(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 1b)

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I had figured as much that it doesn't mean complimenting or well put


(OOC: Edena I'm Killing ALL MAGIC ON ATHAS, that leaves Technology and Psionics and since I along with the people on Athas are the only ones 100% psionic and the rest of the people would need to spend a full turn 11th to acomplish that that would leave me in a VERY powerfull position there.

U see that I did state that very specifically.....
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'o Skoteinos

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By The Forsaken One
I had figured as much that it doesn't mean complimenting or well put


Can I leave it here?


I'm going offline now.
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And btw lol, you should have seen me type that message.

I had a bleeding nose and my hands and face were all covered in "red goo" hehe, while fratically raping my keyboard while typing that message hehe.

William Ronald

Question: If I send my forces to Athas, will they be able to function as magical beings/persons? (Particularly the Angels.) If not, I will at least give the forces from Oerth food and water to share with the people of Athas. It will generate good will, and show the people of Athas that we are about more than just war. (Besides, the Oerth forces may win allies.)

I forgot to declare my one hour action: I will clean up an area of Dagger's lands, equal in size to Furyondy, of all traces of the Red Goo. Resist the Mists!

I would like to eliminate Rajaat as a threat.

I have tried to contact Dagger, who has been absent the past few days. I also will contact Gnomeworks.

Sollir, you have now been given Acererak. When I last checked, the only thing keeping Acererak from attacking the Union of Oerth was Mina. As Mina is out of the picture, you and Serpenteye and Mr. Draco have to talk. (The Union attacked Acererak and wiped out most of his people. An angry Acererak is not a pleasant thing to face.)
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William, you can't even enter the sphere so passing around food and water will be hard :p

Alzems angels (which were apparently there?) just became normal being so yours won't function as well (I guess).

ANd yeah Anab I hope it will because getting booted out of the IR in this way sucks abit, especially because it is of misinterpretation (Since I presume it isn't miswilling)

(Yes I am misbehaving towards my DM now :( )

William, I took care of Rajaat, he is supposed to be part of my Swarm on Athas now.. since I used my 11th attack to get him hiveminded as well as his champions.

Btw william can't we get in a chat somewhere this mail mail mail and more mailing isn't fast and clear ;)
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Heh lol, William and I are currently in a chat and we were wondering how long did the now mortal and ordinary humans ex-dragonkings last against the angry and vengefull civillian mobs :D

I will be tracking down treacherous parts of the Veiled Alliance and any shades or exdragon kings or their henchmen.

When caught they will be publically be showed and then handed over to the obviously furious crowds.

I still have 30,000 PL from festy there with tech and 20,000 from myself and 20,000 from a hiveminded Rajaat if I am correct. These forces will be used to get Athas under controll and get some order in that Sphere.

Food and water will be distributed heavily to the population of Athas. I presume since formians live off creep it might even be abel to create water with which we can feed and water the population.


If I didn't succeed in hievminding Rajaat and his champions as my 11th level attack then I'm sending Festys heavily armed 22nd century tech ship against them from orbit.

My formians shall just employ high powered shock rifles and ordinary swords even if necissary to hunt down and destroy all forces of evil in this Sphere.

Formians are legendary for order and contruction. Magic or no magic, psionics or no psionics.

Time to do what we do best, Construction time.

We feed water the population, we hunt down all evils and all who oppose us.
We rebuild Athas and we create a large hivecluster in the meanwhile, seems we are here to stay for a while anyway.
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