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I just took this straight from Wikipedia, but's it's accurate to what the image (from the actual koran) depicts

[Ibn Jurayj reported that Ibn al-Zubayr described the beast and said, "Its head is like the head of a bull, its eyes are like the eyes of a pig, its ears are like the ears of an elephant, its horns are like the horns of a stag, its neck is like the neck of an ostrich, its chest is like the chest of a lion, its color is like the colour of a tiger, its haunches are like the haunches of a cat, its tail is like the tail of a ram, and its legs are like the legs of a camel. Between each pair of its joints is a distance of twelve cubits."]

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APOCALYPTIC BEAST (or Dabbat Al-Ard) | Time Lord
Macro-Titanic Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 999d1,000 +500,000 x1,000 (1,499,000,000)
Initiative: Always First (d20 thing again)
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (6,496(1,000 Base +3996 Natural +500 Deflection +200 Divine +200 Circumstance +200 Luck +200 Competence +200 Insight)
Base Attack/Grapple: +1,000/+2,600
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power and Akashic Breath and
Claw (1,000d1,000 plus Astro Strike and Doombringer)
Space/Reach: 36 Miles/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Portfolios
Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 2,000,000
Saves: Cannot Fail (+1,200)
Abilities: Str 1,000 Dex 1,000 Con 1,000 Int 1,000 Wis 1,000 Cha 1,000
Skills: Omnicompetent (+1,200), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: None
Divine: Cunning Body, Heavenly Body, Intellectual Body, Unknowing Body
Cosmic: Abrogate, Doombringer, Uncanny Gravitic Mastery, Innocence, Learned Ability Immunity, Oblique Strike, Pugnacious, Slipstream, Time Dilation x2
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Dead Zone, Enchanted Damage Induction, Interdimensional, Learned Weapon Immunity, Multidimensional x3, Paradox, Rectify, Sophism, Transattack Period, Transgenic
Omnific: Akashic Breath, Cosmic Nullification, Indisolluble, Learned Weapon Immunity, Omnipresent
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 1,000
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond

Like a flash of red lightening, the beast has arrived. One head, with two horns and the largest crown, high and haughty Pride rises up first to survey the area around the crator it's left. Then comes Wrath, with only one horn this time, then all the other sins of mortalkind. A massive pair of seemingly endless wings suddenly stretch out from the ground. Then legs lift the Beast from the ground. It's massive. It stretches across your horizon with no effort whatsoever, flying right at you.

Dabbat Al-Ard is a massive red dragon with seven heads, with number of horns ranging from one to two and all crowned; a massive body, scales bearing the names of all who've sinned.

Use Akashic/Astro Breath on any who come too close, while supplementing breath weapons with Expressions of Power and swipes with his claws.

Akashic Breath: Cone, destroy 24 divine ranks, Infinite Range. When used, it resembles a massive blast of white-gold quintessence and black-silver antiquintessence wrapped together in the vague form of a dragon.

Uncanny Astro Mastery: Roll four times
Beam: 1/4
Blast: 1/8
Blood: 1/20
Breath: 1/4
Hand: 1/2
Immolation: 1/2
Storm: 1/20
Strike: 1/20
Wrath: 1/8

Transgenic: He can only be killed once in one way. For instance, if a Stage Three Demiurge killed Dabbat Al-Ard, Dabbat would be immune to that Demiurge and what struck the final blow.

Multidimensional: Dabbat Al-Ard is in four places at once. The Above statblock is his dragon manifestation, he has a "Wild Beast" manifestation (7 headed felid creature, Macro Titanic), a "Beast of the Earth" manifestation (Macro Titanic buffalo/lamb/goat esque) and the "Beast of the World" manifestation (Macro Titanic, literally just look up Dabbat Al-Ard).

Interdimensional: 75% chance of not taking damage

Learned Weapon Immunity: A weapon can only harm him (or even be used against him) for one attack. The weapon deals no damage against him after the first attack.

Enchanted Damage Induction: He takes damage equal to the enhancement bonus of the weapon. The actual Attack Die are not used.

Dead Zone: His Divine Aura is a zone of Dead Magic.

Portfolios: Dabbat Al-Ard's portfolios can be changed as a swift action. He can choose any two portfolios.

Breath Weapons: Dabbat Al-Ard has three extra breath weapons: one of a Nexus Dragon, one of a Singularity Dragon and the last of a Quasar Dragon. Im not putting them here im too lazy

Expression of Power: bypasses Learned X Immunity and X Damage Induction abilities
Beam: 11,988d1,000 x4
Blast: 5,994d1,000 x4
Blood: 2,997d1,000 x4
Breath: 5,994d1,000 x4
Hand: 17,982d1,000 x4
Immolation: 17,982d1,000 x4
Storm: 2,997d1,000 x4
Strike: 2,997d1,000 x4
Wrath: 5,994d1,000 x4



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also, before you ask
before you ever ask me to stat out apep

he was unaffected by tezcats expressions of power

yeah apep can end the omniverse with one swipe effortlessly (im actually serious)


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hey guess what I have

more :):):):)

even more updated time lord/eternals in general abilities or just put "Eternal Traits" in statblock1

1: They have, for free (starting from Divine); Apport, Greater/Superior/Perfect Aura, Perfect Initiative, Perfect Weapon Focus, Perfect Weapon Specialization (All), Self Hypnosis, Self Mastery, True Seeing, Uncanny Weapon Focus, Uncanny Weapon Specialization, Unyielding Damage Reduction, Weapon Breaking, X-Ray Vision (Penetrates all matter), Abrogate, Alter Reality, Apostasy, Assimilate, Authority, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Firmament, Enlightened/Ensorcelled, Gestalt, Heavy Eradication, Oblique Strike, Psychometry, Quixotic, Slipstream, Spirit Stealer, Unearthly Weapon Focus, Dead Zone, Digestio, Equilibrium, Intrinsic, Perfect Defense, Sophism, Superluminal, Transilient Fort/Ref/Will, Transmute, Transpersonal, Transversal and Ultimate Weapon Focus. These abilities do not count as chosen Divine/Cosmic/Transendental Abilities.

2: Dimensional Masteries aren't really changed. Transmortality is instead changed to the Metempiric Ability Metaphysical (IHA states that eternals are, y'know, eternal, they don't die. they get back up.).

3: What new abilities they gain. Eternals gain the ability to summon d1,000s of neutronium golems (henceforth named Summon Neutronium Golem, a d1,000 for every universe in them. They also gain Expression of Power, an unblockable omnific effect level ability that deals d1,000s like thus

Beam: x12 HD, x4 damage | (999x12)d1,000)x4 unblockable divine damage
Blast: x6 HD, x4 damage
Blood: x3 HD, x4 damage
Breath: x6 HD, x4 damage
Hand: x18 HD, x4 damage
Immolation: x18 HD, X4 damage
Storm: x3 HD, x4 damage
Strike: x3 HD, x4 damage
Wrath: x6 HD, x4 damage

3 extended:Eternals also gain the Omnific Level Ability Universal Power, which is basically an allegory for them being able to alter their universe to their will; creating quasars, stars, and galaxies with only a thought.

They receive a Throne of the Universe if a Time Lord or Above. Throne of the Universe: Major Artifact, custom for all Eternals; grants the Omnific Abilities Omnific Toughness, Absolute, Omnific Architect, multiplies Summon Neutronium Golem's dice by 1,000. If the granted Omnific Abilities are already possessed by the Eternal, change them to other abilities.



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hey guess what now im retconning Tezcatlipoca as the supreme being
now it's abracax because ill just make up something like

You quickly hurried into the palace of Tezcatlipoca, only to find that it was too late. The sounds of battle had stopped. Tezcatlipoca was, the very moment you stepped in, being assimilated into the being standing high above God's broken corpse. As Tezcatlipoca's robe, crown, all of his belongings fell to the ground, the being stares at you, directly into your eyes. A single word flashes into your mind, carrying a million meanings, but all the same; "Too late."

As you stepped back into the hallway, Trigrammaton runs to you and asks "What happened, I heard fighting?" You tell him. He shivers. "It's too late. The Cosmos will be undone. But, there is a possibility that-" He's cut off by a deafening sound of crumbling timespace. It all fades to black.

Then, out of nothing. All is returned to normal. You're now floating in the Pleroma, but you're not dead or nonexistent. You opened your eyes to a new Cosmos. The being flashes into form before you, seemingly that you were the ones that saw it's victory. "Welcome to My new Omniverse. I'm very happy to see you haven't been undone. Now, go along, play around; there's plenty of time." Suddenly disappearing as fast as it appeared.

I guess you should be getting along now.


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Falak the Eternal Warrior | High Lord 99,999, Supreme Being

Unsizeable Poly-Existential Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 99,899,001d10,000 +49,999,500,000 x10,000 x5 (52,449,475,500,000,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Always First (always always)
Speed: Space Folding (i feel like Master of Time and Space would act like this but better)
Armour Class: Infinite
Base Attack/Grapple: Cannot Fail
Attack: Expression of Power Supreme
Full Attack: Expression of Power Supreme
Space/Reach: idk/Infinite, all time all space
Special Attacks: all that stuff down there
Special Qualities: all that stuff down there x2
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: All Infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent , Maven, Always Succeeds
Feats: All
Epic: All
Divine: All
Cosmic: All
Transcendental: All
Omnific: All
Metempiric: Supreme Being Traits, Omnipotence, Veto, Lord of All Creation, Begone, Master of Time and Space, Absolute Infinity, Words of God, Might of God, Metadimensional, Transcendental Nullification, Inexhaustible, Overwhelming Dominance, Overwhelming Toughness, Invincible Shields, Flesh Transcendence, Nondimensional
Environment: Palace of the Supreme Being, Aravoth
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: Immeasureable
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: Immeasureable

Upon his throne, the Supreme Being sits, calmly. What you can see of his body is mostly his head, that of a reptile, scaly and rough. His blade is at his side, thirsting for blood. He stands, acknowedging you with a bow, grabs his sword and swings it at you with just one hand.

Falak is the being that assimilated the former Supreme Being, Tezcatlipoca, and created a new Cosmos. A mortal warrior from another Omniverse turned transomniversal conqueror, Abracax has had an infinite amount of spiritual, physical, mental and divine growth; this allows him to preform stunts of pure skill that none can ever guess him able to do, no ever think him able to. His assumed form is close to that of his body as a mortal: a tall; thin lizardfolk-esque creature.

He has the mentality of... well... something. Hard to describe, but he leaves a memory that is impossible to forget when met. He enjoys resting now that he has conquered even the greatest of bounderies; but, in his own words, will soon grow even more: to the point of overthrowing other supreme beings and making more omniverses submit.

idk what to put here

Supreme Being Traits: Falak receives Veto, +10 Metempiric Abilities, a x5 HP modifier, Begone, Almighty Law, Master of Time and Space and Lord of All Creation.

Lord of All Creation: Can, anytime, costing no actions, induce Ruled; where the subject must do anything he wishes to the best of their ability. He is not subject to effects requiring a save. He has an infinite divine bonus.

Chain Aeon: Reduces an Eternal into not an eternal (or worse, a mortal). The universe is ended right then and there.

Veto: He can undo any and every-thing. Look at the thing in Tezcat's statblock.

10th Dimensional: Falak sees all things in the entire omniverse. Only one weapon and spell from the Omniverse can harm or effect him. He can rewind all time to rework events.

11th Sense: Falak knows all things that will happen, could happen, and cannot happen.

Master of Time and Space: Considering he destroyed everything and remade the omniverse from the Akasha and Kuvachim down, he gets this. Falak attacks from all times and all places (Infinite number of attacks). No temporal or spatial creature is immune to his undermining. Unrestricted travel, and he cannot be undermined.

Ultimate Abrogate: One ability is abrogated each round in his opponents.

Transcendental Nullification: No transcendental ability is usable when in combat with Falak.

Absolute Infinity: He receives an Infinite Divine Bonus for each divinity in his divine aura (Omniverse)

Metadimensional: He multiplies each round. (99, 396, 1,584, 6,336, etc)

Existence Erasure Immunity: Falak is immune to being erased from existence.

Spirited Away: When he hits 1 bill HP he's instantly teleported into a place that cannot be reached.

Divinity Removal Immunity: He cannot have divine ranks or quintessence drained, and none of his divine-metempiric Abilities can be removed.

Metaphysical/Metamerism: He cannot be destroyed permanantly and gains a new manifestation if you manage to take him down (so now there's two of him).

Dimensional Haven: He can float above creation and take no damage, apply spells and effects on himself, but not attack or effect anyone else. Entering and exiting this state is a free action. Enemies are unawares of his invulnerability.

Words of God: Falak can do anything. No save, they cannot be stopped, they can only be vetoed.

Alter Existence: Change anything permanantly. Only stopped by veto.

Inexhaustible: He regenerates to full and gets a free action each round, and has infinite health.

Metapermanancy: All Falak does cannot be undone (except through veto).

Obliteration: Destroy anything. Creatures with 100+ HD are reincarnated.

Eye of Creation: As Evil Eye, but cannot be negated.

Limitless Power: All attack rolls are maximized.

Overwhelming Dominance: Foes with less HD cannot succeed at any saves.

Flesh Transcendence: Any creature touching Falak takes 49,949,501d10,000 divine gelid damage (gelid is cold but ignores 50% of immunity).

Nondimensional: 99% chance of not being hit with an attack.

Expression of Power Supreme: Deals infinite damage, destroys all HD and DR, repeats for an unending amount of rounds. Infinite Range, all time, all space; always hits, no save and no dodging. When used, it resembles an explosion of multicoloured liquid spraying out from where it's manifested, which proceeds to coalesce into pure light and energy.

Utter Perfection: He is utterly perfect in every way. He receives an Infinite Perfection bonus to the stuff. Any who look upon him are stunned for one round and charmed.

Scars of Battles Long Fought: The war scars that cover Falak's body induce fear in any who see him and draw his ire. Any. There is no save.

These are his personal belongings.

Falak's Companion: This sword, massive even for Falak's size (if he were 8 Ft tall, it'd be 11 Ft), is his personal weapon ever since he started training in swordplay. It has become so honed and sharp that it cuts through anything in the way, even time and space aren't exempt from it's edge. Deals Infinite damage and bypasses all defences. It has a mind of it's own, with Infinite in Int, Wis and Cha. This is a sword made entirely out of an uncountable amount of big bangs, though it still keeps it's original shape as a long, broad sword with a guard styled like a dragon's skull.

Falak's Scalemale: This is his personal armour, hand crafted by Falak from the scales of the first Great Wyrm Muhlat He slew. It blocks all damage, grants an Infinite bonus to AC, SR and any other defencive stat. When attacked (even misses trigger this), the scales will shatter any weapon permanantly (even artifacts) and cause immense amounts of timespace inflation, spreading the foe's atoms (or universe's atoms if their an eternal) across the Omniverse (instant death). It's literally just a Fate Muhlat's scales.

Falak's Cloak: His cloak, he has always had it. Really it's just for coolness. Probably grants something like "Always succeeds at stealth checks." Stitched together from the hides of every Eschatol he's fought.

Robes of Aravoth's New Ruler: The robes that Falak wove himself, out of the Akashic Ink that he re-wrote. They Relfect all attacks in d10,000s and store the attacks for later use (if he's hit with a fireball it's immediately relfected and a few rounds later he could send the fireball back at the caster (in d10,000s). They are worn above his scalemale and are white-gold in colouration, covering his entire body except for his hands, neck and head.

Crown of the Conqueror: This automatically Rules all who dare to challenge Falak, or kills them. It is made of many horns took from the skulls of Muhlats bent and woven together in the form of a crown.

Thousand Hands of the Warlord: These are identical to Tezcat's Hands of GOD, but they are not flat and are blue.

Book of GOD: Falak himself carries this now. It contains every Word of God.

Throne of GOD: This is Tezcat's Throne. It's appeance has changed to that of a pitch-black relfective crystal throne with the skin of a jaguar draped over the peak of it.
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Macro-Tiny (or Xona-Medium/Yotta-Titanic) Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 999d1,000 +500,000 x1,000 (1,499,000,000)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (6,896(1,000 Base +3,996 Natural +500 Deflection +200 Divine +200 Circumstance +200 Luck +200 Comeptence +200 Insight +600 Natural)
Base Attack/Grapple: +1,000/+2,600
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power
Space/Reach: 1,700 Ft/Ifinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura
Special Qualities: Eternal Traits, Tree
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: All Infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent (+1,200), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: None
Divine: Cunning Body, Heavenly Body, Intellectual Body, Unknowing Body
Cosmic: None
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Uncanny Omega Mastery
Omnific: Absolute, Indisolluble, Learned Opponent Immunity, Omneity, Omnipresent
Environment: Muzaloth
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 1,333
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: 2,000

You've finally found the center of the universe... The Redshift, So bright... So beautiful... Tears well up in your eyes. Wait... Is that... A tree? Why is there a tree? A really big tree mind you, kinda huge. Branches stretching out into the world, you see it holding up every planet with branch and root, every plane of existence, all dimensions are held up in the boughs up this tree. Then you realize. This, This is Yggdrasil, The World Tree, The Great Ash that holds the universe.

Yggdrasil is a tree. Ash to be specific. He's also massive to the point of having to shrink down to be able to actually fight opponents that aren't universe or supercluster sized.

idk, omega hand that guy over there

Expression of Power: bypasses Learned X Immunity and X Damage Induction abilities
Beam: 11,988d1,000 x4
Blast: 5,994d1,000 x4
Blood: 2,997d1,000 x4
Breath: 5,994d1,000 x4
Hand: 17,982d1,000 x4
Immolation: 17,982d1,000 x4
Storm: 2,997d1,000 x4
Strike: 2,997d1,000 x4
Wrath: 5,994d1,000 x4

Tree: Yggdrasil is y'know, the world tree. Because being immoble is kinda useless, he cannot move in combat. Only in combat, any other time he can go wherever. He also gains a +600 Natural bonus to AC, a +1,000,000 Bonus to DR and a +100 to SR.

Uncanny Omega Mastery:
Beam: Destroy 999 HD
Blast: Destroy 500 HD
Blood: Destroy 250 HD
Breath: Destroy 999 HD
Hand: Destroy 1,499 HD
Immolation: Destroy 1,499 HD
Storm: Destroy 250 HD
Strike: Destroy 250 HD
Wrath: Destroy 500 HD

Absolute: He gains any foe's divine bonus on top of his own.

Indisolluble: He regenerates to full each round. Only being reduced to -10 HP can kill him.

Learned Opponent Immunity: He gains immunity to his opponent after the first round. Second round and onwards he is invulnerable.

Omneity: He has all double portfolios and only the benefits. Nullifies all portfolios that his enemies may be using against him.

Omnipresent: His divine aura is everywhere in the universe.

wait is Yggdrasil a he


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also, apep is trillgramaton (trillion universe high lord) and rules over 3 omniverses
999,000,000,000,000d10,000 +500 Sextillion x10,000 x15
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