(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 2)


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Scrying efforts by Mr. Draco/Serpenteye:

Their Seers are sure it is Tokiwong (remember the charge on the Blood Waste?) who is attacking the hundreds of Crystal Spheres with the Red Goo.
Their Seers are sure it is Kaboom who is creating the Black Balls of Darkness (remember the splinter bats?) which are taking people to Ravenloft.

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(OOC-Something tells me what is happening is not good at all.)

Unseelie's 1 hour action for the day: We are protecting an area the size of Bissel, centered around Riftcrag from all forms of destruction.

Edit-By the way I am not attacking any power this turn once again. (If I said so in my email of actions Edena-I forget-hold my attacks, but keep the defenses)
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I agree to the terms of absolute peace. As such, I will drop my attack for Day 4. I will also sign a declaration of peace when one is made available.

My action for day 4: Remove as much of the red goo that is Luna as I can in 1 hour.


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hmm I am defending myself ( hmm 3 (day 0) + 2 x 4 (day 1-4) = defense 11?) and not attacking anyone as usual 8well except coup de grace of melkor) this is a level 3 coup de grace for speed to be before anab*doesn't mind his actions are public it too tired for emails*
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(And I am waiting for Edena to tell me if my 11th level magic converted any of Melkor's servants on Toril to the Church. If it is not an allowable action: I clear more red goo.)


No. You will need to launch an Attack to put an end to them.
However, you can pull the same tactic (Corruption) yourself against an enemy Power, and they then must Attack it to put an end to it.

The Corrupted Allies of Melkor declare that anyone who attacks the Shade is going to get it, and get it bad, and that they will Defend the Shade against any Coup de Grace with their 11th level magic.
(This forces you to duel, 11th level style, with the Corrupted Allies of Melkor, as per the rules.)


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I may not have made myself clear on all those posts above.
I will make myself clear now.


The actions of the Power that just destroyed or is destroying hundreds of Crystal Spheres has put you on the fast track to Ravenloft.
You can halt this rush towards Ravenloft by stopping that Power from it's actions - if you can determine which Power is doing it, and put an end to their activities (or two Powers, if Mr. Draco and Serpenteye are the ones.)

If Melkor accepts the terms of the Dark Powers, he comes a Domain Lord.
ALL of the Crystal Spheres in the IR will become a part of MELKOR'S DOMAIN, WHERE HE IS THE SUPREME POWER AND THE ONLY GOD CLERICS CAN OBTAIN SPELLS FROM, if you are pulled into Ravenloft, and Melkor has accepted the terms of the Dark Powers.

Better get up and start doing some serious stuff here, folks.
It's time to get real, real, real serious here.

Either the above, or ... well ... well, we just won't think about that.

If Forrester, Reprisal, and others were here, it would make a difference.
But they are not.
YOU must find the answers, and take the actions, necessary to save yourselves.


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Edena, if Melkor accepts the proposal of Dark Powers, do those Shade that are conspiring against him also come to Ravenloft?


Only if Melkor wants them to. And then, they are helpless within Melkor's Domain, to be dealt with as Melkor pleases.

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