Pathfinder 2E [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)

That feels...high to me.

First level is special, because you add your ancestry hit points to the mix...but each level after first I think you just get your class HP plus Con bonus.

I took the toughness feat, it gives me an additional HP per level minimum of 4. So my HP would be

1st: 24 (8 heritage, 10 class, 2 con, 4 toughness)
2nd: 12 (10 class, 2 con)
3rd: 12 (10 class, 2 con)
4th: 12 (10 class, 2 con)
Total: 60

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One thing I would like in the "feat" sections of the char sheets is a note of where the feat came from. Is it a general feat, class feat, etc? Just so looking up the feat is easier. Note it's level, too.

I will begin the adventure later this week. I might be unavailable next week so I'm wary about starting and then disappearing for a week.

[MENTION=813]jmucchiello[/MENTION] Migration is done and should now have time to post again. Just a heads up I modified my character. I changed out my Monastic Weaponry for Stunning Fist. I miss read the monk weapons and thought they were all finesse weapons. I would need to re-work my character to much to take advantage of the feat. So I swapped it out for a feat I can use more. If this is a problem let em know and I'll change it back.


I think maybe it is time to act for Gene. Also thinking that when (if?) we get to the end of this adventure I will not be up for the 3rd part.

LOL, I just was looking at the IC thread and thinking I needed to push forward. I'll get to it later tonight.

I doubt anyone will be up for the 3rd part. Besides, PF2 will most likely be out by then. :)

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