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Page 2 sees like a good spot to start on some NPCs

Javin Mertall.jpg
OOC: Javin Mertall
human commoner (traveling merchant)
Attitude: Friendly - group saved his life
Trait: I will not let rough times hinder me on my road to riches.
Bond: Never backs out of an oath or agreement.
Flaw: Cowardice.

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ToEE - Village of Hommlet

ToEE Hommlet.jpg

[sblock=Inn of the Welcome Wench]
OOC: Description:
The square wooden sign shows a buxom and smiling girl holding a flagon of beer. This must be the Inn of the Welcome Wench, a place renowned for its good food and excellent drink! Passing merchants make a point of stopping, as do many other sorts of wayfarers, and it is said that the place is always filled with patrons.

Bustling with visitors from morning to night, the inn is run by Ostler Gundigoot, with the help of his wife, their two daughters, and an array of servants (you met Poe the night-man). The food is good, with specials such as poached salmon and stuffed pheasant, made by Mrs. Gundigoot.

Notable Patrons/Guest:
Turuko & Kobort (male human adventurers looking for a group)
Furnok of Ferd (male dwarf gambler)
Spugnois (male human sage)
Zert (male human caravan guard, living off wages)
Elmo (male human, local bumpkin/drunk)
Calmert (male human local acolyte)
Mytch (male human local miller)

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]

[sblock=Blacksmith's Shop]
OOC: Description:
Horseshoes are nailed to three faces of the post in front of this shed, and within sit a forge and bellows. This is obviously the smithy. A short but brawny man is vigorously pounding away at a piece of red-hot iron.

'Brother Smyth' is obviously hard-working, forthright, and likable. He is able to do all sorts of metalwork, even fashioning iron and steel weapon heads, helmets, and shields. He will readily admit that he is not capable of fine armoring or blade smithing.

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]

[sblock=Druid's Grove]
OOC: Description:
This is obviously a place of worship. The trees are neatly pruned, and the grass is well tended. A carefully placed line of bluish stones sets off the path leading to a rock cairn where flowers, nuts, berries, and garlands of leaves are placed. A small path leads beyond the shrine to a low-roofed wooden building placed under the great boughs of the central oaks of the copse.

This bastion of "the Old Faith" is also home to a human druid named Jaroo Ashstaff and his companion, a black bear. All comers are expected to make an offering, as a donation towards the needy of Hommlet.

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]

[sblock=Trading Post]
OOC: Description:
Outside the door of this wooden building, a shield and lantern are suspended from chains. The shield is painted, showing a sword and a cheese. This is the local trading post, wherein a merchant apparently provides for the needs of villagers, travelers and adventurers alike.

The whole front building is filled with various goods. The barn has animals, saddles, and the like available to any willing to pay the price. Both traders proclaim that they happily deal with anyone who is a paying customer. Furthermore, they say, they will gladly buy any items which you happen upon, and pay a fair price too!

The shop is run by both Rannos Davl, (male half-orc) who is best described as slow, fat, clumsy and
placid, and his partner Gremag (male halfling) who is short, thin, with sharp features and protruding eyes. Gremag tends to dither and fuss at customers, and at Rannos as well. The two are relative newcomers to the area, living in Hommlet for close to two years.

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]

[sblock=Town Tower]
OOC: Description:
This structure is some 55 feet tall, a smaller tower rising inside the greater at about 35 feet above the ground.Its entrance is accessible only by going up a curving flight of stone stairs which terminate in a landing about 10 feet above the ground. The outer door of the tower lowers to form a bridge to the stone landing. There are numbers of arrow slits around the tower, and it has a splay around the base to about 6 feet in height. The lower and upper battlements are machicolated, the merlons being pierced for archery as well. Two men-at-arms watch from its roof.

The tower is just the first part of an entire castle planned for the site. This is all being funded by generous royalty who owe the towers inhabitants (Rufus & Burne) more than a few favors. Both men came to Hommlet around three years ago, and are considered successful adventurers. It is rumored that they gained considerable treasure when they defeated a green dragon which preyed on the gnomes of the Kron Hills. The tower also house's Burne's Badgers a small fighting company that works for the two former adventurers.

Rufus (male human fighter)
Burne (male human wizard)
- both are in the middle of incredibly long downtime activity

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]

[sblock=Labor Camp]
OOC: Description:
Some dozen temporary shelters (tents and wattle huts) are along the edge of this copse of trees. They house ten peasant laborers and associated train - women, children, stray dogs, etc. They are the workers constructing the new castle. A few villagers also work on the project from time to time; each puts in half a day's labor once per week.

Work here is also avaiable to the PCs - 1/2 day = 1sp; full week (5 1/2 days) = 1ep (new downtime activity)

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]

[sblock=Church of St. Cuthbert]
OOC: Descritption:
This large stone cathedral is deicated to St. Cuthbert, The Cudgel. Made in the old Greyhawkian style (Gothic French), the structure ventures long pointed steeples and dozens of high tinted glass mosaic windows on three sides. The double doors stand open and inside the main room has a vaulted ceiling held up by long stone pillars and is floored in well-polished wood.

Well dressed patrons follow the road up the hill to the church, and stand inside among the pillars awaiting the start of today's sermon. The Canon Terjon has only recently become the chief cleric, taking over for the Canoness Y'dey, who left unexpectedly and has not returned. The villagers say Tergon is not particularly friendly and his stern demeanor cause most to seek an audience with Calmert the Acolyte, instead of the Canon.

Side Quest: Unknown[/sblock]
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