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Maudlin, look up the list of posts.
I tweaked the map again.

Also, in addition to that tweaking ... see the tiny open space east of Acererak's holding?
The little space not occupied by hills?
That's Kalstrand, and the purple (Dark Union) has it.
They also have the east coast immediately north of the hills.
Not a big change ... just a little bit of extra purple on the map.

They do not have the hills themselves.

Neither do the barbarians in the northeast.
If it isn't too much work, change the mountains back to their normal color, from the grey you've given them for the barbarians.

Thanks much.

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I will be offline for the next 3 days.

I'm letting Williams moderate in my place until then.

Continue to choose powers, and contest them as you like.
Hopefully, more people will join.

The IR stretches from Indonesia to Finland IRL. Cheers to you all!

Black Omega

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Hmm..interesting stuff. We'll certainly have to put a claim in for

The Elven Imperial Navy of Greyspace (spelljamming elves, neutral and good) PL 15

The forces of Good, outnumbered but determined.:)


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Edena_of_Neith said:
Also, in addition to that tweaking ... see the tiny open space east of Acererak's holding?
The little space not occupied by hills?
That's Kalstrand, and the purple (Dark Union) has it.

It is? I thought Kalstrand was just north of the Glorioles? In fact I'm sure, 'cause I ran an adventure there :) Kalstrand itself is just north of the Thelly river, and purple already.


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I'd just like to voice a note of concern here, especially in view of the new forces Edena added...

I was just putting together the legend for the faction map, adding up all the power levels for the different factions, and these rather 'eclectic' mega-groupings are really not a good idea, imho.

To take the example of the Forsaken One (for no other reason than that he was the first), his faction just shot up by 85 PL, that puts him well past everyone in the game, even Vecna. Now there is a near-omnipotent alliance between Dark Faerie, spacefaring Illithid and underground Troglodytes. I don't get it.

I'd suggest either limiting the factions someone can take by rules of common sense, or decreasing the PL of the new factions, because there seems to have been some inflation with the newer additions :)

Edit: map with legend mentioned above can be found here.
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Turrosh Mak said:
I agree with Maudlin. The Mega-powers seem to be a little excessive

I agree as well. And admit that I have done more than my fair share of accelerating the power-raze. The dark Union has grown quite far-flung and, if all our claims are counted, quite powerful. But the more powerful a faction grows the more enemies it gets, just look at what happened to Vecna in the last IR. He was reduced from the greatest power on Oerth to a helpless refugee in the Great Empire of Aerdi and the "guest" of the Emperor.


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I came back briefly, and read this.
How true, how true you are.

How about if ... I rule that nobody can start with over 100 points of Strength Total (excluding only Vecna and his Legions, who were meant to be stronger than everyone else.)
Would that do?

The new Powers were meant for new people coming in, and for people like Black Omega, who has been badly underpowered.

That means several of you will have to give up claims.


100 points of Strength Total is the most you can claim at the start.

- - -

My mistake. It's not Kalstrand. It's Dullstrand, and the Dark Union has it (for the moment ... they are over 100 points.)
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Maudlin, the Dark Union does not own the Grandwood (that large forest in the southeast part of their holdings.)
Nobody has claimed the Grandwood yet (the Dark Union cannot claim it, because it is a neutral/good power and the Dark Union is evil.)


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Alrighty, fixed. Thanks for being so patient with all my booboos, I really don't know Greyhawk well enough yet to know which forests are inhabited or not...

Faction map

Also, your list has Rary and the Bright Lands claimed by Darkness, ironically :) Part of the Baklunish Federation.

I'm re-reading IR 1 from Turrosh's site right now, good stuff :)

Zelda Themelin

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Same here, is PC character needed? I would prefer to use npc:s, meaning leaders of my countries and like that.

They are characters I consider can be killed, stolen with deals or while taking their countries, mentally enslaved or whatever.

However, if you wish to steal npc:s from me, you play them from there on, I don't consider obligated to take them back. ;)

I can create personalites and I will stick with Edena's rulings about PL:s, but if I am forced to create 2nd edition/3rd edition stats, I am out of here. :)
Nice to read Riot Gear's changing character info, btw.

Um, I am just confused, that's all. :)

Zelda, playing Ratik and Suel barbarians' merry group

Frost Barbarians: King Relff
Ice Barbarians: King Algus Bearfist
Snow Barbarians: King Morreg

Elvor, Lord Baron of Ratik

I am going skiing for 10 days so goodbye for now!

Serpenteye and Mr Draco you may invite others to our alliance, especially Kalanyr`s faction, but I won`t cooperate with anyone who assosiates with Torillian Commonwealth!


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Lord Melkor

Have fun in Italy (?) We are buliding an alliance to make the goodies shake in their boots!
Kalanyr and Edena:

Edena, If the dark Union keeps all our claims we have 102ppts. I am willing to offer Kalanyr 2/3 of the Bone March (we keep the south and he gets the north) to bring it down to 100pts. Kalanyr, e-mail me if this is a satisfactory solution.

100 max = noted

reduced Greyspace claims to:
*The Illithid of Greyspace (spelljamming illithid, slaves of every type, evil) PL 25
*The Neogi of Greyspace (spelljamming neogi, their umber hulk servants, slaves of every type, evil) PL 30
Bring me to about 95.

Also Kalanyr and friend, wanna join a underdark alliance?:)
From there on we can see to whom we expand out alliance. To hold the whole udnerdark is a nice bae of operations and sceaming.

William Ronald

Hello, everyone.

William Ronald here. As Edena indicated, I will serve as moderator while he takes a much deserved rest. Remember, I may only advise but Edena will make any final decisions. If you have any questions, e-mail me at williamwronald@aol.com for a very quick response or if its a long document you want me to review, wronald1@yahoo.com.

The official color of my faction will be orange.

Thus, The Kevellond League Speaks.

I STRONGLY suggest that we let new people who come on board claim the new powers. We have to give them a chance, as well as anyone who is greatly underpowered. (Edena, am I underpowered by the standards of this board?:confused:)

I urge the underpowered players to consider laying claim to the new powers.

At the risk of harping on people, I think we should limit ourselves to alliances that make sense.

I also agree with Maudlin. There should be some reason why a group of powers ally. Also, if you have a little bit here and a little bit there on the map, you might have a hard time defending your territory unless an ally is nearby. People, please reconsider some of your decisions. (Maudlin, thanks for the map. It is a great help.)

At the risk of harping on people, I think we should limit ourselves to alliances that make sense. Also, if a power is contested, try to state a reason why you believe this power would contest control by the other player.

For example, if someone contest the Forsaken One for the illithid and scro, a good reason may be that they do not trust his faction. After all, the powers it represents failed their kin in Realmspace. Or Alyx may decide that the elves of Greyspace would be closer to her faction than Black Omega.

Edena: As the evil powers seem to have an edge in power levels, you may rule that some of the new powers or powers yet to come are neutral or good in alignment.

Also, did you receive my information on Gord.

No one has yet claimed several powers, such as the Circle of Eight and the Iron League.
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DUDE!! 200 replies in a day!!!
well i havent posted in 24 hours, you all know how it is with school. Especially when your dedicated.
umm you can email with:
if u want to send attachments send them to
also if you want a WHOLE :):):):) load of DnD Manuals and stuph in PDF form check out:
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and if you are interested in Linux or computers in general or notes in the classes i take

I really look forward to playing with all of you.


Note: PCat here. Please never post links to illegal pdfs on the boards. Thanks!
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oh and about the reduced strength thing, i cant remember my total but i think its FAR less than 100. err I just added it (hopefully correctly), the total comes to 38, if i am correct.
‚킽‚µ ‚í
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