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D&D General What Classes Would You Add to D&D?

Should we use the name "skinwalker" for the shapeshifter class? I would suggest the name nagual, based in Mesoamerican folklore but I doubt WotC accepted names too linked to regional cultures.

I would wellcome the return of the incarnum magic, but it would need a lot of work. I guess this should be designed by some 3PP, allowing more space and time to test.

Have you thought how would be the subclasses of the warlord class? and the subclasses for the truenamer?

The martial adepts could be right for campaigns based in Asian speculative fiction.

A monster-summoner class sounds really interesting and I would dare to say this option is in the list of future projects for after 2024, but it would need a lot of work. I would add some elements from magic of incarnum and vestige pact magic.

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I would ask what the base class gets before I look at the subclasses. How much healing should base class get? Some people like to suggest using hitdice as a pool, but I don't like that. I'm looking at shouts and warcrys. I would also like to see int vs cha at 1st lvl.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
EN Publishing did a Morph class a few years ago (reprinted in compilations) that was interesting. I'd love to see that upgraded as a Level Up class.

Both Paizo and Legendary Games created a Shifter class for PF1. The Shifter class had archetypes that would allow the PC to become a lycanthrope, a Plant Creature, an Ooze or even an Elemental.

Mind of tempest

(he/him)advocate for 5e psionics
Skinwalker as it refers to the Naagloshii of Navajo beliefs might be problematic to some. YMMV.
yeah that is known even to me across the sea from it, I do know continental Europe had tails of witches shape-shifting with the skins of beasts maybe that would be a better lead.


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
i would just name it shapeshifter, because 1) it doesn't bring any potential cultural baggage and 2) it's a more open-ended title letting the class abilities branch out into different directions more easily.

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