In Character (IC) Group Reference- Take 2


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As before, this is a listing of the different in-character groups in the ISRP area, as well as there backrounds, webpages, and contact information.

I've taken over for Nugan, who took over for Bailey...

If you have a group that you would like me to add, send it to me at with the following information:

Group Name
Contact email
Webpage address, if applicable
Brief summary/description of the group
Alignment: Good, Neutral, Evil


TMP Groups - Listed First as the list is shorter!

Strike Force X-13
Webpage: Will be created if interest is high enough
Brief Summary: TOP SECRET - If you do not want to join, but want your character to know of this group, please, email first, and I will let you know what might be able to be learned. This is a federal government agency, which does not officially exist. All rumors of its existance will be denied. The strike force is named for two different fictional venues. These are elite folk, with special abilities, specially selected and trained to deal with threats of supernatural, alien, high tech, etc. significance. There are researchers and investigators, as well as the field members who are sent to do extractions when needed, and to take down threats that do not officially exist. They operate only within the US.


Black Horsemen
No Website at this time.
They are a neutral group, from the rumors that have start to spread, they are looking for people with drive and commitment and more importantly, loyalty. There seems to be more rumors that these men and woman span a whole network of expertise, from software, to weaponry. The whole purpose of this group is shrouded still in mystery, as from the sounds of it; it’s just recently started to open its doors for recruitment.

*IC information – Only for those characters in the military and intelligence community –* The group was established in the U.S. about fifteen years ago, they were originally a prototype private sector military operation, sanctioned by the U.S. Government for unofficial missions. They were fully supplied by non-tax dollars, as it was a private corporation; their funding was achieved by various means, some of which was not completely disclosed due to the Top Secret Classification. The suspicion was that since they were heavily involved in the Drug Wars, many suspect most of their original funding was supplied by captured drug money. They grew to the point that they were able to offer technology to the U.S. Military, but then the project was scraped by consequent administration changes, and the Black Horsemen fell off the face of the earth. The story goes that they became a mercenary unit, operating illegally with the U.S. as well as globally.

This Organization, while new to Futuristic New York, is already planted into the lives of many corrupt citizens and officials. Their dealings range from minor weapon sales to everyday habits and needs of certain people, and in conjunction with this they have a number of businesses they use as fronts for other operations. Their place of origin is Japan, and they still practice many of the teachings of the bushido and ninjitsu, though only the highest ranking members are allowed to have access to them. The leader is the daughter of another family that was absorbed into the group many years ago.. her name is Kiki Fuma.

Fantasy Groups

Harpers or
These are the infamous Those Who Harp of Faerûn, the meddlers of the realms. They are the believers in the good nature of men, opposing evil where they may. These men and women of many races and creeds seek only to preserve the past and see to it that the present yields a tomorrow brighter than today. They stand against many of the evil forces of Faerûn --the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards, the Cult of the Dragon, the Church of Bane, and others. It is a dangerous life, a thankless task, requiring tireless folk ready to place the welfare of others above their own.

House Protector
House Protector is a military group set up in Silvanesti on the world of Ansalon that deals with the safety of all elves. House Protector is eons old and holds many traditions within the elven society. House Protector is comprised of Bladesingers, Wind Riders, and some very powerful Wizards and Priests. The queen of Silvanesti has the men and women of House Protector saving and protecting elves all across Ansalon and has started to expand onto other realms since the portals have opened. If this is appealing to you and you are an elf of good standings with the nations either on Krynn or other realms then we have a job for you.
Alignment desired : Any good (Lawful,neutral, Chaotic)

LotD Mercenary Corporation
A more or less good aligned mercenary group. Four divisions of employment: Merchant, Military, Temple and Arcane.
(Rouge types can find employment in either of the first two, whichever their skills best represent.)

The Brotherhood of the Folk
Initiated by Asher the bladesinger, this brotherhood is exclusive to elves. Their purpose seems good at first sight, but is rather neutral when it comes with dealing with the other races. It handles enemies of the elves, and it is a brotherhood of which members have sworn to let no elf be hurt in their presence, not even if it costs them their lives.

The Order of the Scorpion
The Order is a group who's true purpose is as yet unknown, but the stated purpose is to act for the side of Good.

The White Deva
The White Deva is a group dedicated to the protection of the innocent and those who cannot protect themselves in anyway they may offer there skills.
OOC Note: If your interested in joining, just email me and ill meet with you on ISRP in the OOC room at a set time and date you wish.


Apathy is a group of theives (and general profit seekers) attempting to "make the best" of the current situations in Juxta.

Blader (Jaka Blader)
Blader is a group of informants and assassins. We only kill when paid or in defense of others or ourselves. The group is currently in renovating so please bear with us all.
Alignment: Neutral (Evil or True Neutral)

Demonic Ancient Mime Nation
The Demonic Ancient Mime Nation, once told about to naughty children when they misbehaved, now comes to the lands of Greyhawk. They are a group of men and women from lands long forgotten upholding the practices of their people, and constantly perfecting the arts of the Mime. Watching all, waiting for the perfect moment, and acting the part needed to keep those of evil and good remembering that all people deserve respect.

House of Eden
The Dragons of Fate and Destiny (DFD) wish to make the planes safe for Dragonkind. They are not a violent organization nor do they wish to be known as prissy. They will fight those who openly hate dragonkind, (after asking about fighting a knight first ooc of course).

House Ottromous
Webgpage Forthcoming
House Ottromous, led by their elusive, mysterious, and powerful leader Lord Ottromous, are a group of specialized agents who perform various services, for the right price. These agents range from rouges to wizards to artisans and bards. Furthermore, these agents are, for the most part, selected personally by Lord Ottromous himself and usually find out about House Ottromous during their request to join. House Ottromous engages in nearly everything. Bounties, protection services, retrieval of valuables, reconnaissance, and whatever they are asked to do. This policy has lead to a certain amount of suspicion as to their motives. Not that Lord Ottromous would disclose those motives to anyone anyway.
Alignment: True Neutral

Lost Dragons from Pern
These dragons, lost scattered and far from home now seek out their lost clutch members. Could you be one of them? Do you have the internal bond needed to make yourself a family member? Enter the Dragons Lair then....if you dare. ((This group is loosely based of the Ruthia storyline, though is in NO WAY connected to that choatic mess known as her family. Her family was meerily the testing grounds for something better, which I now offer to my fellow ISRPers!))

The purpose of the Riven is not yet known.

The Guardians
Free Will, Free Choice, For All.

The Masters
Email: Forthcoming
Website: Not at this time
It is through structure, that society can grow.
Note: The Masters sit in opposition the the ideas and principles of the Guardians.

The Moonbeam Adepts
The Moonbeam Adepts are a group of scholars and explorers based on Juxtaposition. They are the original founders of the demi-plane and strive to uphold its "balance."

The Queen's Hive Guards (please put "Queens hive" in title line)
A group of mercenaries hired by a particular Abeil queen. E-mail if you need more information beyond that.
Alignment: Neutral (Lawful only)

Twelfth Cat Opera House
Cast and crew members of the Twelfth Cat Opera House, located in GreyHawk City.


Darkness A.K.A. Defcarr's player
To unify, spread, and purify Darkness, evil. To oppose the Good by killing them, reestablishing a Balance of Good vs Evil that has grown feint. Any wishing to join Darkness will have to meet qualifications that will be given when asked for. Characters currently in group (excluding the prefix "Dark" for each): Defcarr, Angelica, Siskon, Milosh, Sasha, Mayu, Kipcha.
Have patience with some replies, player is in military so doesn't always have the time.

Faceless Lords A.K.A. Jea's Player
The Faceless Lords is a group mentioned in only the oldest of times, referenced back to an age countless centuries ago. Cryptic records speak of a brotherhood of individuals who's methods have never been recorded, and who's identities have never been recorded. Ancient prophecies speak of the beginning of darkness brought about by this group, and the newer texts (though still ancient and crumbling into dust) speak of a some mysterious, little-known form of reincarnation.

House Sril've Cress (House of the Shimmering Web)
Contact email:
Webpage: Forthcoming
Summary: A group of drow who have grown into a powerful house, the House of the Shimmering Web takes in many different drow of various backgrounds and religions and unites them into a single, purpose-driven force. Their purpose behind this is as of yet unclear. For more info of if you have questions feel free to e-mail us.
Alignment: Evil (though members do not have to be of strictly evil alignment, many house members are. Nuetral aligned drow are accepted as well, but it is very highly unlikely that a good-aligned drow would find themselves with the Cress.)

Sanguine Sisterhood
The Sisterhood is a chaotic evil based group. All members must meet two requirments: 1. Must be chaotic evil aligned and 2. Must be female. The goals of the group are kept hidden most of the time. The current members are: Mayu, Raine, Sukai, Dithigen and Ivarice. If you'd like to have your char join, email the given address, or if you'd like to throw an idea our way, feel free to do so.

The Hand of the Evil Master
Webpage forthcoming.
The Hand of the Evil Master (THEM) is a militaristic force from a demiplane who seek the control or destruction of Juxtaposition. It's specific purpose is, at this time, unknown, although its number appear to be growing, and its leader is a known menace.
((If you play an evil char, and would not mind joining a part of something wherein your char would take orders, fulfill evil tasks, need to change its name/descrip, and get evil benefits, then email the address above with "THEM" in the Subject line, thank you.))

The Viyach Lemarg or
The Viyach Lemarg are the children of the Thirteen Shadows, a pantheon of evil gods who seek to destroy the Light and reclaim their rightful place. They are dedicated to their dark parents and seek to serve them by snuffing out all life Light and plunging the world into eternal darkness. At the heart of the Shadowgrid Temple they plot the Light's destruction. Trademarked by their deadly golden scythes, these sinister beings have come to Juxta and Greyhawk, their intent malicious... their determination unstoppable...
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Please remove the Roninband. I have no intention of moving them from WotC to ENworld or Den as a whole group. Although members of the band may still appear on the sites, they are in no way coming to the site en masse, nor will I be making another storyline for them to work through. This does not however mean the group will no longer be in exsistance, it's just not going to be any sort of force in ISRP again.

((I appologize for responding using a different SN, but as of right now, I have little reason to make Tsuko her own SN on the boards.))

Tsuko's Player


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Could you remove the line 'webpage forthcoming' from the Order of the Scorpion for me? Also, could you email me, Donny? Thanks.
~Jea's player


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The Queen's Hive guards (please put "Queens hive" in title line)

A group of mercenaries hired by a particular Abeil queen. E-mail if you need more information beyond that.

Alignment: Neutral (Lawful only)
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Hey All!

I'll update the group list soon, according to changes that might have been made since the server Implosion.

I'll check through things and add or delete as necessary. So if you see a group missing, or an extra group, and I don't change it.. let me know and I'll get it fixed.



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Dontella said:
Hey All!

I'll update the group list soon, according to changes that might have been made since the server Implosion.

I'll check through things and add or delete as necessary. So if you see a group missing, or an extra group, and I don't change it.. let me know and I'll get it fixed.

I just fixed my thing that I made..


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Harpers Sight

Hey, I am alive, and working!
Just to bump this post once, as well as post a new page that follows the vein of this thread, the Harpers of ISRP now have a webpage. Click HERE.

Included there is contact information for Bran (aka Me) about the Harpers.


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Added: House Ottromous

Asa: I am a stickler for forms and functions.. email me the information if you wish it posted. I am often too busy to be sending off emails to other people, so if you would like added, please send the information to the email account listed at the top of the page, first post.

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