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D&D General What Classes Would You Add to D&D?


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After our session today we chatted about the the classes in D&D, what is there, what is missing, etc. I know some people want fewer classes, some want a lot more, but I think the majority are pretty happy with what we have, or maybe just 2-3 more classes or so.

What classes (or subclasses) would you add?

A short description for what you might add would help with possible variants--different names of the same class.

I'll update the OP, but I'm curious what there is out there besides what we have now:
  1. Artificer
  2. Barbarian
  3. Bard
  4. Cleric
  5. Druid
  6. Fighter
  7. Monk
  8. Paladin
  9. Ranger
  10. Rogue
  11. Sorcerer
  12. Warlock
  13. Wizard
  14. Warlord
Any takers?

Suggestions so far:
  1. Arcanist/Warmage ("Wizard" + more cantrips - spells)
  2. Archivist/Sage/Scholar (A sage with a focus on lore and language who buffs their party)
  3. Ardent (psi-cousin to clerics/paladins)
  4. Battlemage (fighter/wizard NOT EK)
  5. Beastmaster (? "pet class", single pet?)
  6. Chosen ("Warlock" + more invocations - spells)
  7. Diplomat/Merchant
  8. Dragon Shaman
  9. Duelist (An urbane dextrous warrior wielding repartee as deftly as a blade)
  10. Priest/Apostle (non militant)
  11. Psion/ Mesmer (will points caster)
  12. Psionic Mystic (??)
  13. Scout (mobile stealthy skirmisher)
  14. Shaman
  15. Shifter ("Druid" + more wildshapes - spells)
  16. Skald (warrior bard)
  17. Swordmage (arcane half-caster w/ elemental theme)
  18. Warden/Huntsman (A non-spellcasting defender of the bond between civilization and nature)
  19. Witch (Arcane + Primal)
  20. Scion ("Monster class" - become the monster?)
  21. Pendragon
  22. Marshal (same as Warlord??)
  23. Savant (genius who relies on ingenuity, planning, and keen deductions)
  24. Esper (Psionic class created by @Steampunkette )
  25. Wielder (bonded to a powerful artifact)
  26. Elementalist (living channel for elemental matter and energy)
  27. Cavalier
  28. Pugilist (unarmed bare-knuckles bruiser)
  29. Swashbuckler (skill expert of maritime)
  30. Occultist (skill expert of magical concerns)
  31. Dragon Knight (warrior with Draconic powers)
  32. Illusionist (illusion/deception focused magic)
  33. Warder (aburation)
Some (very broad and loose) groups I think are:

Warmage, Battlemage
Swordmage, Skald, Spellblade
Psion/Mesmer, Ardent, Psionic Mystic, Esper
Shaman, Dragon Shaman
Archivist/Sage/Scholar, Diplomat/Merchant, Priest/Apostle
Scout, Warden/Huntsman
Shifter, "Monster class"

  1. Beastmaster (? "pet class", single pet?)
  2. Chosen ("Warlock" + more invocations - spells, STR focused)
  3. Duelist (An urbane dextrous warrior wielding repartee as deftly as a blade)
  4. Witch (Arcane + Primal)
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I find the number of classes to be very dependent on edition. 5E has a hard time justifying a new class, usually only to fit into a specific setting. Older editions tended to use new classes as a way to add new character concepts, which 5E just uses sub-classes for. The only one I feel that could be added (if they ever decided on how to work it mechanically) would be the Psion.


Prince of Dorkness
When OneD&D was still doing the Mages, Warriors, Experts, and Priests groupings, I was pulling for Warlord, Psion, and Shaman to round things out to an even 4 per group.


Something psionic would be nice, but not "magic as spells." I think I like the Matt Colville version, but I haven't gotten to play it :(
I was recently reading a Battletech/Babylon 5 crossover, and Alfred Bester came up.

I'd like to see a dedicated shapeshifter class, and then we can get that out of Druid and turn Druid back into a fully-featured caster instead of a mash-up.

Dragon Shaman (aura + breath weapon + invocations) is probably different enough from Warlock to justify its own inclusion.


I've done three homebrew classes for 5e – Archivist, Duelist, and Warden – and have a Witch in the works. I'd love to make a Swordmage/Spellblade too, but there's a lot to like in laserllama's homebrew.

  • Archivist – A sage with a focus on lore and language who buffs their party, blending the 3.5e archivist class from Heroes of Horror, the Savant class from Dragon #140, the alienist variant in 2e’s Player’s Option: Spells & Magic along with its d20 version in Complete Arcane, 4e arcana skill powers, and a few other ideas. Subclasses include Alienist, Divine Scribe, and Mystic Lorekeeper
  • Duelist – An urbane dextrous warrior wielding repartee as deftly as a blade. Based on the AD&D fighter variant, the 3.5e prestige class, with stances adapted from 3e Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords, and touches from the 3e urban ranger from Unearthed Arcana. Subclasses include Dashing Popinjay, Seafaring Scallywag, Sellsword, and Vengeful Blueblood.
  • Warden – A non-spellcasting defender of the bond between civilization and nature, based on the AD&D variant ranger with touches of 4e’s warden, with natural “invocations” similar to the 5e warlock. Subclasses include Borderlands Guard, Hinterlands Scout, Wastelands Beastmaster, and Greenwoods Warden.

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