If your group didn't like 4e...

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Oh dear. That bodes well...

I shouldn't doomsay, but if the previous target group doesn't like it... and the current target group doesn't like it... Who are they selling it to?

Don't worry about it too much. According to what I heard, D&D 4 is still a success. (It's now in the third print run, and they already achieved their expectations for this year, with still 3 full months to go.)

Someone is buying the game. Moreover, someone is playing it.
For the EN World community, I posted a poll on the topic of who is playing D&D 4 and who isn't. Not everyone is (or at least owns the books), but it appears as if 22 % of those that own the books are not interested in playing it further. If we assume it doesn't get worse in the "real world", that should mean that there will still be enough players. Who they are (aside from those I know personally, like my group, or those on EN World) - no idea. But they exist. Either it are gamers that ignored 3E (or D&D) in general, or it are new gamers.

But even if it's all doom and gloom - no need to worry. It wouldn't be "your" edition that is failing, and with Pathfinder and other 3rd party support for 3E games, D&D and role-playing in general doesn't look like it will die out soon.


Golden Procrastinator
Has anyone every played Runequest? I've never given it a dance personally, but I know its Open Source and want to know whether doing adaptations of Sinister Adventures stuff for it is something a lot of people would be interested in.
I haven't played the new Mongoose version, but it is very similar to the old versions. RQ is a very good game. It's quite gritty and deadly.

What did you guys switch to? Did your group go to 3.xe, 2e, 1e, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, True20, or what?
Still haven't played 4E yet and likely won't in the forseeable future, but I'm planning to run a campaign of Hybrids & Headaches. :) That is, it's based on 1E but with a lot of house rules and varying bits from other editions.


Penguin Herder
We are currently playing 4e.

We have also greatly enjoyed:
- Exalted
- Mage
- Star Wars Saga Edition
- Midnight

Cheers, -- N


My group is currently happy playing a modified version of 3e and has no real plans to change editions any time soon. I would like to get them to try a lot of different games, most especially Silver Age Sentinels (Tri-Stat Edition) or GURPS 4th Ed. Sadly, I don't see this happening any time soon. They are sort of set in their ways.

S. Baldrick

The groups that I am involved with are sticking with 3.5 for the time being. In one of the groups we tried out 4th Edition for a couple of sessions. We generally thought it was OK but none of us liked it enough to switch. If any of my groups were going to switch to something else, it would likely be Savage Worlds, Pathfinder or Castles and Crusades instead of 4th Edition.

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