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If your group didn't like 4e...


Currently Fudge and OD&D (B/X), with an occasional diversion into Fantasy Hero. I personally like Savage Worlds too but the group is not familiar with it.

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The system question is a hard one nowadays. I personally hate choosing one.

Sinister Adventures plans to adapt its Dark Vistas mega-adventures to as many systems as possible. We'll be doing True 20 versions, Savage Worlds versions, etc, and anyone who buys one version gets PDFs of the others for free.

Has anyone every played Runequest? I've never given it a dance personally, but I know its Open Source and want to know whether doing adaptations of Sinister Adventures stuff for it is something a lot of people would be interested in.


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I am DMing Iron Heroes and we're having fun! The other DM has been doing 3.0 before he switched us to 2nd Edition in his game (which isn't too bad, I've had great times playing 2E and look forward to lots more!). We haven't switched to 3.5 or "upgraded" to it either. Only taken a few parts that were of interest to a few players. When I get done, I'm not sure what we will play in my DM slot, maybe a modified version on 3E (using several 2E ideas).


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One of my main groups has switched over to 4th Ed, and we've really enjoyed it so far; fast-paced action, tricky tactics, and lots of teamwork.

Also have another group that is running a heavily-modified 3.5 Faerun game, and a converted 4E Midnight game.

Just started running the Scales of War adventure path with the caveat that almost everything produced for 4E is good to go. Interesting stuff out of that one so far!

So yeah, a pretty big conversion to 4th Ed, but still sticking with some tried-and-true...I'd like to get out of the box a little more (a friend owns the Reign system and I really want to give that a try), but eh, what can you do?

Nonlethal Force

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We're sticking with 3.5 ... although we play it classless. All the 3.5 mechanics and options with none of the character building restrictions of multiclassing, caster level depreciation from multiclassing, fractional BAB, weird save progression starts, etc. You can see the classless/pointbuy thread in the General RPG Rules Discussion forum for more info on the system itself.
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Since my D&D players still hate 4E like the plague we're sticking with 3.5 - after that it's gonna be Pathfinder or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy :)

Ask me again when 5e arrives...


None of my group (who are all college aged WoW players and thus 4e's targeted demographic) were interested in playing 4e at all.
Oh dear. That bodes well...

I shouldn't doomsay, but if the previous target group doesn't like it... and the current target group doesn't like it... Who are they selling it to?

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Who are they selling it to?

You know, I keep asking myself the exact same question. I'm part of a fairly large circle of local gamers (age: 18-46; male/female ratio about 5:4; almost all with college-level education or better; a total of more than 60 gamers) - and not *one* of them is even a bit interested in buying (or playing) 4e.
They play D&D3.5, Star Wars SAGA, GURPS4e, Warhammer Fantasy RP2e, Savage Worlds, nWoD/Storyteller, CoC, Unknown Armies, Fate3.0/SotC, AFMBE, etc. etc. - but not 4e (and we have quite a few WoW players among us)...
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