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D&D General What Classes Would You Add to D&D?

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  1. Shifter. Druid + More Wildshapes - Spells
    • Like the Movie Druid
    • More Wildshapes, turning into no animals, shapeshifing into people
  2. Chosen. Warlock + More Invocations - Spell
    • Your Patron Gives you MUSCLES instead of spells
    • Think Captain America, Lady Thor, Shazam, He-Man, Warhammer's Grail Knights and Chaos Marines
  3. Arcanist/Warmage: Wizard + More Cantrips - Spells
    • Buff multiple Cantrips not just one
    • Great class for beginners
    • No resource management unless you spec into spells as a subclass
    • PEW PEW 5 different ways
That's along with the Duelist and Warlord.

I miss the psionic mystic and the "ardent", the psi-cousin of clerics and paladins.

I love the concept of the vestige binder.

Something like the shadowcaster, but elementalist, for all type of elements. But this can await.

"Nahualt", a primal defender focused into beast shapesifting.

I have thought about shaman like a merger of the vestige binder and the incarnum totemist.

An update of the martial adepts (crusader, warblade and swordsage) but with a simple and faster gameplay.

Something like a remake of the incarnum soulborn or incarnate, but more focused into some summoned allies or ectoplasmatic exosuits.

Duskblade, but more like a remake of the swordsage, using arcane maneuvers instead classic spells. It wouldn't be at-will catrips, but the reload should be fast and simple, maybe only a concentration check. Or dracolyte like an arcane fighter.

Slayer, like a remake of avenger class, a remake of assasin, mixture of stealth and divine power to terminate undead, infernal and other unholy monsters.

The factotum from Dungeonscape could be like a "choose a different subclass every day". It could be useful to playtest new classes with special game mechanics.

James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
Maybe shaman? But that could probably be a sub-class of druid. I dunno - I'd rather have fewer classes than more, TBH. Most of the suggestions seem like they could work just fine as sub-classes.
Maybe a variant Druid that strips out Wild Shape for Totem abilities like the Wolf Totem power of the Barbarian (that I've never seen taken over Bear, but seems pretty good).

Ah this thread again. Ok these are the ones I'd pick for a 'PHB 2'

  • Warlord - Support based martial.
  • Swordmage - Arcane half caster with an elemental theme. Spellstrike as main class feature.
  • Psion - Will points caster.
  • Pet Class - Pathfinder calls it the summoner, but that's a pretty bad name. Single pet, with different creature types being subclasses. Can also work as a mount if you go a particular route.
  • Artificer - Being in a PHB 2 means it actually gets support.
  • Maybe Shaman - I see tons of mentions of the class, but know almost nothing about it.

I find the number of classes to be very dependent on edition. 5E has a hard time justifying a new class, usually only to fit into a specific setting. Older editions tended to use new classes as a way to add new character concepts, which 5E just uses sub-classes for. The only one I feel that could be added (if they ever decided on how to work it mechanically) would be the Psion.
I feel this works in theory, but in practice 5e subclasses are such a tiny part of the power budget that they completely fail to scratch the same itch as when they were a full class.

Some classes are worse than others for this.

If subclasses were a big part of the mechanical identity, I wouldn't mind going down to just 3 or 4 classes.

I imagine the monster-trainer class with game mechanics of the incarnum.

And the warlord would be a martial adept with the maneuvers of the school of the white raven. Of course it would need a lot of playtesting because the effects could be radically different when it is a little group of heroes or an army in a mass battle.


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
this was mentioned in another thread recently so i have my list primed

dedicated shapeshifter/monster class
dedicated summoner/pet class

i wonder if you could eek out a ranged weapon focus 'sniper' class, like ranger is often assumed to be that but it doesn't really have a ton of tools to lean into the playstyle beyond a small handful of those ranged weapon based spells
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