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I'm not allowed to watch Star Trek any more

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Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
I generally only use my phone as a phone. If I want to play around instead, I'll use a tablet (larger size).

1. Easier for my eyes to see
2. Keeps phone business on the phone and fun off of business
3. Easier for my eyes to see it
4. Keeps my phone charged longer
5. Easier on my eyes to see it
6. When I do use my phone it keeps me focused on the business at hand, keeps business and other things separated out
7. Easier for my eyes to see it.

Did I mention that a large tablet makes it easier for my older eyes to see things on?

My phone came with a lot of apps though (one which was Pluto TV), same with the tablets. Do not use most of the apps on the phone, but I do use several on my tablet.
I have an iconia A1+. It is amazing for comics and ebooks!


Wait until the iPad discussion starts.
I'm ready for it. Why just yesterday I was trying to explain to someone on the Starlog magazine Facebook page -- God bless the Internet -- why the technology on Discovery looked more advanced than in TOS by asking why the iPad I was currently typing on had a better display than a TNG PADD.

Level Up!

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