It's The EN World 7-Day RPG Contest! $1000 Prize!

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[h=3]Can you write an RPG in 7 days?[/h]
If so, here's a chance to win $1000! By next week!

I'm holding a competition this week. Entries must be posted by midnight my time next Sunday (the 5th of May; I'm in the UK, so that's BST). All you have to do is write a roleplaying game. Or dig one up you wrote twenty years ago. It can be short - I've seen 24 hour RPG contests before, and games under 20 pages. If it works, it doesn't need to have hundreds of pages.

Your game can be of any length. It can be any subject or genre. The only restriction is that it be an RPG.

I do, however, reserve the right to reject (and delete) an entry which I deem innappropriate - which basically means one which is racist, sexist, obscene, etc. (That doesn't mean that you can't have racism or sexism in a maturely handled implied setting - as long as you don't appear to be saying that's a good thing). The same goes for anything which infringes on someone else's intellectual property, or any other reason at my discretion.

You enter your game - preferably as a PDF, but you can use any file format you like; it's being voted on, so the more inaccesible your file format, the fewer votes you'll get - and the RPG community spends a week voting on them. The winner gets $1000, which I will send by Paypal immediately the week's up.

The catch?
I (as in EN World) get to own and [try to] sell your game if you win (if I don't publish it, I'll simply return it to you). That's how I - hopefully - make my $1000 back. Please, please - if your work is precious to you, has sentimental value, is the product of years of development, is a mark of your genius and is worth much more, or is too good for a competition like this, don't enter it. Same goes if you have any reservations, compunctions, disagreements and general dislikes about this competition. It's utterly, utterly, utterly voluntary and it's supposed to be fun. But if you feel like writing an RPG over the next 7 days (or have one you've written that you'd like folks to see), this is a fun way to do that. Plus, hey, maybe $1000! I may well also approach some of those who didn't win with an eye to publishing their game, but no promises!

[h=3]How To Enter[/h]
You enter by attaching a document as a reply to this thread. Be sure to describe it in the post - give folks a reason to download it and check it out! It can be whatever format you choose, and the production values can be as great or as little as you choose. If you want to attach an unformated .txt file, that's fine. If you want to enter a PDF with artwork and layout, that's fine too. We'll let the public decide! Production values, content, length - there's a whole slew of things the public might base their votes on.

This thread can be viewed in two ways. If you're viewing it via EN World's article/news section, you won't be able to see the files attached by contestants. However, if you click though to the forum thread version of this article (or if you're already reading the forum thread version) you'll be able to see them just fine. Same goes for the attachment controls for your entry - click through to the forum thread version and you should see them.

I will delete any posts in this thread which aren't entries. I don't want to make the voters have to work for your entries. Feel free to introduce yourself or your entry in the post to which your entry is attached.

You might have to click "Go Advanced" to see the attachment controls in the thread.

Questions? Head to the Meta Forum and ask them there. Questions in this thread will be deleted, to keep it down to just entries. Like I said, we don't want to make the voters have to work.

By attaching your document to this thread, you agree to the following.

  1. By attaching your document to this thread, you are entering the contest.
  2. If you win the contest, you will receive $1000 by PayPal and ownership of your entry will transfer to me. I will acknowledge and credit you as the author of it if I publish it.
  3. If you do not win the contest, you retain ownership of your work, but I may approach you about publishing it (possibly in a compilation).
  4. The winner of the competition is the person with the most votes at the end of the following week. Voting will take place in a poll here on EN World from 6-12 May. Anyone found encouraging people to vote multiple times will be disqualified. You are, however, welcome - and encouraged - to campaign as much as you want and encourage people to vote as long as you don't encourage anyone to cheat. One person, one vote.
  5. The winner will be the person with the most votes. That person will receive $1000 immediately upon closure of the voting. This will happen by PayPal. Make sure you have a valid PayPal account; this is the only way payment will be made. Delays due to this are not my fault - I'll be ready with my finger on the send button
  6. You indemnify me against third party legal action! If I get sued because of something you did (you defamed someone, or you stole someone else's work, or what-have-you) you agree to indemnify against that. Basically, make sure you submit your own work - familiarise yourself with copyright and trademark laws, and don't defame anybody.
  7. You warrant that your submission is your own work.
  8. If you don't win, you agree not to publish your entry anywhere else for a period of three months (until August 1st, 2013).

These aren't rules, they're just common questions I've gotten.

OGL? GSL? Yes, that's fine. You may use the Open Gaming License or the Game System License. Or, indeed, any other license. But please make sure you understand (and correctly use) any license you use in your submission. That said, those licenses are clear, easily available (hey I just linked to them for you!), and perfectly understandable. There should be no difficulty there.

Will you definitely publish it if I win? No, I won't *definitely* publish your entry. I have no idea what sort of entries I'm going to get, how many, or of what quality. So your entry might get published, or it might not. Heck, the winning (most popular) one might not be published - one of the other entries might be more suitable. Right now, all I'm doing is covering myself and ensuring I have the option. What I will say is that if I decide I definitely don't want to publish it, I won't just hang on to it for no good reason - I'll give it back. For now I'm just excited to see what entries I get and who wins the $1000!

What should I enter? This competition isn't really designed for your 350+ page manuscript that you've been working on for 10 years. That's not to say that you can't enter that, but a decade-long labour of love is going to be worth more to you than a chance to win $1000. What this is designed for is something you put together this week, in a few hours or so, as a bit of fun. It's like those 24-hour RPG contests you see from time to time, but a lot less frantic. It's supposed to be fun, and a little bit exciting.

Will you alter or expand my entry? I don't know! That totally depends on the entry. If you win, and if I think it needs some extra work before publishing, I will approach you first about paying you to do that work. If you can't or don't want to do that, then I'll look elsewhere. I expect at the very least it'll need to be illustrated and/or formatted.

Quick reminder - I keep moving posts and questions from this thread to the Meta forum. Please keep this thread clear of everything except entries so that folks can browse them easily! You are more than welcome to ask questions etc. in the Meta forum!

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7-day RPG contest submission

This "work" is not an original, being based on D&D 4th Ed (a touch of 3rd), MERP, and Spell Law rules, so I'm not entirely sure of the legality. It's not being posted for profit. There is a foreword mentioning the official sources. Rules derivations are numerous and perhaps tedious. I'd like anyone interested to have a copy, just for posterity...
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First Post
I have released an updated version with some syntax fixes and improved mechanics and examples. It is designed to foster role-playing and immersion, with some interesting mechanical progression. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think :D.
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The dropship lands on the outskirts of New Austria. Verdant hillsides, covered in grass against a backdrop of vermilion skies. There’s been no communication from the Von Trapp family since their initial distress call. Sensors detect nothing, but these hills are alive and it may be more then a Hard-boiled Nun and a team of Space Marines can handle.

The Sound of Aliens, a musical story game for 3-5 players.

View attachment 57257

View attachment 57258



Is HTML an acceptable format? I'm posting it here as a TXT file so it actually attaches, but you'll want to rename it to HTML and look at it in a browser.


First Post
Strangers of Fiction

Here is a game I quickly wrote last year on a whim--I never even got to playtest it. I am curious to see what everyone thinks. Below is the intro from the file.

Strangers of Fiction

Everyone's lives are filled with stories: books and comics we read, films and TV shows we watch, the various games we play. All of these stories and characters create a collective culture, a multitude of genres and archetypes and tropes.

Many of the great writers mix genres--Neil Gaiman's American Gods or Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, for example. Well what if you can play in a world, not unlike the fore-mentioned League, where many fictional figures come together. It could be Victorian London; it could be a moonbase in the future; it could be New York in the 60s. And what if your characters can shift this world of fiction, affect the stories there, the there there? This is the premise of Strangers.

View attachment 57265
View attachment 57266

Anubis Dread

First Post

Long time lurker finally making an account just to enter this contest :).

Godsrealm is a game in which the players take the role of a pantheon of gods working to create a world together. It is loosely based off of a forum game, by which I mean the concept is: mechanically is is pretty stark in its differences.

Ironically even though I've had this written for a while, it really DID take me just about a week to write up, though it took a little longer to make it look nice and pretty.

View attachment 57277
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Sol Invictus - a Sci-Fi RPG

This is Sol Invictus, a Sci-Fi RPG which I wrote in the 1990s and did nothing with, so here goes. It has some vague similarities to the movie, Avatar.

Unique Selling Point: This is the only RPG in which the PCs are given a 5kt tactical nuke as part of their starting equipment (on their Hydra Shuttle), and permission to use it...



First Post
The Heights of Etherian

Battle rival Templars! Sweep the fair maiden into your arms and sail away laughing at your foiled foes! Capture ghosts and ... burn their tormented spirits ... to power your ghostship ... using their agonized screams as weapons?

The Heights of Etherian is a game of swashbuckling, dark magic, and darker science, set in the decadent city of Etherian. Join the Temple of Man to overcome the Ghostwrights. Attend the Academy of Cold Fire and revel in your mastery over the spiritual energies of magic. Many paths to take, many stories to tell!

I'm looking forward to reading the other submissions. This was a lot of fun to write - thank you for the opportunity to contribute!

5/4 edit - added a few important details and fixed SOME of the typos ... sneaky little devils.
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Vyvyan Basterd

Hand of Fate

I created this game system for a Chicago Gameday event a few years back. It is a multi-genre storyteller game that uses the Tarot deck for character creation, plot development and conflict resolution. The event was a supernatural horror mystery set during the Siege of Leningrad. I've added a few minor tweaks since the Gameday event. Hope you enjoy!


Tournament Grounds - Northwinter Press

It's D&D meets Sci-Fi meets Modern meets anything you can muster up from your old character sheets! Finally, put them to use.

This is one of the games I'll never have time to realize the way I really want to. Hopefully it'll find a good home here. I know how much fun it's been for me to use it as a setting, it's time I share it with everybody, hopefully via EnWorld. Enjoy!
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Once A Fool
The Token System

At its heart, any role-playing game is about creating a collaborative narrative among all of the players. In order to produce the tension necessary to drive the game, most emphasize uncertainty by adding a random element to the mechanics.

There are other ways to produce this tension, however.

This game is not random. In this game, the narrative tension is derived from resource-management and strategy—a constant give-and-take between the players and the game-manager.

Do not be deceived; this game is not a mere test of wits, nor an exercise in rules-mastery. It is a fast-moving game, which can be approached with any level of caution and forethought, or none at all. No matter the approach, it will be fun, for it is, at its heart, a collaborative narrative-building game.


First Post
Quad System

Good day,

Submitted for your approval, I present the Quad System. In the true spirit of this competition this submission is a completely new piece of work developed over the last week. The Quad system is a generic system that can be used in any setting from Fantasy to Science Fiction. The core is the Quadrant system that divides a character up into four areas (physical, mental, social, and magical). The system was designed with new and old players in mind (passing both the wife/girlfriend test (if your wife/girlfriend can understand the system having no interest in RPGs) and the munchkin test (if experienced RPG players can pick up the system with one read through)). I've reserved the right to modify the system and develop side projects that use some of the aspects of this system for my future projects ( which can be found here on my website ). Enjoy!View attachment 57311

Thomas Richard Miles Boxall, BSc, TOGAF, I.S.P., ITCP, ITIL
Freelance RPG Developer
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Daughters of Lear is the storytelling roleplaying game in the tradition of games like Fiasco. Drawing on the timeless themes and traditions of playwrights like Shakespeare, Daughters of Lear puts you and your friends in the roles of the principle actors of your very own play, utilizing a simple dice system to keep things fair and balanced as well as expendable resources to heighten the drama and give your character an edge in reaching his own goals in the scenario you've chosen.

Once more unto the breach.

Domino Writing

First Post
New Worlds - The Tell Your Story RPG

You've got a group of non-gamer friends together who are willing to play a role playing game. But they're not too excited about wizards and dragons, and until you showed them, they didn't even know there were dice that had more than 6 sides. "New Worlds" is the game for you.
Create a world together with characters anyone can imagine. Take turns narrating the adventure. Collect rewards each time you pick up the dice.
You don't need to study a massive rule book to call yourself a role player. You don't need to own a bucketful of dice to enter a world of heroes and drama. You just need New Worlds.

Adrián Gómez

First Post
The Hope

Ok, here's my entry! ;)

This game, The Hope, is inspired by some old movies, as Labyrinth, with David Bowie, or The Neverending Story. (oh, and the PC game Limbo!)

In modern times, Hope is disappearing from the world, and Fear is winning their eternal struggle. Only those who still retain their innocence and a pure heart will be able to change this. Enjoy!! ;D

Btw, english is not my native language, so I hope you can understand it without your eyes bleeding. XD

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