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I would love to hear all about your experiences leveling from (comparatively) low tiers to the realm of Sidereals. Not even here but maybe in like another thread. I love hearing about the player aspects of owning an Immortal character or running a party of them!

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i know, its just boring making npcs
i wish the IH made this just a little teeny weeny bit unique, like the omnific abilities not being in the book, but rather an agreed upon thing between the DM and the PC that gives an array of powers and kinda represents the past of the character in power form

Ex: A Time Lord that took their time growing in power, and making it so they cannot be permanently slain, and in the process becoming something like thermodynamics (the second law involves entropy), and simply waiting a few trillion years (thus cosmic entropy equals out all the energy in the universe) and then ascending to become a demiurge and speed up the heat death of the universe.

actually that sounds like a great idea and I make end up making that

Making any endgame monster over and over again would be super boring. And time consuming if you do it correctly with the right amount of stats and blah blah blah. Everything is obscenely hard to acquire. It takes, even in the sped up campaign I did like 20+ sessions. Making enemies though is more up to you as the DM at that point. And it would be nice to have a bestiary to point to that's past lvl 250. I tried to with my Cosmic Bestiary thing to some :):):):):) degree, but I think there's a lot to work with already. It's as simple as... Not using the freaking Time Lord as your only and basic go to. D100s are fun as are d20s and d10s when you make monsters with 20000 hd but more basic stats. Like massive living worlds and giant space Giants. Things with a million hd but maybe only a Billion Health and no real crazy powers just lobbing :):):):)ing proto planets and asteroids at people maybe it's made of strange matter or dark matter, maybe it's a being with infinite hd like *my* Infinitaur. Just saying. There's no reason to not have variety. You have infinitely more options now as all the other old base DND stuff is still available and usable as it's rooted in 3.5. it's just about using the tools available to tell, *the story* you want.


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One of the best things about the IH Bestiary was the variety in monsters and their ratings within the power scales: Abominable spawns of Strength gods, Liches that transcended mortal bodies entirely, Mind Flayers, a ton of crazy Dragons. There was a lot to unpack at most tiers of play. There's no reason that you should be locked into using one type of enemy at any given time, even if you're at the end of your rope hierarchy-wise.

Exactly. It's basically as simple as whatever feelings say, a Mind Flayer initially made you feel, you expand upon that. The cosmic feeling of existential terror a being like a Worldflayer Cogent would evoke. The horror of staring into the hundred eyes of the dreaded spawn of the stars Cthulhu. Etc.

Shatter the planes and see what's there but don't just ignore or dismiss the body of knowledge you can acquire just because there's something higher.

At a certain point, if you use 10 dimensions theory as a baseline, it's impossible to actually conceive of higher concepts intellectually.

Since this is a game format, however, things have stat blocks, but stats with no mind behind it, no point of reference for the player's to actually interact with, becomes simply statistical masturbation.

So, Thychen could have been highlord lvl ∞, but the point is for players to eventually, possibly, either become the Supreme Being, merge with it, or something along the lines. I already had Gamma, who, is in essence just a being from your Cosmos Apep, and the Guardians who remain statless but are even level with Thychen, but if every interaction was just some naughty word where the player's had no real power, they'd feel like plankton helplessly floating around on an ocean they can do nothing about.

To hell with that. D&D is supposed to be about changing the future or changing the world in your campaign and being inspired. Not just a sheer intellectual exercise.

I just think the majority of your work is unusable sadly, though I still really like Bythos and implemented it in my campaign, but you basically used the framework of everyone else's work to create it then claimed how easy and lame it is, but that's inherently flawed and frankly, pretty dumb.

Admittedly, for my Riem and Actoshen posts I borrowed mathematical underpinnings, but I at least honored the original writer of the first statted Time Lord, Avinion. Whom without we never would have even had a chance to explore this frame of mind.

I'm just saying. We like your work. I like your work. But you crap on everyone and everything. That's not cool and you look ignorant because you don't have an actual experiential pov.

You've never played a full on IH campaign from lvl 1- Timelord. Or even ar all probably. Never seen how it all works out ultimately. But you talk talk talk like you're the cock of the walk. I'm just saying. It doesn't look good and doesn't always work out. It's smug, and stupid. Blind. Sorry not sorry.

Hopefully wherever you end up, I hope it works out for you. Thanks for the superbeings.
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anyways yeah im apepsnake, new account, new pseudonym
whyd i leave? i actually dont know. tired i guess.
what have i been doing this entire time? lizard stuff. as in i have a bearded dragon and he is chill. also i write now. also constructing a pathfinder 1e setting but that hasnt been happening much.
will i ever make handbook stuff again? probably not. but you might eventually get the statblock of an outer god's avatar

anyways yeah im apepsnake, new account, new pseudonym
whyd i leave? i actually dont know. tired i guess.
what have i been doing this entire time? lizard stuff. as in i have a bearded dragon and he is chill. also i write now. also constructing a pathfinder 1e setting but that hasnt been happening much.
will i ever make handbook stuff again? probably not. but you might eventually get the statblock of an outer god's avatar
Cool, I hope you do, glad you're back Apep!

I absolutely love all of the creations you all have contributed. I am curious do you have stats for all of your aspects available .I love the three i have found. either way great work. And Thank You to all of the IHB legends.
Aww thanks, I do kind of, I have a lot written in notebooks. lol. Helpful I know. I can get some others stated out not on paper. I'd like to get Solarius and either Ko, Kassen, or Sercasembra made for you guys in digital format.

HASTUR, KING IN YELLOW | Great Old One, Time Lord Level Threat
Large Aberration (Extraplanar, Great Old One)
Hit Dice: 1,804d1,000 +550,000 x1,100 (2,589,400,000)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Superluminal (SoL x1 decadillion)
Armour Class: Perfect Defence ((1,804 Base +357 Anarchic +7,210 Natural)
Base Attack/Grapple: +852/+1041
Attack: Tentacle (1,100d1,000)
Full Attack: See Supradimensional
Space/Reach: 12 Ft/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, The Yellow Sign
Special Qualities: Great Old One Traits
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: Str 1,100 Dex 1,100 Con 1,100 Int 1,100 Wis 1,100 Cha 1,100
Skills: Omnicompetent (+975), Maven
Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave
Epic: Ether Goer
Divine: X-Ray Vision (penetrates all matter)
Cosmic: Abrogate, Alter Reality, Anaretic, Uncanny Atomic Mastery, Cosmic Serpent, Cosmic String (DR 357), Enlightened, Ensorcelled, Great Breath (quintessence uneeded), Uncanny Gravitic Mastery
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Uncanny Astro Mastery, Multidimensional x5, Natural Damage Induction, Paradox, Rectify, Transgenic, Transmute, Transversal
Omnific: Cosmic Nullification, Oblivion, Superior Dominance
Environment: Carcosa
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 2,755
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: 3,664

Upon stepping into the Great Hall of the castle of Carcosa, you spot a yellow robed figure standing peacefully. This Being, noted in the Necronomicon, is the "King in Yellow," The "Magnum Innominandum" or Great Unnameable, Hastur the Unspeakable, Him Who Is Not to be Named. No notable features are able to be found on his robes, a sickly, vomit yellow cloth covering all of his features.


Great Old One Traits: As one of the Great Old Ones, Hastur has a slew of immunities and powers at his beck and call.
Immunities: GOOs are immune to normal forms of damage (firearms, swords, etc), and are immune to all magic not of immense power, reflecting all damage they take from such effects onto foes. They are even immune to the heat of the interiors of stars and to the most intensely cold regions of the cosmos.
Interuniversal Travel: By either folding space, stepping through dimensional bounderies, or by flying through space trillions times faster than light, GOOs can reach any destination within the Multiverse within a minute
Abilities: Timelessness, Supradimensional, Unknowable, Three other abilities
Weaknesses: The Elder Sign, Unusual forms of attack (atomic, matter, neutronium)

Timelessness: As the Great Old Ones, at their core, are gross overexaggerations of dimensions and life, they are truely beyond time and fate. They can travel through time at will, and nullify abilities such as Inner Eye and Perfect Defence. They do not age and are unaffected by temportal effects, and are completely immune to effects that make something certain (scrying, true strike, ninth sense, etc). If killed another Hastur will come from the depths of the web of fate and either take his place or ressurect him.

Supradimensional: As Great Old Ones come from dimensions that genuinely can't be numbered, they're kinda off. They have a flat, unchangeable 80% chance to not take damage from any attack, and have such high dimensions that they bypass any effect such as Interdimensional or Undimensional. When they attack with physical weapons, roll a d100, the number rolled is how many attacks the GOO makes. Considering that they're practically omnipresent they are also practically omniscient, being able to take knowledge from all creatures in the inhabited universe at once.

Unknowable: GOOs are beyond the 1st-3rd dimensions to the point of leaving behind any semblance of sanity in their forms and minds behind. In order to even look at a GOO, you must either have immense mental stability and focus, magical protection, or already be insane; Scrying does not count as magical protection. Using telepathy on a GOO will instantly drive any who listen to insanity, and they cannot be predicted simply because they have searched through the many strands of fate and time any know exactly what you think they will do, thus granting immunity to Xth Sense and other prediction-related abilities.

Immunities: Hastur cannot be harmed by spells not of level 500+, by non-transcendental level materials, rather reflecting damage from these forms of attack onto foes. He cannot be harmed by temperatures as hot as the cores of stars or as cold as the Boomerang Nebula.

Weaknesses: Hastur cannot bear the presence of the star shaped Elder Sign, and will retreat from the battlefield. He can be banished by bringing together 100 Elder Signs scribed in purple ink and preforming a 1 hour ritual consuming all Elder Signs in a flash of purple flame and banishing the King in Yellow back to Carcosa in a flash of white light (Hastur is aware of the ritual beginning). He has a 50% weakness to atomic based attacks and attacks made using matter (think nuclear based weaponry) or with the uber-dense half-metal neutronium.

The Yellow Sign: Hastur's greatest weapon, wherever this mark is scribed, he is. He can see through the Yellow Sign, and use abilities and cast spells through the yellow sign. This means he could fight from millions of miles, even light years away, simply by casting spells through the Yellow Sign.

Unspeakable: Saying Hastur's name is enough to bring his attention to you. Say "Hastur" three times within a minute and he'll show up. This is also really fun for the DM when paired with the Yellow Sign simply because the mark will animate and come alive to do whatever Hastur's will deigns (roll d4 #2). Also here's a table for reactions to summoning.

d4- 1 through 3 means Hastur does not appear; 4 means he appears instantly, and to roll another d4

d4 #2- 1 is he kills the summoner, 2 is he appears but find nothing worth his intervention, 3 is he demands the reason he was summoned for and 4 is he instead trades places with the summoner, sending them to the maddening city of Carcosa

King in Yellow: Any who are known to Hastur and are wearing any shade of yellow, including gold, are immediately dominated by him; however those with naturally yellow or gold features such as eyes or skin are able to receive a 25% chance of resisting Hastur's will. Any who who are touched by Hastur or his robes must immediately preform one action as per the will of Hastur, or suffer instant destruction of 50% health.
I really love all your Lovecraftian horrors. They're honestly great.

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