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Just Things I've Made


First Post
First off, here's my former project: Bythos

Bythos, Depth and Profundity, the Secret Doctrine Incarnate

Poly Existential High Lord Decadecapentad (105)
Unsizeable Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 104,895d10,000 +252,523,525,525 x 10,000 (2,535,724,755,250,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Never fails, roll d20, higher score wins
Speed: Superluminal, Space Folding
Armour Class: 54,046 (1,579 +5,243 +21,000 +26,224)
Base Attack/Grapple: I'm pretty sure he would just win anyways, so.... Cannot Fail
Attack: Expression of Gnosis
Full Attack: I pretty sure all he has is Expression of Gnosis
Space/Reach: MUCH bigger than a universe/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Expression of Gnosis, Summon Neutronium Leviathan, Words of Chaos (hi beef)
Special Qualities: Divine Traits: High Lord 105, Divine Bonus, DR Infinite/-, Gnosis, SR 125,905/Spell Reflect,
Saves: Cannot fail
Abilities: All infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven
Feats: no
Epic: Are you kidding?
Divine: 41,979, all
Cosmic: 6,997, all
Transcendental: 1,166, all
Omnific: 194, still all
Metempiric: 32 to spend; Transcendental Nullification, Overwhelming Dominance, Akashic Redress, Invincible Shields, Infinity Eye, Metadimensional, Inexhaustible, Metaphysical, Eleventh Sense, Perfect Dominance, Overwhelming Toughness
Environment: Aravoth, the Tenth Dimension
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 175,802
Treasure: Nothing, it teleports back to him once he's fully recovered
Alignment: Beyond
Advancement: no, i don't want that
ECL: 210,920

A... thing is before you. A great starburst of light, blinding even to you, is about all in this place. Then the light intensifies; yet a new form, an unknown stanced and shaped form, is in the center of this golden white void. Like a great pillar, a column of being in this light, yet it seems as bright as the light, it can be made out despite such glorious, rapturous light. You entered the city of the greatest beings of the omniverse to find the one named Bythos, said to know all, yet you do not know who this one is. And in the light, a name appears, mental, physical, intangible: BYTHOS, DEPTH AND PROFUNDITY. This all permeating light is what you came for, it seems. "BUT THERE IS ONE THING I NEED FROM YOU" the light speaks, "I REQUIRE A TEST... A BATTLE TO PROVE YOUR WORTH, FOR THE KNOWLEDGE YOU WANT." The light intensifies a thousandfold, shattering into a million colours and at the center, that form still stands, at perfect as it is. Your strikes are anticipated, no, already known to the being. It stops your assault, it's preparing and it wants a fair fight... Now the time has come, and the figure stands from his throne, assumes a more battle suited stance, and spreads it's arms, and the Light spears you. The battle against the all-knowing has begun.

Bythos's manifestation is mostly just a mass of light, with a body in the center. The body has no defined features, and at the same time is humanoid and with other body structures, some totally alien.

Because of Gnosis, he knows every move that his opponents and allies will make, and he plans accordingly.

Akashic Redress: The target must make a save or be possessed by Bythos. His body dissapates, and he now controls the target. The save is a d20.

Overwhelming Dominance: Any being with less HD than Bythos automatically fails their saves.

Overwhelming Toughness: Infinite damage reduction, d10,000s, and a 10,000 HP multiplier

Transcendental Nullification: In combat, his enemies cannot use any transcendental abilities

Metadimensional: Now we're getting to the fun part. He multiplies each round. 2nd round he gets 2 'stations, 3rd 4, 4th 16, etc

Summon Neutronium Leviathan: 104,895d1,000 Neutronium Leviathans appear in the field and begin the slaughter of his opponents.

Alter Reality: As a swift action, duplicate any spell up to 16,234 level, a fireball does a ton of damage (104,895d10,000 pure divine)

Infinity Eye: he gets maximized die rolls, enemy gets minimized
now it gets overpowered on a whole new level

Words of Chaos:
Ain: This word can literally blow the minds out of things. It reduces their Int to 0, and kills them. N I C E M E M E
Bythos: His own name is a Word. Bythos grants omniscience (Gnosis), and with this the DM can rewind the entire fight and have the players do the same thing as they did, but Bythos can counter everything perfectly.
Ahg: This word weaves fate itself. This makes any action fail or succeed, not even the Supreme being can stop this.
Kith: This is the word of well, words. It deals an infinite amount of Divine Sonic damage, and bypasses immunities and resistances.

Gnosis: He gains all knowledge, in every timeline, every universe. He knows the tiniest things, and knows how everything plays out. He knows the weakness of any foe, and their strengths.

Expression of Gnosis: It's literally just infinite effect, but deals even more infinities worth of damage depending on the target's Int score and his own.

All those Time Lord abilities

i thought you would be better bythos. yet you have betrayed me.

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First Post

Galaxyform Old One Intelligibles, Masters of Immortality
Huge Outsider (Extraplanar, Intelligible)
Hit Dice: 201d100 x6 (120,600)
Initiative: +123
Speed: 535 ft
Armour Class: 566 (-2 size, +32 divine, +422 natural, +50 deflection, +64 luck, +32 Competence), touch 251, flat-footed 521
Base Attack/Grapple: +52/+54
Attack: 4 slams (80d10 +Quasaroid)
Full Attack: 24 slams and
10 tail slaps (80d10 +Galactic) and
2 bites (120d10)
Space/Reach: 15 ft/ 200 miles (1,056,000 ft)
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Cosmic Serpent, Divine Aura, Galactic, Portfolios, Quasaroid
Special Qualities: Neutral Messiah, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Firmament, Cosmic String, Damage Reduction 100/-, Gravity, Regeneration, Immunities, SR 243
Saves: Fort +54, Will +54, Ref +54
Abilities: Str 163 Dex 66 Con 97 Int 89 Wis 96 Cha 89
Skills: Omnicompetent
Feats: none
Epic: Ether Goer
Divine: Abnormality (extra arms, extra pair of tails, extra head), Adamantine body, Heavenly Body, Heavenly Spirit, Intellectual Body, Mercurial, Mime Ability, Precognition, Self Mastery,Seventh Sense, Third Eye, Two-Dimensional, Uncanny Cleave
Cosmic: Abrogate, Gestalt, Uncanny Gravitic Mastery, Hyperostosis,
Transcendental: Astro Hand
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 284
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Neutral
Advancement: Gargantuan 227 HD, Colossal 239 HD
ECL: 372

In the center of the Galaxy, you found a quasar. Inside that Quasar, a black hole. In that black hole, You have found a glory beyond words. A large creature is here, with pitch black skin dotted with points of colour; with two tails, four arms and two heads. Above it's head floats a translucent galaxy. All is calm.

In combat, Cosmocrats immediately attempt to use Astro Hand on the strongest looking target, and begin their turns with Gravitic Breath always,

Astro Hand: This touch attack has a 50% chance of instantly killing the target.

Uncanny Gravitic Mastery:
Hand/Immolation 4d10% damage
Beam/Breath 4d6% damage
Blast/Wrath 4d3% Damage
Blood/Storm/Strike 4d1% damage

Quasaroid: Cosmocrats dwell within their own personal quasars, and the quasars surround them always. This, this is the strongest of their powers, within 100 miles, anything near them dies unless they make a DC400 save and succeed. This can be turned off.

Gravity: Enemies are drawn towards Cosmocrats and broken down, traveling towards them at 500 ft every turn and taking d3% damage each turn.

Two Dimensional: 50% chance of not even taking damage

Adamantine Body: Treat opponent's natural armour bonus as if 20 points lower

Neutral Messiah: Any True Neutral opponents cannot harm the cosmocrat, willingly or unwillingly.

Cosmic Serpent: Touch attack turns people True Neutral

Portfolios: Cosmocrats all have Sun and Entropy as their portfolios.

Immunity to light and positive energy
Competence bonus equal to divine rank while bathed in sunlight
Summoned Light creatures have 50% more HD
They ignore turn resistance
Uncanny Positve Energy Mastery
Regeneration equal to half their HD while in sunlight
Light creatures with a lower divine rank cannot harm them
Dark based magic and effects do not work in their realms

Immunity to necromancy
Competence bonus equal to divine rank while in vacuum
Undead made/summoned have 50% more HD
Immunities are only 50% effective towards their necromancy
Uncanny Negative Energy Mastery
Half HD regeneration while in vacuum
50% chance of avoiding attacks
Temporal based abilities don't work in their realms

Spell-Like Abilities
At Will: Entropic Shield, Invisibility, Slow, Enervation, Waves of Fatigue, Anti-Life Shell, Waves of Exhaustion, Horrid Wilting, Wail of the Banshee, Endure Elements, Heat Metal, Searing Light, Fire Shield, Flame Strike, Fire Seeds, Sunbeam, Sunburst, Prismatic Sphere

hey, remember those spell-likes? well guess what, they aren't even useful
Alter Reality: once per round as free action duplicate any spell up to level 159

Divine Aura: 8,440 ft

Uncanny Positive Energy Mastery and UNEM

I had made intelligibles these wierd stretched out humanoid observer things who could freeze you within your own thoughts. I like the version you made, very very cool stuff.

Bythos is a pimp btw.


First Post
except bythos isn't actually cool. bythos literally has no significance in most campaigns whatsoever

for instance:

"While Floating in Aravoth, you out of nowhere are assaulted by what looks like a star with some dude in the middle. Roll for initiative"

compared to

"A massive beast stands before you, here, in the argent pinnacle. A horror of orange skin, eyes of a dragon, massive wings blotting out the normal skies of Aravoth, and jaws as if they would snap you in half. Roll!"

And the cosmocrats are just some guys that sleep 90% of the time. in black holes.


First Post
I'm thinking of something good. he gon have some new words of (instant murder and death)

for instance
dis bad boyo summons hundreds of anything with scales, grants an armour bonus equal to the speaker's HD, and can be used to attempt to attract a Muhlatimic dragon

Oh I totally disagree. I think Bythos is very campaign worthy. I think Bythos is a truly Kosmic threat;

Bythos attempting to take the Throne, the campaign revolves around characters being designed and created, born growing and developing with incredible blessings and power to ultimately be the heroes of Destiny, getting to level 70000 or higher to challenge Bythos and either drive him off off or witness the birth of a Kosmos. I like that better than facing the Fractal God, as The Fractal was already defeated and considerably weaker than Thychen.

Devil's Advocate.


First Post
here's a sneak peek into what i'm making right now

1,000,000,000 universe encompassing great wyrm x50 unknown muhlat.

i have only one word


That's awesome! I can't wait to see it. :)

I'm making the Infinitaur as well as the rest of the Akashic Aspects. I'm going to be posting Rei here soon. Should be pretty bad ass.

I'm really stoked about the beings your posting. Pretty awesome. I have a few more things in the works as well. Glad to see "The flame hasn't died out. We elect few keep it alive through the ages."

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