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D&D General What Classes Would You Add to D&D?


After our session today we chatted about the the classes in D&D, what is there, what is missing, etc. I know some people want fewer classes, some want a lot more, but I think the majority are pretty happy with what we have, or maybe just 2-3 more classes or so.

What classes (or subclasses) would you add?

A short description for what you might add would help with possible variants--different names of the same class.

I'll update the OP, but I'm curious what there is out there besides what we have now:
  1. Artificer
  2. Barbarian
  3. Bard
  4. Cleric
  5. Druid
  6. Fighter
  7. Monk
  8. Paladin
  9. Ranger
  10. Rogue
  11. Sorcerer
  12. Warlock
  13. Wizard
  14. Warlord

Any takers?
Psion, of course (using Warlock chassis with shortrest spell points).

Also, Swordmage (as melee range full caster).

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As long as i get to be the frog
All of them. Well most all of them. As long as theme is strong and appropriate while mechanics can be balanced enough with the other classes I’m all for making a class of it.

In fact, many current subclasses really should be their own classes IMO. So while I’m at it I would probably remake those as their own class as well.


I cast invisibility
I miss the psionic mystic and the "ardent", the psi-cousin of clerics and paladins.

I love the concept of the vestige binder.

Something like the shadowcaster, but elementalist, for all type of elements. But this can await.

"Nahualt", a primal defender focused into beast shapesifting.

I have thought about shaman like a merger of the vestige binder and the incarnum totemist.

An update of the martial adepts (crusader, warblade and swordsage) but with a simple and faster gameplay.

Something like a remake of the incarnum soulborn or incarnate, but more focused into some summoned allies or ectoplasmatic exosuits.

Duskblade, but more like a remake of the swordsage, using arcane maneuvers instead classic spells. It wouldn't be at-will catrips, but the reload should be fast and simple, maybe only a concentration check. Or dracolyte like an arcane fighter.

Slayer, like a remake of avenger class, a remake of assasin, mixture of stealth and divine power to terminate undead, infernal and other unholy monsters.

The factotum from Dungeonscape could be like a "choose a different subclass every day". It could be useful to playtest new classes with special game mechanics.
Regarding all the incarnum references, could you explain them? I don't know them.


One class I've wondered about is an Aristocrat class that comes with a sworn bodyguard.

A princeling and a knight sworn to protect the crown
A criminal genius and his dimwitted brother
A daimyo and his personal yojimbo.
A lady and one of the family's golem guardians
A merchant and his loyal dragonspawn
A count and a vampire who is dependent on the count to walk in the day.

The pair would be magically linked in resurrection but otherwise not have any magic normally. One noncombat brain and one combat brawn.


Dragon Lover
Warlord - Support Martial
Psion - Psionic class
Swordmage - Arcane half-caster
Warden - Primal Marital with no spells
Summoner/pet class - summon a single powerful pets or a small swarm of smaller pets.
Monster class - become the monster

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
I love new classes! The following classes are available in my compilation and homebrew document, the Micahnomicon (all versions that share the same name as a WotC class are instead the Level Up versions):

LU = Level Up
MHP = Mage Hand Press
A5e Community Class Project link available upon request.

Adept (LU)
Alchemist (MHP)
Arcanist (A5e Community Class Project)
Artificer (LU)
Bard (LU)
Berserker (LU)
Bloodrager (A5e Community Class Project)
Blue Traveler (A5e Community Class Project)
Captain (MHP)
Cavalier (A5e Community Class Project)
Cleric (LU)
Craftsman (MHP)
Disciple (LU 3PP)
Druid (LU)
Elementalist (LU 3PP)
Esper (LU 3PP)
Fighter (LU)
Firebrand (Nations and Cannons)
Gadgeteer (MHP)
Guardian (A5e Community Class Project)
Gunslinger (MHP)
Herald (LU)
Investigator (MHP)
Keeper (A5e Community Class Project)
Lacer (Incarnate - The Last of the Lacers)
Magus (A5e Community Class Project)
Marshal (LU)
Martyr (MHP)
Necromancer (MHP)
Oracle (A5e Community Class Project)
Psion (LU)
Psyknight (LU)
Pugilist (The Pugilist - available through Drive Thru RPG)
Ranger (LU)
Rogue (LU)
Samsari (Incarnate - The Last of the Lacers)
Savant (LU)
Scientist (LU)
Scholar (LU 3PP)
Scout (LU)
Sorcerer (LU)
Trooper (LU)
Vagabond (MHP)
Warden (MHP)
Warlock (LU)
Warmage (MHP)
Wielder (LU 3PP)
Witch (LU 3PP)
Wizard (LU)

Some of these obviously cover similar ground. I am in the process of determining if classes that are similar can or should be cut down or consolidated.

More information about any of these is available upon request.

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