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Edena_of_Neith said:
Hmm, Edena, can my PC completely erase himself from existence, beyond any possibility of resurrection, like Galan Dracos did in Chronicles Of Huma to avoid wrath of Tahkisis?

Probably too late for that, since you are already the boy in a box.


Melkor can do this.
Indeed, he is about to do this, I believe.
As a God, he can do it, and he cannot be stopped - or, at least, I refuse to stop him, because this is so important to the player.

Bear with my confusion please, it's 87 F degrees here and that makes thoughts and computers sluggish.:) Didn't Melkor already get captured?

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I would like to know that kender's do no have race specific gods as other races do, they share the krynnish gods with the rest of their sphere. So you wouldn't find a master kender god of handling/stealing :)

William Ronald


A disk appears before the allies of the United Commonwealth of Toril and on the Taraakian homeworld and to all powers not hostile to the UC of Toril. It glows with a pale blue light when touched.

The image of the Office of the President of the United Commonwealth of Toril appears, richly furnished. The flag of the UC stands next to a portrait of Ian Payne.

In front of a desk, a weary man with dark hair sits.

“Greetings, my friends. This is Ian Icarus Payne, Acting President of the United Commonwealth of Toril. This is our final message to you. This message disk was programmed to be released 12 hours after the death of the people of the United Commonwealth of Toril. As you have received it, then you must know that we are dead.”

“We chose to attack the people that Prince Rivalen’s Shade corrupted. We were attacked and struck back. We had the right to do so.”

“I ask that you think well of us. Our dreams are still alive in our people in the Domain of Hope. The Domain of Hope is now under attack because someone summoned the Loch-Nar.” Lannon shakes his head and frowns in disgust.

“Sadly, some people seem more interested in absolute freedom and power than life. Freedom does have limits. I believe those limits are when your freedom of action impinges on the rights of another. That is why we oppose victory at any cost. Others have rights.”

“We did not attack Vaeregoth because we had our own fight. Additionally, others were attacking him and his support structure – which includes the Alliance of Dread. I have seen destruction on a greater scale than I had feared. Yet we will not let our spirits be crushed in this dark hour. Nor should you let yours be crushed as well.”

“We allied with the Taraakians because they value life. They were willing to consider the possibility that they were wrong because of a single voice. They modified their decision because of that voice. The people who fought for life were honored.”

“Of course others whined. Such as those who did not join Kalanyr in the Blood Waste or even fight when the Red Armada attacked their world. Why should we have any limits placed on our freedom by outsiders? One has to ask if they value their agenda and power more than the lives of their people. In which case one must question their judgement and their sanity. It seems that some of you do not care for the consequences of your actions.”

“Ian Payne understood that actions have consequences. He remained with us until victory was achieved. Lord Forrester and Erika Lesage left. I wish that they had stayed and found some way to have prevented this tragedy. By the time you see this, I hope I will have seen Ian Payne again. The Angels honored his brave spirit and Toril by aiding us. I would like to thank them and all who have stood with us. You have made these dark times easier by your friendship.”

“I hope you will think kindly on us. We have made our mistakes. We are far from perfect. I ask your forgiveness. I ask the Taraakians to forgive us for not joining in their attack. If we had, we would be alive.”

“The UC of Toril has a final request: that you defend the Domain of Hope. There are innocents from many lands and worlds there.”

“We wish your peoples not to share our fate. There is still time to change what appears to be a bleak future. You can still chose a different destiny than ours. May your gods go with you and bless you.”

An image appears of Hazen standing next to a tower in the City of Peace in the Domain of Hope. It appears exactly the same as the building that housed the embassies of so many nations in the Sending of the Angels. His angelic face is sad, strained from weeping.

“The hour is late, but there is still time to avoid the Domain of Dread. Over 100 billion people died yesterday. The United Commonwealth of Toril and Mystara are gone, destroyed.”

“I have failed my new allies, the Taraakians and ask their forgiveness. I have heard Lannon’s last words and pray that his soul finds peace. I fear that he is correct. If I had joined the Taraakians in their attacks and not struck at the Alliance of Dread, the UC of Toril might still stand. Mystara might still live. The Taraakians came at my request, that of Lord Kalanyr, and that of Kas. I ask that the Taraakians determine my responsibility in this affair.”

“I believe life is precious, and so is freedom. Yet I do not believe that freedom should be a license to act at the expense of others. If you argue for freedom for yourself, you should not deny it to others. Yet I see people so certain that their agendas are right that they will take any action to further them. I believe this is wrong. Even the Angels place limits on their power, allowing us to enjoy the gift of free will. I have said that the Eternal has given us many gifts, including life, free will and the ability to love. However, life itself seems to be imperiled because too many are enjoying free will without caring how their actions affect others.”

“Victory at all costs seems to be the motto of many. Or onward to annihilation and victory found there in. I ask you if your people deserve the fate that befell the UC of Toril and Mystara or an even worse fate.”

“As I speak, we stand with the Taraakians in the defense of the Domain of Hope. They are angry and disappointed with me, saying if I had joined them in their attack that others would live. I chose to attack the Alliance of Dread, and thought I was being a responsible ally to them. I must thank them for their kindness in defending the last remnant of the United Commonwealth of Toril , the other refugees, and my own people. They have chosen to stand with Life and Love as opposed to Death and Hate. I must thank them for their courage and their compassion."

"I fear that we are all very close to the Sixth Touch or universal annihilation. Or both. The Taraakians have chosen to defend life while others have chosen to stand with annihilation and power. Who has shown the greater goodness, the greter wisdom.”

“I have asked Vaeregoth for help, and call upon her to save those she can with her power. I hope she responds. She would have the thanks of many. I ask that those who wish to defend the Domain of Hope do so. It has the last remnants of the people of the UC of Toril. I would wish to see them survive. I am in their debt more than I can repay. My failure to join the Taraakians in their attack condemned their nation to extinction.”

“I must ask forgiveness of the dead, for I could have done more. I must ask forgiveness of the living, for I could have done more. I ask my allies for forgiveness, for I have failed them. I ask the Eternal and all the gods for forgiveness, for I failed in your trust.”

“I believe that people have the right to life and freedom. It may be that none of us will have either soon. Regardless of what occurs, I must thank you all for sharing your lives with me. Even if all our worlds are destroyed, know that there are things of high beauty beyond the reach of any darkness. Know also that the Eternal and many others love you for your own sake and wish you well. There is goodness and wisdom within you. Seek it and try to find a way out of our present dilemma.”

“There may still be time to chose a destiny besides universal annihilation or the Domain of Dread. I ask that you chose wisely. May the blessings of the Eternal and of all the righteous be upon you in this hour.”

OOC: Edena, check your e-mail. Maybe Hazen can make a difference before the end. He certainly has contributed to the problem, as have some others.

Melkor was captured and is imprisoned by 11th level magic. I do not believe he should be able to will himself to be destroyed. He could not do so when he was trapped by Forrester. Have the rules changed?

Also, I thought earlier that you ruled that the Loch Nar could not be summoned. However, I can see why you have over ruled yourself. There is more than enough evil here to summon the Loch Nar.

Also, some things can be summoned but not controlled.

Also, Serpenteye, Hazen is not a power. He is an Angel who at his core is a man. Of course, he may not be either for much longer based on my reading of these boards. Like everyone else, he will likely be dead.

Ironically, I want the worlds saved as much as Melkor wants them destroyed or enslaved to his will.
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Ok Edena this is getting not fun for a lot of us due to the following

I don't email you 6 times a day to complain about your every ruling I post it once on the boards, because other people complain MORE they get what they want. Not exactly fair. If you want to cut back the email load stop rewarding people for emailing you and complaining, launching ridiculously complex plans and similar. Because Melkor continually bothered you he gets the ability to have his PC suicide, despite the fact this was NO APPEAL. However given the change in 11th level assaults I guess I have no real reason to be surprised by random rule changes for those who wish something and whine enough about it. I joined this IR because it was fun I've stayed in it for 4 months because it was fun, but giving in to whoever whines enough is bad, it injures the larger majority of those of us who don't whine as much and because the way the whining goes it tends to kill our efforts.

Zelda Themelin

First Post

I am tired.

I want pause.

And I am going to take it.

I care for you and this IR, and I feel both are going wrong.

You are tired and depressed Edena, you NEED time off.

Constant rules-changes, favoring of armagedden wanting players, making destruction more easy than healing, I've had DM's in grip of depression and those people have showed all the same traits in their plots.

I spend too much time in internet myself.

I need a break.

I have cared for your feelings for long time Edena.

But you need to care back for my feeling too.


Zelda Themelin

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Ok Edena.

See you in two weeks then.

I mailed you my actions.

Twilight Coalition can have my forces to play meanwhile.

Or William, if Kalanyr or Black Omega doesn't want them.

Be seeing you. :)

'o Skoteinos

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kriske, we hebben dat 'probleem' wel: ik ben gehivemind volgens de srd, en dat houdt in dat ik met jou communiceer,maar niet dat jij controle over mij hebt...

wrom denk je dat ik per sé dat "as described in the SRD" erin wilde hebben? Omdat daar staat dat hive mind alleen communicatie is en geen domination effect.

I hate it when people need it spelled out for them...;):D


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There will only be one forum, I believe, during the experiment, so I doubt I could set up a single thread.

Of course, I urge everyone to go to the new site and test it.

You will need to register ASAP.

Apparently, registration to the new site Morrus is talking about takes a while (apparently, it takes them a while to process new SNs.)
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