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Candlekeep Mysteries Session 16


Don’t Go Picking on Mushrooms

Days 140 to 158

Uktar 12 8 AM 1492 to Uktar 30, 8 AM 1492.

Gain a Level. 20 Downtime Days. 1,600 GP.

Magic Item Potion of Superior Healing, Potion of Longevity, Staff of the Woodlands.

Start Time 6:07 PM End Time 10:43 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 168 Monsters Captured 12 Monsters Escaped 23

Final K/D 26.14 to 1. This does not include any second run throughs. 16 Session. 158 Adventuring and Travel Days. Realms Dates Kythorn 19, 1492 Dawn to Uktar 30, 1492 8 AM

I had average to strong group of five pcs if you include the various builds. Ben Tennyson Genie Warlock 2 Divine Soul 12 Star Druid 2. Tigra Barbarian 4 Monk 12 Stunning in Ribbons. Scaredy -Kait Monk 15 Cleric 1 Dim out look on life. Cretin Paladin 12 Warlock 4 AC 27. Swot Barbarian 8 Rogue 8 The brains of the group. Guest Stars Mister Mistoffelees. Very Special Guest Star Thunderwing.

Sorry Not Sorry or OOPS. I got the distance wrong on Transport Via Plants. It is 10 feet. Not up to a mile. Hey the monsters can cheat if the DM wants them too.

DM Notes This is huge dungeon about 350 feet by 400 feet and lots of combat. Draw out the Maps beforehand.

The group is finally dragging back from their last adventure. Travel time is still long if you don’t have hand portals or teleportation circles. The town outside of Candlekeep is quiet and “Q” is painted on the doors of most buildings. As they approach about half a mile before the keep the evil remaining Immortal Lotus Blossoms monks attack. Mentioning they have one their friends. They are quickly killed. BUT. They all have small mushrooms growing off them. As the fourth explodes in a cloud of spores and fungus.

Swot, “Alive. I want one of them alive so we can question them. DOH! You all are sixteen level. RANGE ATTACKS DON’T DO Subdue. Not another word Kait. What Is this key to?” Buried near the spider holes the ambush came from is a cage with Mr. Mistoffelees. He is three-fourths covers in spores, fungus, molds and mushrooms and is mewing for help. He mentions a world-wide plague. (OH NO proclaims the DM another earth shatter event in the realms. Impossible.) As they are talking to Fungus Cat, a sage in a huge hamster ball rolls herself down hill from the keep. A backpack is loosely duct tape to the hamster ball.

Zelyth Lifeleaf, “I am the Avowed and we need your help. A teleportation.”

Cretin, “You Avowed suck. You have no powers. The Avowed in second edition didn’t suck. This Realms suck.”

Table, “Dude, you only started playing with 5E how do you know the lore.”

Cretin, “I read online, bought some sources from the DM’s Guild and.”

DM, The Avowed continues and both Tigra and Ben sneeze loudly.

Zelyth, “As you can see two of your party have been infected. In less that forty-eight hours they will just be mushrooms. I have laid out a teleportation circle to transport you to the Lykortha Expanse when the plague came from. I have sanitized the book; it should give you more clues. Hopefully, the circle will place you at the cave complex.

Cretin, “What I thought circles got you spot on.”

Zelyth, “Yes circle to circle, but I only passed through that forest recently. Hopefully I won’t shoot low and beam you half way into the group. Bye!” She teleports the group and rolls a 10 on percentage dice. Placing the group an hour from the cave. During this hour they are attacked by flying mushrooms. (Note until the final battle I did not tell group what reskinned monsters they were fighting. Also, with hero’s feast some monsters were less powerful.)

They arrive at the cave complex just as Tigra enters the first stage of exhaustion. Kait is able to find Thunderwing a sprite but scares her. Thunderwing hides in Tigra’s hair and makes friends with Tigra. Thunderwing is slightly helpful but can not give directions but does give some clues to various rooms. Thunderwing is very calm and happy while putting ribbons in Tigra’s fur. She is very chatty but wanders off the main point of the conversion a lot. (DMs Play this up.)

Entering the second part of the entrance, the group finds the last two experimental subjects and are attack by three huge mushrooms and the floor. (Be mean to the players.) After dealing with the floor and stabilizing the subjects they have a choice of paths. (I drew the maps out on one inch graph paper and mislabeled the exits. So, the players would have no clue. The group decided to go (Not telling so not to give spoilers.)

The lab cave complex gave the chance of the group gaining a potion of longevity but Kait is not a chemist and is now able to collect her retirement.

The faulty Fairy Ring took them to another plane of existence where they saw nude goddess. This drives Cretin to trip out on bad mushrooms the rest of the adventure. Swot and Kait flip flop from thinking they are super smart or super dumb.

The cage room had some huge monsters hanging on the ceiling and evil fog at their feet. These mushrooms breathed Lighting bolts. And the fog did nothing. (Grumble Grumble.) They did find the remains of various experiments including the Sprite Bunny Blossom. The evil druid did leave her staff of the woodlands behind. So, a short rest later, they move on.

Choosing the correct path, they come across the evil Xanthoria Lichen Lich. Yes, a druid Lich. A mushroom Lich. Cretin charges first and the battle is on. The group chases and is chased around the cave complex but Flying Demon Mushrooms. Treants. Five or six Shambling Mounds. The Lichen Lich.

Good tactics such as casting darkness on the lich (Still say darkness on a foe or its clothing should get a save.) Silence near the lich. Lots and Lots of Ki points being burned to stun the shambling mounds, and finally surrounding the lichen and beating her down. They only lose Ben Tennyson who the Lich being smart and the monsters making intelligence checks target him a lot. (27 AC Cretin you know after two or three rounds my monsters are going after new prey!)

They are able to revivify Ben. As the group is cleaning fungus juice off them. Tigra feels a tug on her tail.

Thunderwave, “Girl Friend. You have to crush my BEEP head.”

Tigra does not want to kill Thunderwing and Thunderwing yells she will run away if anyone else tries to hurt her. Thunderwing is the phylactery. She will only allow Tigra to kill her.

Tigra does.

Ben pulls out a raise dead scroll to help but the damage is too much. So, he raises Bunny Blossom. The group find their way home.

DM notes. They got lucky with their path choice otherwise this would have been a two-session game. Made some mistakes with spells and lair actions. I dropped the robbing of Candlekeep I was going to do. Meepo was going to having been stealing copies of certain book and let the party take the fall like good mafia minions.

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Rotten DM
I will be replaying some adventures but no write ups. It is hard to game and write up two days straight.
Questions about anything which happen during these sessions.

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