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Paizo Jessica Price (ex Paizo employee) spills the beans

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Snotling Herder
As someone who greatly enjoys paizo products, reading this troubles me greatly. I'd always come to regard them as a progressive company, who championed inclusivity. It would seem this is just an image they portray to grab the dollar.

However saying all that there are two sides to every story, and before I dive in with both daggers, I shall wait to see paizo's response. Until that time I've cancelled all my current orders for paizo products.


I really wish that if people wanted to do an expose of inappropriate workplace culture they should do it with integrity. Presented in a readable format, corroboration, professionally presented, right of reply, we’d then have some idea of whether this was the words of a disgruntled ex-employee courting controversy or something we could justifiably use to form a fair opinion on Paizo as a business.

I was reading about some of the testimony from influencers made to the parliamentary Select Committee where they were asking for protections and recognition as part of the advertising sector or journalism profession. It reminded me that both those industries have self/regulated codes of ethics and standard to protect the public from mis-information.

Ms Price paints a damning picture of Paizo but aside from the detailed descriptions of her attempting to get a carpet clean organized (something I’ve not seen sensationalized to that level before) the rest of the allegations are one line or two/three word veiled accusations, drop ins or insinuations. There’s no evidence, no corroborating statements (at time of publication) no attempt to present even the slightest point of view from Paizo’s point of view. That makes me very suspicious.

The sad thing is, this all might be true and maybe people should be very wary of supporting Paizo. I’d want to see something resembling integrity first though. Describing yourself as a ‘howling maenad’ or a demagogue may be cool but it’s not a great way of packaging serious, company affecting accusations. The people she is talking about are real people too.

For instance in the UK it wouldn’t be bravery, it would be extreme unprofessionalism to disclose the fact that a colleague had been fired for performance issues. Polite language like leaving to persue other opportunities is a way for that person to save face and not disclose details of confidential HR processes. Two sides to every story.

My preference would be for everyone to sheath the daggers period and take a step back before forming judgement without the full picture… which we’re never gonna get from Paizo, because again that’s unprofessional. If corroboration does comes out, or a position from Paizo then maybe we’ll get a more solid foundation. Unfortunately burning bridges in so great a manner is rarely a good idea as I’ve learnt as I’ve grown older.


This at least is not the case. Crystal Frasier has offered support and corroboration, as has at least one other ex-paizo staffer in the replies to Jennifer Price’s Twitter thread.
I think we have a different view of corroboration. Crystal said the carpets were dusty and it took 7 months to sort. Her views on the many other accusations and different incidents aren’t known.

Libel laws were put in place to protect individuals from accusations in the public eye. Unfortunately libel laws don’t work so well in an age of social media and opinion.

A classic example is the post Diego, showing that he resigned, and wasn’t fired. Will this fact be corrected for Jessica’s 25,000 followers? Im sure he is very unhappy with Paizo, if he felt he had to resign. but when social media winds itself up and the whispers and opinions overtake the facts we should all be very wary.

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