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Whats still open?

I'd love to play but I don't know whats still open. Could someone post a list of what countries I could play?

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Mr. Draco

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I don't think there's much left. I remember somebody saying they'd give up the skyleague to a new person if anybody else showed up wanting to play just it.
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Turrosh Mak

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Greetings Newcomers!

1st let me say what a wonderful job maudlin has done with the map. It has helped me visualise what the political makeup of the Flanaess is like.
Boy am I in trouble :)

2nd I would like to introduce GIRA: The Gnomish Industrial Revolution Archive. It can be found here: http://bugbearslair.homestead.com/GIRA1.html
As of now I only have the first eight pages of the original IR posted. I need to do some formating of the document that I have in order to finish it, but I should have that up within a week.
Then I can start working on the Second IR.

Also I Intend to Place each of the threads for IR#3 on the site as they are concluded The VBboards make it easy to archive threads, so it will be easy enough.

Maudlin, with your permision, I would like to put a copy of your map on the sit also, when you have finished it of course.
And if anyone wants to make a Torilian version that would be wonderful too.

Finaly, edena, If you could write an introduction to the IR (not right now, as your busy enough) that too would be wonderful.

~Turrosh Mak~ (Bugbear)
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Mr. Draco

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To: Edena

Edena, I just wanted to check up on it, I'm assuming you took the power of the Sword of Kas (artifact) into account in Kas' overall power level, right?

edit- my other question, if Vecna was so much more powerful than Kas (by your count, it was a factor of 5), how could Kas possibly have killed him? (this one goes out to everyone including edena; i.e. did he ambush Vecna? or something else maybe? From what info i've gathered (thanks for your thread William Ronald), Kas struck alone, so his legions couldn't have helped him)...
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William Ronald

Mr. Draco:

I think the Sword of Kas likely provides some protection against Vecna's magic. Quite possibly Vecna put a lot of his own power into the sword. The sword is sentient, so maybe it found a way to sap some of Vecna's power. Possibly it makes Kas the equal of Vecna when they fight directly. (No matter how powerful you are, something can go wrong in making an artifact.) Ask Edena for his ruling. I am glad my thread has helped you out. Has it helped other people?

Kaboom: Welcome to the IR Thread! The Forsaken One is contesting for the Sky League. I am quite willing to let you have it, and may consolidate some of the territories surrounding my lands. As this is a power from outside the Flanaess, I feel someone should represent its unique culture. I hope the Forsaken One will stand down. Tell me about how you view this primarily good and neutral culture with its humans and demi-humans. Also, do you have airborne rangers?:)

As for what is available, go to page one of this thread. You can contest for other powers based on the rules. Also, I tend to think we should keep things together based on certain common themes as alignment, history, or culture. It makes things a little more plausible.

The Forsaken One: Did you receive my e-mail? Also, I think as we are both fairly powerful that we give Kaboom the Sky League. (The dark powers do have a jump start on everyone else in the magics arms race, so I think you guys have enough power. Especially with the Isles of Woe. What did you think of my description of them?)

Edena: If you choose to create a few neutral or good powers with a leg up in the magical arms race, I can suggest such personages as Slerotin and Johydee. Also, maybe some of the old Flan, Suel, Baklunish or Oeridian magi. (You can create some easily enough.)

As the planar arms race is heating up, I am willing to claim the Celestials for now. I am willing to give up the Celestials to another new player. I am interested in Verbobonc and Dyvers which are historically associated with my region.

Lynux: So tell us about how your far flung alliance got together. What commonality keeps them together besides being small powers?

Turrosh Mak: Thanks for bringing the IR threads into an archive. Edena, you may want to ask everyone to read them before we start to get an overview of what happened. Obviously, this will be out of character knowledge for most players until they learn about what happened on Toril. (The Church of Shade, the Planar Powers, and the leader of the Solastarimm know the truth but view things very differently.)
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This space for rent!

There's still plenty of powers unclaimed in the far west. The lands west of the bakluni are several times larger than the Flannaes and hold several mighty empires. I think I have a memory that some of those lands were the original Kara Tur setting, before it was copied and moved to Toril. Maybe someone else knows more.


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First of all, I wish to welcome aboard Bonedagger ( :) ), and Lynux (heh :) ), and Kaboom ( :D )

Bonedagger, you have claimed Vecna.
And, that claim is valid.
World, better watch out! Bonedagger and Maudlin are going to ruin your day!

Lynus has claimed:

The Hold of the Sea Princes
The Tiger Nomads
The Wolf Nomads
The Hold of Stonefist
The Valley of the Mage
The Demihumans of the Northern Lortmils
The Theocracy of the Pale.
The Refugees of Fellreev Forest
The Hempmonalander Isle of Touv
The Hempmonlander Isle of Olman
The Robots

Lynus, they're all yours!

The Unified Districts of Oerth is born!

Kaboom ...

Almost nothing is still unclaimed.
BUT ...
Remember that you may claim ANYTHING ON THE LIST.
If they don't like it, they will contest your claim, just as you are contesting theirs.

If, when the IR starts, the contest is not resolved, that Power (or Powers) is considered to be in civil war!
And, if that civil war continues, you both must state to me what you're doing to try to crush the other guy's forces claiming the Power (you are both considered to have half the country's military.)
If you win the civil war, you get the power!

Now, there is a complete List of all the Powers available.
It is the 5th post on page one of this thread.
You can't miss it, for it's this incredibly long post.

The rules (such as they are) of the IR are all given in the FIRST post on page one of this thread.
It's an experiment, those rules. My experimental effect to handle this IR.

To answer another question:

Kas used treachery to kill Vecna. (Or, at least, that's what Vecna would claim.)
Of course, Kas never killed Vecna, did he, for Vecna eluded death by time-travelling past his own death into the Present!

We have a new PC in the game.
The Emperor of the Dark Union. PL 3.
Remember that you can only bring one character each into this.

Also remember that you can claim Planars only, and bring a character, and still get 9 points per Planar power claimed.
When I said ... if you claim Planars and something else, you start with 0 for the Planars, I wasn't referring to Player Characters - they are exempt from the rule.

Edena (who is now going to the Lists and changing them to reflect the claims of Bonedagger, Lynus, and Kaboom)
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William Ronald: thanks a lot! And we do indeed have rangers.

Edna: is there a way to give allies flying ships and/or citadels without giving them the technology?
Also how fast can a flying ship go?

William Ronald

Kara Tur

Kara Tur was originally thought to be part of the World of Greyhawk, but ended up being part of the Forgotten Realms.

The Celestial Empire takes their place.

I have still yet to hear from The Forsaken One about the Sky League. Kaboom, I hope that you get it.

We have to give new people a chance to gain powers.


I sent you an e-mail with a few possible powers for people to take. As this has been a GREAT day for our thread, we might have to expand a little.

This may end up being more of a global conflict than the first IR thread.

I will bring Archcleric Hazen of Veluna in as a character. He is a 20th plus cleric of Rao. (Edena, you decide the levels.) I would still like to send out my ambassadors and political officials like in the previous thread.

Kaboom: Glad I could help out. I am still waiting on the Forsaken One to make himself known. So, how did you learn about our fine little thread?
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Incredible as this may sound, there is still one major power up for grabs you have all forgotten.

The Iron League, which consists of:

The Demihumans of the Iron Hills

And Sunndi, a neighboring country which is friendly to the Iron League, is unclaimed.

Kalstrand, on the coast east of Sunndi, is unclaimed.

The Free Cities of Verbobonc and Dyvers are unclaimed.
The People of the Kron Hills are unclaimed.
The People of the Gnarley Forest are unclaimed.


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William Ronald

I did not know that. But even west of the Celestial Empire there is plenty of unclaimed land. The Empire of Lyrn, Erypt, Ishtarland, Dragons Island and many other.
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Edena_of_Neith said:

We have a new PC in the game.
The Emperor of the Dark Union. PL 3.

Edena, We rule the Dark union jointly. Mr Draco's PC is Kas, mine is "The Emperor". He was the emperor of most of the union territories before Kas arrived, but now they rule as equals to exploit eachothers power.
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Serpenteye wrote:

I did not know that. But even west of the Celestial Empire there is plenty of unclaimed land.
The Empire of Lyrn, Erypt, Ishtarland, Dragons Island and many other.

- - -

Edena here.
Does anyone have any idea what the Empire of Lyrn is like?
Does anyone have any idea what the Empire of Erypt is like?
Does anyone have any idea what the Empire of Ishtarland is like?
Does anyone know who lives on the Dragon Isles?

Note - I have seen the large map, and I know those places are there.
They are a LONG WAYS from the Flanaess (although Varnaith probably trades with them by ship.)

William Ronald


Can you tell what sources you are using.

Edena: I just remembered if you have the Dragon Magazine CD Rom for the early issues, there was an apocryphal article on the rest of Oerth in the earliest issues. I think 1-12. Although the esteemed Colonel_Plahdoh, Gary Gygax, disapproved of the map which someone did, it may be useful for our purposes. I think the places SerpentEye mentioned are in that article.

Or you could check out Legendary Adventures or Dark Journeys whose maps more resemble Gary's original world, as I understand.

Ishtarland? If someone wants a pseudo-Babylonian/Sumerian culture try Ki-Uri or Kalam, which were used. (There is another name but it is in my homebrew. I did say history and linguistics are hobbies of mine. I can also give something better than Erypt for Egypt. Mitzraim (Hebrew, similar to the Arabic Misr), Qem (an ancient Egyptian name for their land), and others.)

For laughs, I translated the name Chicago 'place of the wild onion' into its Sumerian equivalent of Kibarsumma. (Which is in my home campaign.)

I will also go to the General RPG discussion forum and ask in my Legendary Persons and Places thread about unmapped areas and the Chainmail setting.

I can rename most places pretty easily. So, if you find something, and think the name stinks to the Seventh Heaven, let me know. I have books and tons of notes.
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I think those lands are pretty undeveloped as a game setting. That map may be all that is, it was certainly all I used. This mysterious quality could allow the player to shape the nation to fit his vision.
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Maudlin, I need to tweak the map a little more.

Heimmorj extends slightly further down the coast.
Extend it down to a level just west of the westernmost part of the Burneal Forest.

Now, put one of your large spots, in Eastern League green, on the southern Lortmils right between the Uleks and the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj.
That is the Lortmil Technomancy.

Now, see that small area southwest of Greyhawk City?
The area from the coast inland to the forest, but not including the forest?
That's the northern Wild Coast, and it all belongs to Greyhawk City.
Extend the dark shade color of Greyhawk to cover that area, right down to Turrosh Mak's northern border.

Now, Lynux has claimed a number of countries, so you will need a new color for him.
He's take the Hold of Stonefist, Tehn, the Theocracy of the Pale, in the east.
He's take Fellreev Forest (that large area right in the middle of Iuz's Empire.)
He's taken the Tiger Nomands and the Wolf Nomads in the west.
He's taken the Valley of the Mage in the west.

Put a spot on the Barrier Peaks southwest of the Valley of the Mage to represent the Robots he has claimed.

He has taken the Demihumans of the Northern Lortmils.
Color in about the northern ONE-THIRD of the mountain range with his color.
He has taken the Isles of Touv and Olman.
Those are the two little isles between Hempmonaland and the Amedio Rainforest - the Isles that seem to be the southern limits of all land, before you head south into the great equatorial Ocean.

Lynux has claimed the elves of the Vast Swamp, so ... put a spot of his color right in the middle of Acererak's red!

He has claimed the Hold of the Sea Princes.
This is in the southwest, south of the Yeomanry.

And finally ...
Put a large pot of that blue you have over the Uleks on the northeast side of the Lortmils, in the orange area of the Kevellond League (but it should be south of Greyhawk City if you look straight east.)
Those are the people of the Kron Hills, now claimed by Dagger.
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