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DMs Guild Josidiah Starym's Guide to Sword Magic



Josidiah Starym's Guide to Sword Magic​

Named after the illustrious Bladesinger who was the original owner of Guenhwyvar, this treatise contains everything you need to know to become a Swordmage; a unique arcane warrior who blends the arts of sorcery and swordplay the way no other character does. Channeling your magic through a blade or bow, as a Swordmage you are able to project magical barriers to protect your allies and confound your enemies.This all-new take on the classic "Gish" archetype stands apart from other attempts at creating a "Half-Caster" to stand alongside the Paladin and Ranger, as this version borrows heavily from the design of the Warlock and Bard; two other arcane classes with martial leanings.

Contained within, you will find:

- The Swordmage class; a 1-20th-Level full class that is capable of delivering spell attacks using strikes from their weapon; heavily-inspired by and named after the 4th-edition class of the same name, the Swordmage is designed to be a close-quarters caster with an emphasis on maneuverability, "kiting" opponents, and denying tactical options to their enemies while opening up avenues of attack for allies.

- Five Subclasses; The Duskblade, Mystic Knight, Sword Sage, Seeker, and Tempest Blade; each one possessing a very different playstyle and emphasizing different aspects of what it means to be a spellcasting warrior.

- Twenty Seven New Spells: to round-out the Swordmage's arsenal of close-range techniques, including powerful options from 4th-Edition, such as Frost-Wind Blade, Sword of Sigils, Frost Backlash, Incendiary Sword, and Vorpal Doom.

- Over Twenty New Feats: for the Swordmage class, including racial feats for every playable race found in the Forgotten Realms setting.

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