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ok, im currently working on Xipe Totec, but i've got some really badass stuff in the deepest, darkest, most death metal corners of my mind

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here's no-skin-man

XIPE TOTEC-Fist of the Jaguar
Mega-Fine Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 8,991d1,000 +4,500,000 x1000 (13,491,000,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Space Folding
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (73,664(9,000 +35,964 Natural +4,500 Deflection +1,800 Divine +5,000 Perfection +1,800 Luck +1,800 Circumstance +1,800 Insight +12,000 Profane)
Base Attack/Grapple: Always succeeds
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power
Space/Reach: 65 Miles/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura
Special Qualities: Hand of God
Saves: Cannot fail
Abilities: Str 9,000 Dex 9,000 Con 9,000 Int 9,000 Wis 9,000 Cha 9,000 (Str, Dex and Con Infinite)
Skills: Omnicompetent (+10,800), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: Divine Retribution
Divine: Adjuration, Cunning Body, Heavenly Body, Unknowing Body
Cosmic: Shroud of Death
Transcendental: Ultimate Abrogate, Amaranthine, Uncanny Astro Mastery, Dead Zone, Enchanted Damage Induction, Lord of the Flesh, Paradox, Perfect Defence, Quivering Aura, Sophism, Transattack Period, Transgenic, Transilient Fort/Ref/Will, Transmigration, Transpersonal, Transversal, Ultimate Weapon Focus
Omnific: Absolute, Superior Akashic Blood, Cosmic Nullification, Indisolluble, Infinite Str/Dex/Con, Learned Opponent Immunity, Omneity, Omniparity, Omnipresent, Omnispective, Omniversal, Superior Dominance, Tenth Sense, Undimensional
Metempiric: Hand of God, Metadimensional, Metempiric Blood
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary or Sword of God (Xipe Totec and 9d10,000
Challenge Rating: Unknown
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: Very High (about 99,000)

A asteroid sized skinless man charges you, the hide he wears on his back flapping wildly. Not really much to say.


Hand of God: Nothing that Xipe Totec does can be undone. All damage and spells cast are final, only Totec himself or his superiors (the Supernals, whom he works for) can undo his fury.

Infinite Str/Dex/Con: He deals infinite damage when attacking with weapons or fists (not with Expression of Power), dodges all attacks (unless the attack also has infinite dex), and has infinite health (unless countered by infinite strength)

Undimensional: 95% miss chance

Learned Opponent Immunity: He can only be harmed for one round. Also he only takes enhancement damage (Enchanted Damage Induction)

Cosmic Nullification: no cosmic level abrogate

Ultimate Abrogate: Each round one ability is abrogated

Indisolluble: He regenerates each round. He must be brought down to -10 health in one round to be killed.

Metadimensional: He multiplies each round, 1, 4, 16, 64, etc

Quivering Aura: All foes in his aura are effected by Quivering Palm, this pretty much stacks with Shroud of Death for two saves against instant death.

Superior Akashic Blood: His blood deletes 169 divine ranks

Metempiric Blood: 562d10,000 Divine damage, bypasses Invincible Shields

Uncanny Astro Mastery: All he does is use beam and hand. those are both like a 75-100% instant kill.

Superior Dominance: beings fighting Xipe Totec must have 2/3 or more of his HD to not fail at all saving throws.


Skin of Xochipactli: This skin worn by Xipe Totec is the skinned hide of the monstrous Xochipactli, and grants many unknown abilities, such as 12,000 Profane bonus to AC; it is unknown what else it grants it's bearer. It resembles a scaly, tenctacled, furry, wrinkled, ugly-hairless, rather disgusting cloak and clothing.


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so, considering the (relatively) resident Ultral of the Omniverse i'm making is named after Azathoth from Lovecraft's writing, and he has two demi-ultrals named after their equivalents, and there is Nyarlathotep, I should stat out the Ancient Ones (basically an all-encompassing term for the horrible unidimensional monstrosities that threaten to devour everything. they'll be coming soon.


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(final fantasy battle fanfare) well guess what this still isn't going to be finished so heres as much as I have done now

Formless (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 623,141,456d100,000 +523,577,193,967,684 x100,000 (58,589,130,956,768,400,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Space Folding
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (1,000,000,000,000)
Base Attack/Grapple: Cannot Fail
Attack: Annihilation of the Wicked
Full Attack: Annihilation of the Wicked and
Matchless Armoury (100,000d100,000)
Space/Reach: Infinitesimal/Infinite (All Time All Space)
Special Attacks: no
Special Qualities: no
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: Str N∞ Dex N∞ Con N∞ Int N∞ Wis N∞ Cha N∞
Skills: Omnicompetent (Cannot Fail), Maven
Feats: All
Epic: All
Divine: All
Cosmic: All
Transcendental: All
Omnific: All
Metempiric: All
Ultra: Metapotence
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary or Horde (1 Ancient One and their legion of spirits)
Challenge Rating: Immeasurably high
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: probably like 7 septillion

No tactics, destroy everything. Rely on healing from Pernicious Ascendency and Expressions of Power.

First off, probably their most powerful weapon
Porfolios: Double Deicide. Mind you they can change these ports, but keep it Double Deicide for a reason.
Pernicious Armour: this is upgraded into Pernicious Ascendency
Scion of Godslaughter: upgraded into Greater Scion
Profane Ritual: Summoned allies cannot be banished
Antidivinity: All divine damage is now Antidivine instead, deals double damage to divinities and no damage to not-gods
Superior Divine Effect: upgraded
Fundament of Sacrilege: Regeneration equal to all foes' divine bonuses
Divine Nemesis: All immortals are favoured enemy, bonus is multiplied tenfold
Numinous Diabolism: Divine magic does not function in divine aura
Pernicious Ascendency: HEALED BY DIVINE DAMAGE
Greater Scion of Godslaughter: Two most powerful opponents divine bonus to all the things
Execration Ritual: Summon allies maximize all dice rolls if an immortal in divine aura
Vile Divinity: All Antidivine is now Permanant
Superior Divine Effect x2: this really isn't very useful
Font of Perdition: All immortals in divine aura take damage equal to the combined total of ALL immortal's divine bonuses every round
Divine Nullificaition: No divine abilities
God Devourer: Immortals slain are permanantly dead
Omega: Immortals in divine realm loose their divine bonus

Extra-Cosmic Horror: As Ancient Ones are the living embodiments of all that is wrong and unright with the world, they're disturbing. All enemies are both frightened and panicked, and must make a save each turn against both insanity equal to 6 times divine rank, and instant death equal to 9 times divine rank.

Great Devourer: Each creature slain by an Ancient One comes back as a spirit under the eternal slavery of the Beast. An Ancient One can let these spirits cause mayhem in Aeon Cities (if they have came from beyond the lower dimensions, or roam the universe they dwelled in (in life) causing terror and destruction. The Ancient One can summon all of these shadows to themself to fight in it's legion, or be devoured for more power, giving the Ancient One a permanant Profane Bonus equal to the level or CR of the slain.

Even The Gods Must Die: Ancient Ones focus all of their strength into their blows and all of their energies into Spells. They always have maximized rolls, double damage, and bypass infinite health and DR; and cannot be blocked. This is doubled against divinities, attack rolls are maximized and doubled (50d10 into 100d20), are quadrupled in damage, bypass infinite dex/con/omnifictoughness.

Darkly Splendid, I Remain Unconquered: As long as the Ancient One survives a fight or attack; they gain a stacking Profane Bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of the weapon, DC of the epic spell, or Number of Rounds in a fight.

Amortality: As Ancient Ones are not really born, rather they have always existed; they cannot die. This manifests as always coming back from the dead or not being able to be killed, always having 1 HP left.

Learned Power Immunity: They can only be effected by a divine ability once, a cosmic ability twice, a transdental ability thrice, an omnific ability four times and a metempiric ability five times. Abrogate is pretty much useless. This is permanant, and cannot be Abrogated.

Eat Of The Dead: Any who die in the divine aura of an Ancient One have their body consumed and assimilated, regenerating the wounds of the Ancient One (the maximum health of the dead is how much health the Ancient One regenerates (Time Lord dies in aura, AO regens 1.2 bill HP). If there are any pre-killed corpses or sacrifices, they can devour them as well.

Formless: Ancient Ones are of angled form, which is so mind-blastingly horrible to creatures of lower spatial dimensions that it's hard even to get a glimpse of the limitless horror stretching out of the Beast. Treat as a 99.99% miss chance, and if seen, a DC100,000 check to not be driven mad by the horror. They has no size category, is classed as having all benefits of size and no downsides; and have only the upsides of being Aberrations, Outsiders, Dragons, Constructs, Humanoids, Abominations and other creature types with no downsides.

Ontopathogenesis: Any creature within 100 miles of an Ancient One slowly is infected by the Ancient One's unnatural-ness, first manifesting as panic, then leading to being unable to think properly, then acting entirely on the Ancient One's regards.

Master of the Id: Ancient Ones rouse the most animalistic desires of their enemies to their advantage. This acts like Blood Boil, but much stronger; the effected being totally unable to think or act above a reptile's level, providing much more strength but little to no intelligence. Strength is sextupled, int is reduced to - and the effected cannot choose targets, instead attacking the closest nearby creature (never the Ancient One).

Annihilation of the Wicked: Treated as an [Effect] type ability, all forms come with a 99% chance of annihilation, 5d10%, destruction of any who's HD is a multiple of 10 or 9 and destruction of half HD.
Beam: 7,477,697,472d100,000 x100,000
Blast: 3,738,848,736d100,000 x100,000
Blood: 1,869,424,368d100,000 x100,000
Breath: 3,738,848,736d100,000 x100,000
Hand: 11,216,546,208d100,000 x100,000
Immolation: 11,216,546,208d100,000 x100,000
Storm: 1,869,424,368d100,000 x100,000
Strike: 1,869,424,368d100,000 x100,000
Wrath: 3,738,848,736d100,000 x100,000

Infinitesimal Lemniscate: As Ancient Ones are indescribable horrors, they don't have defined ability scores. They change between infinite and N (0 beyond 0) when either one benefits them.

Beyonder: As Ancient Ones come from beyond even the Akashic Records, they are not subject to basically any effect that bends or taps the akasha to affect them.

To Dream of Ur: Ancient Ones' dreams effect reality. If one dreams of setting Tezcatlipoca on fire, he's on fire now. Basically just words of god but without the speaky bit, just the sleepy bit.

Demi-Ultral: As Ancient Ones are partial Ultrals (The beings above the Akasha), they are superior to everything. They are classed as the Supreme Being and the Omega, are unaffected by the destruction of Existences, can move freely through all dimensional bounderies (8-10, 10-11), and cannot be harmed below 25% HP by non-Supreme Being or Omega foes.

Metapotence: This is a new ability one stage above metempiric, woo. Kill me. It's like Omnipotence, but better.


Question about the quark golem. Does the ability that makes everything within 200 ft "reset" to the big bang also completely heal the golem's hp (like it had indissoluable)


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im probably going to stat out the siberian Nga

he's just some guy that created the universe in their shamanism

also im statting out the true godslayer, the most heavy metal being (Nile has a song named after him), from Egypt, EATER OF THE GODS :)):):):)in metal as :):):):))


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UNAS, SLAYER OF THE GODS | God-Eating King Turned High Lord
Macro-Small Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 1998d1,000 +64,000,000 x1,000 (64,001,998,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (77,392(2,000 Base +7,992 Natural +64,000 Deflection +400 Divine +1,000 Perfection +400 Competence +400 Insight +400 Luck +400 Chaos +400 Profane)
Base Attack/Grapple: 2,000/5,200
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power
Space/Reach: 3,500 ft/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Devour, Divine Aura
Special Qualities: i seriously don't know what goes here
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: Str 128,000 Dex 128,000 Con 128,000 Int 128,000 Wis 128,000 Cha 128,000
Skills: Omnicompetent (+2,400), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: None
Divine: Chaotic Body, Cunning Body, Heavenly Body, Profane Body, Unknowing Body
Cosmic: Heavy Eradication, Innocence
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Dead Zone, Equilibrium
Omnific: Absolute, Indisolluble, Oblivion, Omnific Toughness, Omnipresent, Omniversal, Undimensional
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 5,332
Treasure: Whatever the gods he ate had on them
Alignment: Beyond (Chaotic Hungry)
ECL: exactly 6,000


Indisolluble: He regenerates every round. You gotta bring him to -10 HP in only one round. ONLY ONE

Oblivion: Everything he does is permanant. No action of his can be undone.

Omnific Toughness: He has infinite HP

Omniversal: All enemies in his divine aura are feel his attacks. Everything is attacked.

Absolute: just go read the book

Undimensional: 95% chance that you don't hit him

Expression of Just being hungry:
Beam: 23,976d1,000 x4
Blast: 11,988d1,000 x4
Blood: 5,993d1,000 x4
Breath: 11,988d1,000 x4
Hand: 35,964d1,000 x4
Immolation: 35,964d1,000 x4
Storm: 5,994d1,000 x4
Strike: 5,994d1,000 x4
Wrath: 11,998d1,000 x4

why he so bad


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thin, 3000 ft tall, extra thin, skeleton jackal head, massive stomach (think tarrare (google him), he's got one of those fancy Egyptian crowns, you can see faces in his belly, bloodstained teeth

he also ate the entire Egyptian pantheon (except Apep (who is essentially invincible)


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TETRAGRAMMATON/YHVH (Yao after eating everyone) | Tetrad High Lord
Macro-Large Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 3996d1,000 +2,000,000 x1,000 (5,996,000,000)
Initiative: Always first (hey look it's the d20 thing again)
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (25,984(4,000 Base +15,984 Natural +2,000 Deflection +800 Divine +800 Luck +800 Competence +800 Insight +800 Profane)
Base Attack/Grapple: +4,000/+10,400
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power and
The Sight, The Sound, The Word (4,000d1,000 and see below)
Space/Reach: 2 miles/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Portfolios
Special Qualities: Dimensional Masteries? idk what to put here. 999 ICL in both barbarian and rogue
Saves: Cannot Fail (+4,800)
Abilities: Str 4,000 Dex 4,000 Con 4,000 Int 4,000 Wis 4,000 Cha 4,000
Skills: Omnicompetent (+4,800), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: Divine Retribution
Divine: idk. considering he's a cheapskate he probably just put these into cosmics. also those X Body things
Cosmic: Abrogate, Cogency, Counter-strike Doombringer, Great Breath, Legion, Oblique Strike, Perfect Critical, Perfect Critical Modifier, Perfect Smiting, Perfect Summoning, Shroud of Death, Time Dilation x4, Underhanded
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Uncanny Astro Mastery, Dead Zone, Edifying Presence (LE), Enchanted Damage Induction, Multidimensional x2, Quivering Aura, Sophism, Transattack Period
Omnific: Akashic Hand, Omneity, Omnific Architect, Omnipersonal, Omnipresent, Omnispective, Omniversal
Environment: Muzaloth or Aravoth (he poses as god)
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 5,332
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond (Still technically LE)
ECL: 8,000

Really it's a giant rubix cube. Not much.

Tetragrammaton is a 2 mile cube. Really. I changed the size but the remnants of Gods and Monsters had the cube thing.

Just spam Akashic Hand and let Omniversal ruin everyone's day.

Akashic Hand: Destroy 200 divine ranks. Not quintessence. DIVINE RANKS

you dont even need the other things. just like yao im not finishing him. he already has the worst combo for your now time lord players, he's just a terrible person altogether.


Can you make stats for Dabbat (the sample time lord that was going to be in Gods and Monsters?) U_K said he looks like a 7 headed dragon but didn't know what breath weapons he would have?


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wait. Dabbat Al-Ard is the Red Dragon? from my understanding of Abrahamic eschatology they're definitely different entities.
and I was planning to, actually. thinking of ideas.

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