discover when he has time) and it was packed with 1265 gp worth of coins and gems (most of the value in gems).

Dretchroyaster's Lair

In the lair, everyone made to go. The very act of the Dracolich rising to its feel caused the room to tremble, such was the creature's power and its connection to the earth node.

"You will not leave this place. I will devour you and use your bones to create a minion that will hunt down the others." Dretchroyaster declared, and a wall of stone thrust out of the ground bisecting the room and throwing Sesto and Auraia off of their feet.

GM: Sesto and Auraia will take 18 bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone (dc15 Dex Save for half and keep your feet. Also, if you make the save, you can pick which side you wind up on.) The wall is 10 feet high and 60 feet long. It's not hard to climb, but it will take a check.
Damage Taken:
(PCs) Sesto & Auraia 18 (9?)
Lair Action Wall vs Sesto & Auraia
Attack: 4D8 = [8, 2, 6, 2] = 18

OOC: I'm going to keep this going in small groups. Udit, Aquaria and Auraia can take their turns. Here's a map. If Sesto fails the save, he'll be thrown to the other side of the wall from where he looks now.