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great map ect but do me and everybody else 1 little favor, the names ect make them a bit LARGER, I'm getting eyestrain from looking at that :)

btw edena
I'll claim these.
Istivar (Baklunish humans, dwarves, all alignments) PL 3
If I'm correct this makes me ruler of the WHOLE mountain range and the land behind it exept for the spirit empire. So Maudlin of Edena is ok with it you can colour that piece into a colour and add my tagg to it :)
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Maudlin, give the eastern half of the Principality of Ulek to the Pomarj.

Also, see how there is a river paralleling the coast northwest of the Pomarj, with Celene west of it?
Give everything east of that river to the Pomarj, for 2/3rds of the way up the coast you've colored green.
The last 1/3, erase the green color from.

- - -

Since there are 3 Isles that have arisen in the Nyr Dyv, put three purple circles there, instead of one :)

Extend the Empire of Iuz to include all the land eastward to the borders of Urnst and Tehn, not including the Fellreev forest, but do include everything up to the north coast.
The entire region of the Rovers of the Barren is controlled by Iuz, everything east to the point where the hills go nearly to the coast (beyond that, the Hold of Stonefist holds the land.)

Place a strip of orange over the word Shieldlands, and connect it to your color painted over Furyondy.
They orange should extend halfway across the north coast of the Nyr Dyv, and stop. Iuz controls the rest.
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No freakin' way, man.

Edena, my personal opinion is that your level requirements to constitute a power level are inaccurate, especially given what the power level of the Chosen was in the last IR. I believe it should be 25 character levels per power level - Frankly, at 600th level I should be able to detonate the sun at will. BUT - I'll bear with you.

My new stats:

Anabstercorian, Illithid Fighter240/Gundancer120/Psion(Nomad)120/Cleric(Ilsensine)60/Loremaster60, with every feat, plus 60 feats related to killing things with guns, plus 60 feats related to killing things with my mind.


Crown of Infinite Thought (+50 Enhancement bonus to Int, Wis, and Cha)

Sungate Mirror (A magical artifact mounted on his wrist - On command, it opens a Gate to the surface of the sun inside itself and focuses it in to a searing elemental attack that does damage equal to a Meteor Storm.)

Armor Of The Astral Forces (Adamtinium Thought-woven Platemail +20 of Major Fortication, Greater Invulnerability (10/+2), and Elemental Immunity)
(Thought-woven: Thought-woven armor hovers an inch from the flesh of the wearer. It is not held together by straps but by psionic force, and has no Armor Spell Mishap chance or Armor Check Penalty.)
(Elemental Immunity: The wearer of this armor is immune to all damage from Sonic, Acid, Fire, Cold, or Electrical sources.)

Thought-Ripper (Psionic +20 Quantum-Tuned Mindfeeder Bastard Sword of Brutality)
Quantum Tuned: Every hit is a critical hit.
Brutality: Critical hits are two categories more intense than normal - For example, a bastard sword would do x4 normal damage.

Cape of Ilsensine's Messenger
The wearer of this Artifact (if they are an evil Cleric of Ilsensine) can turn all Thralls (I.E., non-illithids of 16 intelligence or less) as though they were evil undead.

This ring is very shiny. It has no magical powers - But it is shiny. I like shinies.


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My ruling above I am amending.
I am going to assume level equals level, 2nd edition to 3rd edition.

So ...

A character of 30th level (2nd or 3rd edition) would have a Power Level of 1.

A character of 60th level (2nd or 3rd edition) would have a Power Level of 2.

A character of 90th level (2nd or 3rd edition) would have a Power Level of 3.

A character of 120th level 2nd or 3rd edition) would have a Power Level of 4.

A character of 160th level 2nd or 3rd edition) would have a Power Level of 5.

Thus, Anabstercorian, who was over 90th level 2nd edition, would have a power level of 3.

However, if a character has enough magical items, or he has artifacts, or if certain other factors are assumed, the level could be increased by 1 or even 2.
In Anabstercorian's case, his Power Level is increased by 1.

Demipowers, like Iuz, do not use the system above.

The great NPCs of Oerth DO use the system above.
(Which shows that I think Acererak is over 100th level, by the way.)


Melkor, put Anabstercorian back where he belongs in level! :) Sorry for the mistake.

I have modified my post above to correct my mistake.
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Anabstercorian - Nice ring.

Forsaken One - Sorry about the text, but those were on the map I started from, I left it as big as I dared without giving up a total view of the continent (in most browsers). If you go to here, I listed the full map at the same size and at double dimensions. Hope that helps.

I'll try to make all changes as quick as my stubby fingers and dull wits will serve me :)
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I have once more updated the Lists.
Would you again check to see if this is accurate?

I would like to applaud the way Kalanyr, Festy Dog, and Forsaken One divvied up all those Underdark peoples, leaving no overlapping claims.
That was very clever. :)

Tnx edena :)
Thank Turuk btw for his nice little STRANGE chatty prog. :)
Did the job fine though and we had it done in like... 10 mins orso this morning (at least it was morning for me:))

And Maudlin, tnx m8, the maps great :)
If you get in done sometime soon for the large factions it's of a GREAT ENOURMOUS HUGE help and certainly clairs ALOT of things up like who's where. Whats next to what. And what can I attack easily ect.
And especially the do my claims make any sense function :)

Btw Edena what is to be done about my claim amd valkys claim about the unseelie? THey seems like unseelie from Oerth and unseelie that are summoned from the plane of fairie. So are they two different factions and is the * contested thingie flawed or do we have to contest over it? There are like yugoloths and devils to be player so Valkys if you read this plz take 1 of them to play, same power level and some lesss trouble for me about contested races in my faction and for you since you only have them and I got abit more :)
So save us both the trouble and pick devils or something unclaimed if you want to play a planar faction.

*I've been over the map again I'll add these surface claims:Istivar (Baklunish humans, dwarves, all alignments) PL 3
I'm contesting these because they are a minor group that lives in MY mountain range ^_______________^

*And I'd like to claim "the Hold of the Sea Princes" East of the hellfurnaces.

*And I'd like to claim the savages that also live in the peninsula east of the Hellfurnaces.

The lower 2 aren't contested so you can just add them after you give them a Power Level (not to high I guess :) )
The Other one is And If DARKNESS isn't going to give them up I guess we're just going to have to be in civil war about those 3 points :) (since heck I'm not giving him apiece of my mountain range :) )
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Mr. Draco

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Muadlin: The Sea Barons' land should be part of the Dark Empire of Oerth and therefore be colored purple also, thanks!


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Okay, updated again as best as I could interpret...

I'm having some trouble with Alarkyn's faction though, apart from the underground bits, where does Ivid go? City of Rauxes doesn't ring a bell either.

That and the Bone March is still contested though, so not urgent :)

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