(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 7)


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I do understand, Zelda.

Thank you for caring.

Although I urge you not to go - your allies in the Alliance of Oerth need your help more than ever, right now.

However, if you are leaving, I do hope to see you in 2 weeks.

I cannot stop the IR. Creamsteak's departure in 2 weeks, among other things, dictates that I cannot.

However, I believe the IR will still be around in two weeks.
There will be something to come back to.

These maniacs can't totally destroy it all.
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Zelda Themelin

First Post
Oh, Edena, I am there for my allies with with my irrating OOC comments and all the fun stuff like that. :D

Hehe, and my faction's power level is so small, and my war-plans so simple, that my faction exist well in hands of my ally.

I come back to play some single character or some other minor faction then, if my faction gets killed. I care for them, but let them die if someone kills them. It's ok by me.

I've mostly did some attack/defense posting and rpg:ing stuff anyway. Nothing what you'd call world shaking.

Few here are going to miss me.

Now have a good time, and be seeing you.

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