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Eluvan said:
A Cleric with no God gets no spells in 3E. It's that simple. The cleric's God is the source of their power.

It's that simple, almost. It's also possible to gain spells from worshiping an ideal, but the energy is still derived from the depths of the outer planes where the ideals exist in their pure form.
Faith has power, and that power can sometines find it's focus even on the lest expected of places.

Knight Otu said:
Technically, god-less clerics are possible, but that's not what you meant. I seem to remember reading things about access to 1st level spells, though that may have been 3rd-party material.

Not for the purpose of this IR.

Paxus Asclepius said:
Should we now use the new thread exclusively?

Yes. I will still answer your old posts here, but post everything new on the other thread.

Airwhale said:

So, I'm curious, If I were to pick the SpellJamers, how would the game mechanics work? Would the land I have clamed be off world? Would that make things harder/easier when I war? Would I be like a corner power in diplomacy? (Hard to kill, but hard to win the game)

All this failing, sure, I'll be the Celestial Bureaucracy/Imperium. Them orental dragons and immortal monks look fun.

Or I'll be anything Zelda wants to be. Whatever, I'm easy.

Your land would be off world, which would make things much harder for your enemies, but not so much for you. You could definately make an impact on the game, though your PLs would not be very high a lot of them would be Elite.

Bugbear said:
All right after much consideration, I've decided to join in, claiming Nyrond and the duchy and county of Urnst. Provided no one object of course.

Here's a quick history of "Greater Nyrond", as I like to call it:

I have no objections :) Welcome to the IR :D

Creamsteak said:
Edena, for the good of your own health, please slow down. I firmly believe that perhaps your taking a bit "too much" on if your putting 3 hours into a post.

Yes, as I wrote earlier, I'm the one who's supposed to get exhausted over this. Take it easy. You are one player of many, and though I need all the help you can give me I'm the one who has to carry the game.

Edena_of_Neith said:
A cautionary note here: If the rules seem too complicated, they may drive people off. And the rules seem to be getting pretty complicated. I'm reminded a bit of Star Fleet Battles here.

Some players are requesting more detailed rules, to simulate trade, public works or battlefield-tactics. Since they are not getting that, and since some of you are asking for reduction and simplification I'll consider the current level of rules a good compromize.
I'll try to put everything together in such a way as to make it comprehensible to most of us. If the rules are only well-written I have no doubt that they are easy enough by themselves for everyone to be able to handle them. You all know hoow to play DnD and there are a lot more rules in that game.
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