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First Post
Here's the first part of a new creation

Pronounciation: unknown
High Lord (Supreme Being)
Age: Unknown, Beyond Time
Aliases: Trigrammaton, Dragon Emperor, The Destructor, The Almighty, The All Encompassing, The One, The Ultimate Indivisible Unit, God
Allies: None
Dimension: All dimensions
Home Plane:
Alignment: Beyond
Portfolios: All

Trigrammaton is a omnipresent force, only his barest emanations can be witnessed by mortals, and even anything less than Sidereals. He has no legends directly surrounding him, but his emanations have distinct legends and personalities.

Trigrammaton has no personality. He lacks emotion. He is beyond mortal and immortal concepts. Sidereals only understand him as the weaver of fate. Eternals, however, he actually associates with. Abraxas (or Abracax) is actually a portion of him; as is Dabbat, and other beings.

Trigrammaton has no goals. He preserves the Great Wheel, and protects reality against monstrous beings of true and absolute nothingness (not Entropy, nor the negative dimensions).

He is enemy of Tetragrammaton. And many other beings. But he is arguably at the height of adoration in the eyes of all dragons.

He cannot die. He is not only eternal. He is infinite. Death means nothing to him.
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First Post
Manifestation of Trigrammaton
High Lord Trideacatridecatriad, Supreme Being (Divine Rank 66,600)
Unsizeable Omni-Existential Outsider (Extraplanar, basically every template)
Hit Dice: 332,667d10,000 +535,738,528,953,550 x10,000 (5.3574185562355e+18(Infinite)
Initiative: Cannot Fail
Speed: Space Folding
Armour Class: lets just say 1 million (Infinite)
Base Attack/Grapple:
Attack: Expression of Infinite Power
Full Attack: Expression of Infinite Power
Space/Reach: Infinite/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura
Special Qualities:
Saves: cannot fail
Abilities: All infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven, cannot fail
Feats: 2,397,600
Epic: 399,600
Divine: He gets 66,600 divine abilities.
Cosmic: 11,100
Transcendental: 1,850; Particularly Uncanny Astro Mastery and Uncanny Omega Mastery
Omnific: Lets just say 333 (actually 308 but he's the supreme being), Cosmic Nullification
Metempiric: 56 (actually 52); Uncanny Metempiric Mastery, Uncanny Infinite Mastery, Invincible Shields, Metaphysical, Metadimensional, Infinity Eye, Nexus of the Spheres, Inexhaustible, Eleventh Sense, Akashic Redress, Fate at my Fingertips
Environment: Aravoth, the 10th Dimension
Organization: Solitary, or with 100d1,000 Lipika and 10,000d100,000 Neutronium Leviathans, or with 10d100 Muhlatimic Dragons, Or with literally all of the above AND all of the Hechaloth (the angels and all that)
Challenge Rating: Challenge rating doesn't even matter at this point
Treasure: None
Alignment: Beyond
Advancement: uhhuh, no
ECL: This doesn't even matter at this point

Infinity is before you. The Gates of Aravoth were hard enough to pass, but now you have made it through GOD's palace to his very throne. He sits upon it, as calm as ever. Suddenly you are swept off your feet, thrown against the walls, the ceiling, the floor, everything. GOD knows that you've come here to steal his throne, and will send you burning to the depths of Hell for this. Prepare, and know that it cannot be done. The battle against the Omnipotent has begun.

Trigrammaton doesn't really have much of a manifestation.

Always use Astro Hand or Omega Hand, and considering he has that one ability that makes your reach equal your divine aura, and has an infinite size divine aura, he just does this always.
Lets cover the good :):):):) first

Fate at my Fingertips: He can affect fate throughout the omniverse. If he wants it done, only the Omega can reverse or stop it from happening. Basically, allow him to do whatever he wants, whenever.

Akashic Redress: Any creature that doesn't score a 20 on a d20 instantly is possessed by Trigrammaton

Uncanny Infinite Mastery: Infinite Damage, Infinite Range, No Save

Uncanny Metempiric Mastery
Beam: 332,667d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Blast: 166,334d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Blood: 83,167d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Breath: 332,667d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Hand: 665,334d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Immolation: 665,334d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Storm: 83,167d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Strike: 83,167d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save
Wrath: 166,334d10,000 divine damage, infinite range, no save

Expression of Infinite Power: Like Uncanny Infinite Mastery, but the more infinite abilities the target has, the more infinite damage

Uncanny Akashic Mastery
Delete 8316 divine ranks (loose 42 universes), no save, infinite range

Astro Effect: Roll four times for below
Hand/Immolation: 50% chance
Beam/Breath: 25% chance
Blast/Wrath: 12.5% chance
Blood/Storm/Strike: 5% chance

Uncanny Omega Mastery: literally :):):):)ing delete hit dice.
Beam: 332,667 HD
Blast: 166,334 HD
Blood: 83,167 HD
Breath: 332,667 HD
Hand: 665,334 HD
Immolation: 665,334 HD
Storm: 83,167 HD
Strike: 83,167 HD
Wrath: 166,334 HD

Flesh Transcendence: He can walk through people and do 166,334d10,000 divine lightening damage, his touch attacks deal an extra 332,667d10,000 divine lightening damage

Abrogate: He nullifies his opponent's strongest ability

Invincible Shields: His shields stop all damage other than another's metempiric effect

Metaphysical: He cannot die

Metadimensional: he multiplies each round (1, 2, 4, etc)

Inexhaustible: He has both Indissoluble and Omnific Toughness

Overwhelming Toughness: He has d10,000s for HD and a 10,000 health multiplier

Infinity Eye: He always rolls maximum (4 for d4, 20 for d20, 100 for d100), and enemies always roll minimum (1)

Eleventh Sense: He knows all threats to him, and the entirety of omniversal time

Nexus of the Spheres: Everything takes d10,000 damage

Cosmic Nullification: He nullifies abrogate.

Infinite Ability Scores: He does infinite damage when attacking physically, cannot be hit, has infinite health, and idk what infinite int/wis/cha does. His infinite damage is stopped by infinite health, his infinite health is stopped by infinite damage, and his infinite dodge speed is stopped by infinite attack speed

Absolute: he gets more divine bonuses the more deities are in his aura

Undimensional: 5% chance of taking damage

Neutronium Body: this isn't useful

Learned Opponent Immunity: He can only be attacked for one round. Omnidimensional and Metadimensional counter this

Indissoluble: he has infinite fast healing, he regenerates instantly next round

Oblivion: Everything he does is permanent

Omneity: He has every portfolio (double)

Omniparity: he has 332,667 levels in every class

Omnipersonal: Every enemy in his divine aura takes the ammount of damage he takes

Omnipresent: His divine aura extends from one edge of the universe to the other, this applies to Aravoth as well (he IS the Supreme)

Omnispective: he sees everything perfectly. nullifies neulous and interdimensional, but not undimensional.

Omniversal: Every enemy in his divine aura is attacked

Superior Dominance: enemies with 2/3 his HD always fail saves


First Post
i have new rules for the divine ability vicissitude

1: another deity, equal rank; make an entirely new deity, or choose another deity. if the alter-ego deity is permanently slain, allow for a new alter-ego to be born

2: lower rank; essentially just above

3: higher rank; this is the more explanative part: you make an entirely new deity, but it is so powerful compared to the original (the one with vicissitude) that it usually isn't even aware of the deity's allies or enemies


Gd! I really like it. Trigrammaton is terrifying.

I think the initial legend bit is a great way to present as of now more formless 'all father' types like Gamma. I think i may use Bythos as a template or scaffolding for Anti-Thychen, with your blessing of course.

Regarding vicissitude, so you're saying if someone with vicissitude dies they thereafter become their alter? I think that could work but as a last ditch type shtick. Like they get om nommed by a Sidereal and they're totally fubar. They've had thier quintessence drained, their theoretically dead...


They come back to life as their alter and their other form is for all intents and purposes dead but could, perhaps, be brought back from the dead if your dm is nice.

I usually allow players to play their avatars or aspects if they die and can gain their power back if 'circumstances' are met lol.


First Post
go ahead, i don't care

also i figured out how Akashic effect works

and how overpowered Akashic strike is (you usually get to attack like 1000 times as a time lord)

i should make a Statblock for myself

also do you got a link to the certain ability called "Alpha [Effect]"?


First Post
Muhlatimic Dragons. He can pretty much just say "hey go literally rape that guy over there" and then they just spam their breath on that guy over there


First Post
Macro-Gargantuan Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 320d1000 +777,777 x2
Armour Class:
Base Attack/Grapple:
Attack: Touch (640d100 positive energy damage)
Full Attack: 7 Touches
Space/Reach: 72 squares/Infinite
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities:
Saves: cannot fail
Divine: Animus, Bane Guard, Cunning Body, Divine Storm, Heavenly Body, Fire Absorption, Fire Blood, Intellectual Body, Obviate, Perfect Aura, Positive Energy Breath, Thieving Wrath, Third Eye, X-Ray Vision
Cosmic: Abrogate, Axiomatic (Law) Messiah, Atomic Ray, Cosmic Serpent (LE), Doombringer, Great Breath, Hyperostosis, Innocence, Martyrdom, Perfect Summoning, Pugnacious, Sanctity, Shroud of Death
Transcendental: Astro Beam, Alpha Beam, Lord of Flames, Omega Beam, Orichalcum Body, Transcendental Breath,Transilient Fort/Ref/Will, Transversal
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary or (1/20) Heavenly Host (Yao and 7 Seraphim)
Challenge Rating: 741
Alignment: Lawful Evil

A towering robed creature roars in fury that seems... rather unlimited. Out of the constant sounds, you can make out few, but some, words "I AM the LORD thy GOD." It's snaking, well, snake heads jaws open and snap shut; while multiple pairs of flaming wings spread behind it. Massive claws like the feet of a bird shred the air itself into millions of ribbons. The heat is unbearible. "Burn in MINE Holy Fires, Ye heretical fiends!"

Yao's preferred form is that of a flaming, angelic reptilian humanoid with seven serpent's heads, complete with claws and wings made entirely of dancing curtains of flame. His true form is a massive serpent made of light and flame wit the head of a lion.

Tactics: Immediately target the farthest away(or strongest) target with Astro Beam, unleash his positive energy breath on any undead or those weak to it.

Angelic Traits (First Choir)
Clairaudience/clairvoyance over the entire universe, as well as darkvision and low-light vision
Immunities: Ability damage or drain, acid, cold, disease, electricity, energy drain, fire, paralysis, petrification, poison, sleep, stunning and death from massive damage. They are immune to non-epic magic and all abjuration, conjuration, enchantment, illusion, necromantic and transmutation magic.

Breath of God: One of seven heads may unleash a breath (line) dealing 160d1000 divine fire damage

Divine Fire: Anyone touched by, or touching Yao suffers divine fire damage equal to the base HD of the attack

Ray of False Redemption: A ray attack that functions pretty much exactly like a Seraph's, but converts the target to LE

Regeneration: Yao takes damage from weapons that are Good aligned, and from Evil descriptor spells and effects

Spells: As seraph

Fiery Visage: As Seraph's Splendrous Visage

Summon Angel: Summon a seraph or two cherubim

Lord of Flames: Basically, think akalich but fire and positive energy instead of cold and negative.

Bright Aura: Yao cannot even be seen because of the immense about of heat and photons he ejects from his form. Every creature within 12,000 ft is blinded, effected by symbol of death(no HP limit). All creatures must make a fort saving throw (DC 524)

Immunity to Magic: as akalich, but Darkness works as Shatter

Omega Beam: Delete 80 HD

Astro Beam: 1/4 chance of instant death

Alpha Beam: 80d6% of HP in permanant damage, age 20 years, 80d1000 XP and 80d100 Quintessence

Atomic Beam: 160d4 force damage, 160d6 disintegration, 80d6 fire, 80 points ability damage, and whatever level of wind strength goes here

Positive Energy Breath: 80d4 positive energy, 80d8 to undead and 80d12 to those vulnerable to sunlight

Fire Blood: 20d4 fire damage to those attacking (from close range)

Thieving Wrath: 40d1000 units of wealth stolen from target

Divine Storm: 20d3 divine damage

wow hes bad. old testament needs to step up it's game


First Post
well i did go off of the old testament, where YHWH:
supports slavery
advocates for destruction of different cultures and religions
"steels the will" of Pharaoh in the Moses story
murders children
literally says rape is ok as long as it's not a jew
no homo or face THE STONE
kill anyone that doesn't refer to him as Adonai ("My Lord")
destroy two entire cities because a small group of nobles attempted to rape two angels specifically sent down to have that happen
says that, in his words, creates "both good and evil"

plus i put in the gnostic demiurge so he's even more spiteful than old testament god (at least new testament isn't really in the new testament)


First Post
Manifestation of Apsu
Elder One of Fertility, Seas and Madness
Colossal Outsider (Chaotic, Extraplanar, Evil, Obyrith)
Hit Dice: 159d100 +8,214 x4 (96,456)
Initiative: +54
Speed: 450 in all forms, Supersonic in water
Armour Class: 171 (+24 Deflection, +24 Divine, +40 Natural), touch 5, cannot be flat footed
Base Attack/Grapple: +59/+68
Attack: Slam (8d8+4d8 cold and 2d8 positive energy)
Full Attack: 5 slams
Space/Reach: 75 ft/line of sight (cosmic conciousness)
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Portfolios
Special Qualities: Cosmic Conciousness,
Saves: Fort +60 Ref +56 Will +60
Abilities: Str 92 Dex 85 Con 92 Int 99 Wis 61 Cha 92
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven, +24 Divine
Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave
Epic: Divine Retribution, Ether Goer, Etheric Double, Etheric Vision
Divine: Intellectual Body, Perfect Aura, Profane Body, Regeneration
Cosmic: Degeneration, Extra Portfolio, Great Breath, Uncanny Writhing Effect
Transcendental: Transcendental Goetia, Transcendental Hand, Transversal
Environment: Gaping Maw, Abyss or Any
Organization: Solitary, or Harem (Apsu and multiple female demons)
Challenge Rating: 265
Treasure: Crown of Apsu, Cloak of Rays
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
ECL: 370

Rising from the depths is a towering figure of scale and crashing waves, seemingly made entirely of water. It's totally nude countenence *definitely* gives away that it is male (and huge down there), though it seems more willing to reduce everything to gibbering messes than quivering messes. A woman's voice, rather ironically, is quite calm and intelligible, mostly speaking about "Suckling on the Teat of Destiny" and other things basically along those lines. Most of it's body seems silhouetted by what appears to be a miniature sun behind it. Atop it's reptilian head rests a crown looking somewhat like a behive mixed with a waterfall-esque shape, obviously supporting a woman in the nude, a small statue of a beautiful woman in a rather sexual position, looking ever so slightly closer reveals that the woman is in fact a statue of a succubus. He nearly steps on you in his, more or less, drunken stupor. It notices you, and attempts to crush you. Get ready for the fight of a lifetime, if you weren't immortal, that is.

Apsu's manifestation is a 100 ft tall, well hung reptilian humanoid made entirely out of Abyssal water, weighing 2500 lbs. (3000 without weight changes)

In combat, Apsu prefers the immediate use of Ultima Hand on basically anything he thinks will die the quickest.

Uncanny Withering Mastery
Beam: 159d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Blast: 80d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Blood: 40d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Breath: 159d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Hand: 239d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Immolation: 239d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Storm: 40d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Strike: 40d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds
Wrath: 80d6 divine, repeated 24 rounds

Transcendental Hand: 79d100 divine damage

Transcendental Goetia: "Can Summon 1 CR of beings for every 1000 damage taken, up to double Syno’s HD. These Can anything including Entities, Mega Sized creatures, Cosmic Beings, and Adamic Dragons, they cannot be Transcendent beings, Demiurges, or Nehaschimic Dragons" yeah that's fun

Degeneration: all opponents loose 80 health/round

Portfolios: Apsu gets these abilities from his portfolios
Fertile Loins: each time he nut in someone they get preggy
Undead Vulnerability: takes 50% extra damage from the undead
Disease Immunity: he already gets this
Scion of Life: competence bonus equal to DR against undead
Improved Summoning: living creatures summoned get 50% more HD
Rapid Rejuvenation: regen one DS higher
Uncanny Con Withering: not putting this here
Sexual Healing: regen as long as the nut busted was in someone
Fertility Messiah: Females cannot harm Apsu as long as they are of lower DR
Lemming's Wisdom: already in the statblock
Shaky Morale: no morale bonus
Shield of Madness: cannot be effected by mind effecting stuff
Scion of Madness: competence bonus equal to DR against those with lower Wis
Improved Summoning: abberations have 50% more HD
Uncanny Wis Withering: not here
Insane Soul: sit there and do nothing for more regen
Starstruck: he pseudonatural now
Hostile Environment: no arid/fire place
Fire Vulnerability: 50% more fire damage tooken
Aquatic: he aquatic now
Scion of the Sea: competence bonus in water
Improved Summoning: aquatic creatures get 50% more HD
Divine Cold: cold damage now 50% divine
Uncanny Cold Mastery: no
Aquatic Regeneration: half HD regen in water
Aquatic Messiah: no aquatics hurt him

Crown of Apsu: this really has no noticeable effect, but dragons, aquatic creatures, living creatures and abberations of lower divine rank are automatically allies

Cloak of Rays: this bumps his speed up to Superluminal and gives an extra 100 divine bonus to armour class

neither of the artifacts are actually in his statblock tho

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