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If your group didn't like 4e...

Toben the Many

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We're sticking with 3.5 Edition for right now, until we end our campaign. Then, we'll move to Witch Hunter and then possibly Dark Heresy. Thereafter, we'll probably go with Savage Worlds or Pathfinder in the far future.
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One game switched and we like it so far.

One game still running 3.5, no interest in 4e. Since I am DMing it and they want to go through Savage Tide AP I have stated that the only way I will run that is 3.5 Core only (with few exceptions) or Pathfinder. Likely someone else will run the game for a bit which is fine after 2 years of DMing Age of Worms with one year to go.

One game is totally new 4E campaign with new or returning have not played since 1E group. They seem to be enjoying the game.

Oh, and our monthly FLGS meetups are 90% 4E, with one pathfinder and one 3.5 game running each month.


Two 4e games BUT My main group is still playing 3.5 D&D. We plan to switch, but might stick with the current campaign and see it through to higher levels (currently level 15 and the current campaign arc will take us to 16th at the most).
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One of my groups is using Pathfinder, and plans to stick with that. A few players do enjoy 4E and play in another game using that ruleset.

Another is still playing 3.5 and wraping up an epic level campaign. After that, I'm guessing we will convert to PRPG, but could stick with 3.5 or another system. So far only 1 player in that group has shown interest in 4E (and is in another group to get his 4E fix.)


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My main group is happily staying with 3.5. Everyone enjoys the system (the PCs are currently averaging around 12th level) and no-one likes much of what they've seen of 4e. This group also plays Star Wars Saga, OD&D, Hunter and a smattering of other systems.

My second group also has no interest in moving to 4e. That group plays a real mix of systems but the main ones are Basic D&D (Red Box set) and Mazes and Minotaurs (which will soon be switching to a completely home-brewed game system inspired by Fighting Fantasy).

The third group (I've only recently joined them) have moved from 3e to 4e. I decided to play with them to give 4e a real chance (plus it's fun playing with new people -- my two other groups comprise mainly of old friends). After about half-a-dozen games I'm so far fairly unimpressed but the DM is great and the players are cool so I'll stick around for a while.

The group I just joined is coming off of a 4E game. The new game is Swords & Wizardry (OD&D retro-clone) in the City State of the Invincible Overlord. We had our first session in the City State last night, and it was a blast.

Sounds awesome, Philotomy! I've been reading the Swords & Wizardry discussions with interest.


Would you believe 4e got me to switch back to 3.5e? I was running C&C, but the group drifted apart around the time 4e came out. I don't much like 4e but I do like some of the concepts - fallen empires and Points of Light, which I used in the 3.5e game I'm running now at the London D&D Meetup. I started it in July and it's going great so far at 2 games a month, the next is this Saturday.
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None of my group (who are all college aged WoW players and thus 4e's targeted demographic) were interested in playing 4e at all. We played 3.5 last year. We're playing HackMaster now.

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