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Amenominakanushi-no-Okami, Duadecaduad High lord, Omega
Giga-Small Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 21,978d10,000 +5,356,089 x10,000 x2(4,502,721,780,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Always goes first
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defense
Base Attack/Grapple: +220,000/+220,000
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power and
Necessitative Edges (220,000d20,000 +100% chance of destruction; channel double strength Expression of Power and a Doom Muhlat's (Taninniver's) breath through it; destroy all divine ranks and HD)
Space/Reach: 2,281,852,320 ft/Infinite
Special Attacks: Divine Aura,
Special Qualities: i don't know what to put here
Saves: Cannot fail
Abilities: Str Infinite Dex Infinite Con Infinite Int 44,475 Wis 44,470 Cha 44,500
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven
Feats: None (sacrificed for higher power)
Epic: None (sacrificed for higher power)
Divine: Achilles Heel, Adjuration, Animus, Bane Guard, Convergent Effect, Cozen, Distant Gaze, Divine Champion, Divine Sneak Attack, Dragon Companion, Dream Stealer, Eternal Freedom, Half-Neotic Dragon, Forked Tongue, Greater Aura, Heavenly Bpdy, Intellectual Body, Learned Spell Immunity, Mercurial, Obviate, Perfect Aura, Perfect Damage Reduction, Perfect Initiative, Post/Precognition, Profane Body, Quantum Effect, Regeneration, Sacred Body, Self-Hypnosis, Self Mastery, Silver Tongue, Spell Abatement, Spell Block (Wish), Superior Aura, Superior Summoning, Third Eye, Threatening Critical, Time Stealer, Unknowing Body, Unyielding Damage Reduction, Vanguard Fort/Ref/Will, Vicissitude, X-Ray Vision
Cosmic: Abrogate, Apostasy, Counter Strike, Daunting Body, Degeneration, Doombringer, Doppelganger, Enlightened, Ensorcelled, Exclusivity, Gestalt, Half-Adamic Dragon, Heavy Eradication, Hyperostosis, Innocence, Learned Ability Immunity, Martyrdom, Nemesis, Oblique Strike, Perfect Summoning, Psychometry, Pugnacious, Redivivus, Replicate, Shroud of Death, Slipstream, Soniferous x2, Spirited Away, Thelemic Damage Induction x2, Time Dilation
Transcendental: Dead Zone, Digestio, Enhanced Damage Induction, Half-Nehaschimic Dragon, Invincible, Learned Weapon Immunity, Natural Damage Induction, Perfect Defense, Quivering Aura, Sophism
Omnific: Absolute, Perfect Akashic Strike, Cosmic Nullification, Half-Eschatolic Dragon, Indisolluble, Infinite [Ability Score] (Str/Dex/Con), Learned Opponent Immunity, Neutronium Body, Oblivion, Omnidimensional, Omnific Toughness, Omnipersonal, Omnipresent, Superior Dominance, Undimensional
Metempiric: Eleventh Sense, Lord of Necessity, Metempiric Goetia
Environment: 8th Dimension
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: Unknown
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: Unknown

A massive serpent rears before you, great fans stretching from it's head; an infinitely bright star of gargantuan proportions. All six wings flap angrily, and the star's multicoloured light streaks at everything. Spatial and temporal anomilies become visible, this messiah for the downtrodden abominations is ready. Prepare...

As Ameno cannot be abrogated, this is a slaughter.

Lord of Necessity: Amenominakanushi-no-Okami is one of the Omegae, and the opponent of the Hyperarchoi and the Supreme Being himself. This affords him a x5 (for effect abilities and ability scores) modifier, and is 100% invincible to anything other than stronger High Lords and the Supreme being itself. Ameno knows when the Supreme Being is cheating, and thus can veto its decisions by sheer power.

Expression of Power:
Beam: 879,120d2,000 divine
Blast: 439,560d2,000 divine
Blood: 219,780d2,000 divine
Breath: 439,560d2,000 divine
Hand: 1,318,680d2,000 divine
Immolation: 1,318,680d2,000 divine
Storm: 219,780d2,000 divine
Strike: 219,780d2,000 divine
Wrath: 439,560d2,000 divine

Damage Reduction/Induction: He can only be hit by 1 attack from 1 target, and it has to be the third attack or over. Attackers that fail attack rolls take damage equal to the difference between the DC (perfect defence) and the roll itself.

Learned X Immunity: He can only take damage from an ability once, he can only take damage from an opponent once. Can only take damage from a spell once.

Metempiric Goetia: For every 100,000 points of damage he takes, summon 10 CR of creatures without HD limit; this can be anything ranging from Pleromic Phenomina, Time Lords, Eschatolic Dragons to basically anything beneath that.

Absolute: He receives a divine bonus to everything he receives a divine bonus to equal to that of any other being in his divine aura that has quintessence (divinity). If a Time Lord entered his aura, he would receive a +200 divine bonus.

Doombringer: Instantly Deal 65% (can't have it be too powerful) of a creature's HP with a touch.

Degeneration: Deal 54,945 damage to all opponents within divine aura each round.

Martyrdom: This is a monstrous combo with Metempiric Goetia. The summons and other allies jump in the way of attacks and take the damage directed at Ameno. Ameno only takes 50% damage from every attack as long as he has allies.

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TEZCATLIPOCA,THE Supreme Being, THE Almighty, Maker and Hurricane, Smoking Mirror, Jaguar, THE God, The Creator of ALL Existences, 10th Dimensional Metaterrestrial Ruler of All Existences, GOD/High Lord 999, Supreme Being
Unsizable Poly-Existential Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 998,003d10,000 +999,000,000 x10,000 x5 (548,951,500,000,000(Infinite)
Initiative: Always, no matter what, goes first
Speed: Space Folding
Armour Class: Infinite
Base Attack/Grapple: Cannot Fail
Attack: Expression of Unlimited Power
Full Attack: Expression of Unlimited Power, and one attack each from Spear of Destiny, Maquahuitl, and Death Throes of the Terrorsquid; and one breath from the Sun-Serpent
Space/Reach: idk/Infinite, all time all space
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities:
Saves: Cannot fail
Abilities: All Infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven, always succeeds
Feats: All
Epic: All
Divine: All
Cosmic: All
Transcendental: All
Omnific: Absolute, Uncanny Akashic Mastery, Cosmic Nullification, Indissoluble, Infinite [Ability Score], Learned Opponent Immunity, Omneity, Omnific Architect, Omniparity, Omnipersonal, Omnipresent, Omniversal
Metempiric: Supreme Being Traits, Veto, Lord of All Creation, Remove thineself from mine holy sanctum!, Metamerism, Metaphysical, Master of Time and Space, Metadimensional, Absolute Infinity, Transcendental Nullification, Words of God, Might of God, Omnipotence, Inexhaustible, Overwhelming Dominance, Overwhelming Toughness, Invincible Shields, Flesh Transcendence, Nondimensional
Environment: Palace of the Supreme Being, Aravoth
Organization: Accompanied at all times by a 100 universe High Lord Lipika named Huitzopactli, or with 1000d10,000 Lipika and 100d1,000 Muhlatimic Dragons and 1,000d1,000 Eschatolic Dragons (prepared for extra-omniversal war)
Challenge Rating: Immeasurable
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: Immeasurable

A lean framed anthropomorphized animal of some sort simply sits on it's throne. His animal side being indeterminate, though you get a feel of scales and primal hunger from it, as well as immense intelligence and hunting prowess. It's feathered crown and royal clothing give away that this is far more than it seems. He simply gives you a look of boredom and disgust, almost as if he had heard the same insult millions of times over. His robe is multi-striped, white and black, with black and white dots respectively; at the edges it appears frayed, but you notice that this is simply the Akashic Ink frozen in the shape of a robe. Rather primal looking weaponry sits placed beside his arm on a small table made of neutronium golems. He quickly grabs it, and launches it at you with unnatural speed. "Now it's getting fun..."

Tezcatlipoca is the true Supreme Being, the "Supreme Being" that most Eternals and Supernals serve is simply a resilient enough Omega (It was a draw, Tezcatlipoca was simply bored of Trigrammaton's efforts of becoming GOD, so he granted him a lower-strung position) that was granted a position between GOD and Lipika to stop a neverending battle. Never has any other entity ever dethroned him, for he has never let any High Lord grow into any amount of universes over 500. He keeps this omniverse in contact with others simply so that he can preserve the concept of creativity alive.

Tezcatlipoca's mainly assumed form is an anthropomorphic fusion of animals from across the entire omniverse, standing at an indeterminate height, with a lean frame. It is possible to make out feline elements such as triangular ears and their paws for feet, however they are overshadowed by reptilian elements, such as scales and spines (the spines stretch from his hips, upper chest, shoulders, head and upper back). He is known for having more forms than countable.

I'm just gonna put this here, I, Apepsnake, am Tezcat here. I/He also get/s 164 metempiric abilities. Beef, Tezcat here is the pimp, not that low-brow Bythos

In combat, Tezcatlipoca just laughs at his opponents simply because there are no beings that can stand up to him, all the while unleashing multiverse crushing blasts of energy at foes and banishing opponents to the space between omniverses.

First off his list of powers is
Remove thineself from mine holy sanctum!: This works as Distant Gaze, but roll a d20 on a save, only on a 1 does this fail. When foes are banished, they are put in the space between omniverses, and cannot reenter the omniverse they were banished from until Tezcat has been killed (but he will return because of his metempiric abilities).

Supreme Being Traits: As Tezcat is the Supreme Being, he has a sleu of special powers and abilities. He receives the ability to use Veto, +10 Metempiric Abilities, a x5 HP modifier, Remove thineself from mine holy sanctum!, Almighty Law, Master of Time and Space and Lord of All Creation. (oh heya there beefy)

Almighty Law: Tezcat, as GOD, can set down laws that cannot be broken. He has already decreed that an Eternal cannot have more than 500 universes within themselves, and that races that have interuniversal travel may not strike down any Eternal that does not have good reason to be permanantly destroyed. He may create new laws as he wishes.

Lord of All Creation: Tezcat is the greatest being, and creator, of and in the entire Omniverse. His mere thought can induce an effect akin to Ruled, except that the effected must do exactly whatever he wills, whenever he wills it, to the best of it's ability; this ability lacks a save. He receives an Infinite Divine Bonus. Effects that require a save do not effect him.

Veto: Tezcat, as GOD, can revoke his own decisions and those of other beings. For instance, if High Lord Octad Billy-Bob wrote a book containing the secret weaknesses of everything, including Tezcat, he could both delete and summon the book to himself with only a thought.

Expression of Unlimited Power: This is literally way too powerful. Infinite damage, bypasses all barriers, destroys all HD and Divine Ranks, has a 100% chance of Annihilation and has the effect of Chain Aeon. This also creates entire Galactic Superclusters, or even the cities of other Eternals with only the weakest attack; at it's peak it can create universes, multiverses, and entire Existences with only a wave of a hand (It can also be used to destroy those uni/multiverses and Existences with the same movement) This also nullifies Infinite, Metempiric, Akashic, Astro and Omega [Effect].

Chain Aeon: Functions pretty much like what Beefy's Lipika Chain Aeon does. It removes the whole Eternal-ness of an Eternal, making them Eternal-less. (Great segway, right?) The universe is pretty much ended right there. It's not coming back.

10th Dimensional: Tezcatlipoca sees all things in all universes, this coincides with 11th sense and allows him to see all things that could occur in all universes, and all things that will happen. Treat as having the ability to rewind events to whenever he pleases and rework them to how he feels they should be. This also works as Unreal and Transcorporeal, but on an Omniversal scale.

11th Sense: Tezcat knows all that will transpire in all timelines, and can change this into an infinite amount of endlessly branching timelines. Read 10th Dimensional

Master of Time and Space: Tezcat made time and space, and thus rules over the two factors. Treat as being untargetable throughout both time and space. Infinite amount of attacks. No temporal or spacial creatue is immune to his undermining. Unrestricted travel to all timelines and places. He cannot be undermined.

Ultimate Abrogate: Any who dare to challenge GOD loose one of their strongest abilities every round. Treat as a Transcendental ability for balance.

Transcendental Nullification: All transcendental abilities that an opponent has are unuseable as long as Tezcat wishes so.

Absolute Infinity: This functions pretty much like Absolute, but the bonus is not equal to the foe's divine bonus. Nay, the divine bonus Tezcat receives is infinite.

Metadimensional: Each round Tezcatlipoca multiplies, starting at 99 manifestations and quadrupling each round. (99, 396, 1,584, 6,336, etc)

Extra Level x2: He has this simply because his original HD was a multiple of 9, which would make Thelemic [Effect] an instant kill

Existence Erasure Immunity: Immune to any effect that erases him from existence as long as there is an omniverse.

Spirited Away: As soon as he reaches 1 million HP, he immediately is teleported to Nothing, a negative dimension where there is literally nothing that can hurt him. This allows him to regenerate without resistence.

Source of the "Big Bang" and Divine Power Removal Immunity: These abilities just make sense for a Supreme Being to have. He's probably paranoid that someone is going to cause him to loose his quintessence or divine ranks so he created these powers to solve that. Tezcat cannot loose divine ranks nor quintessence. If he has children, they do not need to receive quintessence from Tezcat. (The kids thing is why it's named that(wink wink nudge nudge)

Divine Plasma: This works as a Cherub or Seraph's Divine Fire ability, but revisits the damage in d10,000s for effectiveness. (An Infinitaur attempts a gore on Tezcatlipoca for 1,000d1,000, the Infinitaur takes 1,000d10,000 divine damage back becuase he touched Tezcat's body)

Sun of the Underworld: The downtrodden look up to Tezcatlipoca and he listens to their prayers. Any who are in a state of pizdec can pray (in their mind or out loud, even on paper or through any form) to Tezcat and possibly receive assistance in the form of healing to max HP or other effects, e.g; if in danger he might extend his Divine Plasma power to the one that prayed. Even the weakest creatures can be heard.

Metaphysical: He cannot be destroyed permanantly. This ability cannot be removed or abrogated.

Dimensional Haven: He can choose to completely be unable to take damage, but be unable to act. He can, however, use spells and effects on himself. This lasts for as many rounds as he pleases. Entering and exiting this state is a free action. Enemies are unable to be aware that Tezcat cannot be harmed. Treat as Omnific.

Words of GOD: These are pretty much just Beefy's words of chaos, but with a name tooken straight from the bible and other religions that have a god greater than all others. These have absolute effects, and cannot be justified; they can be used to accomplish any-and every, thing, impossible or not.

Alter Creation: Change something permanantly, with just a thought, nothing can stop this (except veto) and Alter Creation overrides Alter Reality.

Omnipotence: (oh hey again beef) This gives him all Omnific-Feat abilities, maximum ranks.

Inexhaustible: He is treated as having omnific toughness and indissolluble, and when regenerated gains a free attack.

Might of God: All of what he does, actions, attacks, is permanant. Nothing can be reversed, only he can revoke his actions.

Wrath of God: Instantly and permanantly destroyes whatever Tezcat chooses. One target, a universe, multiverse, the entire pleroma, timelines, Existences. Everything with 100+ HD is reborn but has unnatural abilities based on their former lives.

Eye of Creation: A shining speck, but holds nigh-ultimate power. Always has maximized rolls, while foes always have their rolls minimized.

Fist of God: His attacks are maximized, though he doesn't really need this, he has it.

Overwhelming Dominance: Foes with less HD than Tezcat cannot challenge him. They fail all rolls and saves automatically.

Flesh Transcendence: Any creature touching Tezcat or moved through by Tezcat takes 499,002d10,000 Divine Plasma damage (plasma is fire damage on a whole new scale, can only be 50% blocked)

Nondimensional: Tezcatlipoca has 99% chance to completely void all attacks focused at him.

Tezcatlipoca's personal armoury, he either wields or wears these items.

Spear of Destiny: A tepoztopilli (Aztec Spear) made entirely out of the bones of Muhlatimic dragons that fell in battle against Xochipactli (yea that event happened in his omniverse too), the Spear of Destiny is the greatest thrusting weapon ever created. It deals Infinite damage, and will instantly annihilate any who do not have a Metempiric Ability, and channels his Expression of Unlimited Power and the breath of a Muhlatimic dragon. It also ignores armour class and damage reduction.

Maquahuitl: This weapon is simply named sword (in Nahuatl). It has the same strength as the Spear of Destiny, but ignores durability and hardness instead.

Death Throes of the Terrorsquid: This has the same effect as the other two weapons, but it ignores magical defenses and spell resistance.

Sun-Serpent: This is simply a serpent with two heads, one at each end, Despite it's unassuming look, it is one of the most terrifying and awesome weapons and non-divine creatures to ever exist. The only attack everyone but Tezcatlipoca has seen out of it is just it's breath; think of the breath as the big bang vs that one guy with paper skin and glass bones when against the strongest non-supernal and low-med supernal high lords. It's bite is the unseen attack; it deals no damage, cannot be detected, cannot be healed and carries a virulent venom with it. The venom cannot be stopped, cannot be healed, and begins the moment combat stops, bringing the slowest, most painful death as the skin sloughs off, and as universes within slowly are consumed by super-supermassive black holes.

Robes of The Jaguar Nagual God: These robes have a simple pattern; black on the left side, white on the right, with animate stars and planets visible in the black and universes in the right. These provide infinite AC, DR, SR and other protective capabilities. They absorb all attacks for later use and reflect them in d10,000s immediately, even if they miss. These are commonly transformed into a jacket, t-shirt, pants and shoes bearing three stripes and a logo of a company unknown, or the shoes with thick dark-coloured pants and a flannel in black and red,

Crown of GOD: This crown is more or less, a headband with feathers stuck in it. It Rules all creatures in the Omniverse if Tezcat wills it (already possible with his abilities), fires his Expression of Unlimited Power at everything each turn and kills all foes instantly, no save.

Book of GOD: This book, commonly carried by Huitzopactli, contains every single Word of GOD. Tezcat already knows every word, being their main user, but contains the words in the book as a way of safeguarding them (in his mind, he is weak to having them removed from his thoughts(in his mind). He has no actual need for the book, but the book is given to every new Lipika so that they may choose their Words of GOD. Only those he deigns worthy may open the book, as only he, and he alone, holds the key within his will.

Hands of GOD: Manifest ability to create, born from Tezcat. It is not just creation, for it holds his strength and wrath made physical, it contains destructive power too. While this is worn (as gloves), it allows Tezcat to grow an array of long, flat tendrils of red light from his shoulders, arms, shoulderblades and spine. These tendrils create whatever he wishes before he even decides to make the item in question, or destroy it before he decides to. They deal infinite damage and channel his Expression of Unlimited Power

Throne of GOD: The very first artifact in the omniverse, created by the Ultral AZAG for Tezcat to reign over his omniverse from. It makes him totally invincible. He cannot be harmed while sat in it. He receives even more divine bonuses (still infinite) and cannot be negatively impacted by any-and every- thing. The throne itself is sentient, and resembles a massive, pure red marble seat with the bones of Muhlatimic Dragons as decoration. The throne itself can also manifest incorporeal and undead (ghost) muhlats on the whim of Tezcat. The dragons themselves fell in battle against Xochipactli.


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zahamantas is an allegorical representation of the Nth dimension, as such doesn't really exist, he is the Nth dimension
there's also the akasha itself, Tastiarothshyhin, who is in the same state of Zahamantas, but with the 10th dimension
neither exist in a state to kill Tezcat simply because they ARE the dimension they represent


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i may as well explain my cosmos

here's a power ranking

ULTRAL- Azag(-Thoth), created the akasha and Tezcat
AKASHA-Tastiarothshyhin, Zahamantas (Theruskrayathrakos)
SUPREME BEING-Tezcatlipoca OMEGA-Melek Taus
LESSER SUPREME-Trigrammaton LESSER OMEGAE-Amenominakanushi-no-Okami, Satan
AKASHIC COURT-Muhlats, Trigrammaton, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzopactli
INCARNATE SPIRITS-Bythos (Akasha), Yaldabaoth (Nth)
LIPIKA-way too many to list
SPECTRALS-too many to list
HIGH(EST) LORDS-high lords in general
TIME LORDS-we all know these guys
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Colossal Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 479d1,000 +100,000 x2 (1,158,000)
Initiative: Always first (d20, higher roll wins)
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (3,430(334 +450 Deflection +64 Divine +2,068 Natural +64 Luck +450 Dexterity)
Base Attack/Grapple: +500/+700
Attack: Miniature Big Bang (50d1,000 unblockable divine, crit multiplier is x10)
Full Attack: Miniature Big Bang
Space/Reach: 70 Ft/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Portfolios
Special Qualities: Orichalcum Body
Saves: Cannot Fail (All saves +564)
Abilities: Str 932 Dex 932 Con 932 Int 932 Wis 932 Cha 932
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven
Feats: None
Epic: Divine Retribution
Divine: Heavenly Body, Unknowing Body
Cosmic: Slipstream
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Perfect Astro Hand, Equilibrium, Invincibility, Sophism, Orichalcum Body, Perfect Defence, Transilient Fort/Ref/Will, Transversal
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating:
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond

An immense multilayered multicoloured creature unleashes blasts of energy towards everything in sight. Its body is akin to shattered glass, but entire planar layers and dimensions are the shards, and the shards form a towering creature of white light. Sizzling star-metal burns with the intensity of a thousand stars. A blast of light is aimed at you and fired in no time at all. Run.

Demiurges are partial universes manifested within their sundered forms (universes) to reclaim their former power. They have little thought other than figuring out how to destroy all Sidereal with no effort.

Immediately use Miniature Big Bang on everything

Perfect Astro Hand: 50% chance of annihilation, roll four times (literally just an instant kill)

Transversal: He has reach equal to line of sight, which Cosmic Conciousness extends to the edge of the universe

Dimensional Masteries:
Unreal: Only one spell in the universe can harm him: Animus Blizzard
Transcorporeal: One artifact can harm him: Fist of God (Neutronium Kestus)

Miniature Big Bang: This explosion of energy and matter is a mere remnant of the intensity ripping dimensions into existence created by the sundering of him long ago. It deals 50d1,000 unblockible divine damage, and any target killed by it is removed from all dimensions simutaneously, and targets are effected as Perfect Astro Hand; this also ignores all defence and resistences.

Orichalcum Body: Damage Reduction 100/-

Divine Retribution: He gets one last attack when killed. This is automatically a crit.

Portfolios: He can choose two portfolios and change them as a free action.


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Some better Time/High Lord Rules:

They automatically gain Digestio and Gestalt

They gain the Metempiric Ability Metaphysical (it makes more sense for this to be the immortality ability than transmortality; transmortality states that one creature can permanently kill the user, can be removed as well)

They gain Expression of Power (this just makes sense)

Their godly realm is the entire universe they embody, it also manifests around them in the Pleroma; all different rules (elemental, temporal, malleability) are in effect in the universe (they can be toggle on/off at will) and around the Time Lord

They lack weaknesses

They have starflight, and can travel to any place in the multiverse in 3 minutes in conjunction with evil/inner eye(yes I genuinely think this is deserved(hi beef), they are living in a void trillions, if not quadrillions the size of a particularly large (if not million universe sized) 'verse)

They have Universal Mastery (Basically, it's just the Time Lord's (PC, NPC, or Monster) right and ability to change his domain with a thought, they can do basically anything as long as they know what they want to do)
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He's a free Eternal (if you want to give the one in the description a name just call her Sophia or something, or make up a new description)

Triad High Lord
Macro-Medium Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 2,997d1,000 +1,500,000 x1,000 (4,497,000,000)
Initiative: Always first (you know this if you've seen my things before)
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (18,888(3,000 +11,988 Natural +1,500 Deflection +600 Divine +600 Circumstance, +600 Luck, +600 Competence)
Base Attack/Grapple: +3,000/Cannot fail
Attack: Expression of Power
Full Attack: Expression of Power and
100 slashes from Fist of the Triple World
Space/Reach: 6,000 Ft/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura
Special Qualities: DM 3,000,000, SR 610
Saves: Cannot fail (+3,000)
Abilities: Str 3,000 Dex 3,000 Con 3,000 Int 3,000 Wis 3,000 Cha 3,000 (Dex Infinite)
Skills: Omnicompetent (+3,600), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: Divine Retribution
Divine: Cunning Body, Heavenly Body, Intellectual Body, Quantum Effect, Superior Summoning, Telluric Effect, Unknowing Body
Cosmic: Abrogate, Doombringer, Oblique Strike, Pugnacious, Shroud of Death, Slipstream, Time Dilation x5
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Dead Zone, Equilibrium, Invincibility, Sophism, Transattack Period, Transgenic, Transilient Fort/Ref/Will, Transmute, Transversal, Ultimate Weapon Focus, Uncanny Astro/Omega Mastery
Omnific: Infinite Dexterity, Oblivion, Omniety, Omnific Goetia, Omnipresent, Omniversal, Tenth Sense, Undimensional
Environment: Aeon Cities, Muzaloth; Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 4,998
Treasure: Nothing (or you could think of something for them to drop)
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: 6,000

Upon entering the palace of this great Aeon City, blinding sugilite-purple light assaults your eyes, painfully piercing it's way to the core of your being. A seemingly endless moment passes, as the light expands and retracts as if breathing, the very building's foundations shaking. Your magic fails to identify what this being is, still the majestic and beautiful light is all encompassing in this place, this holy place. Then the light compresses, taking the shape of a gorgeous woman sitting upon a throne that either just took shape or was blocked out by the violet light. She is gorgeous, perfect in all regards, fit, muscled, all that is gorgeous for humanoids is encompassed in this being. Seemingly welcoming you into her realm, she gestures to come forward...

The main tactic of a Triad with the above stats is not to wade into combat with no planning, but to rather watch and observe the opponents as they face off against Neutronium Golems that number in the millions. If they have a Quark Golem in their arsenal, then they will probably get impatient if the foes have not died or killed all of their Golems; preceeding to send in the Quark Golem to do their dirty work. If the Quark Golem is killed (or if they lack one), they join combat; carefully choosing targets, preferring the weakest.

Infinite Dexterity: The High Lord always dodges any attack, only attackers with Infinite Dexterity can strike true.

Expression of Power: Cannot be blocked, deals divine. This looks as if binary stars that bathe everything in a sugilite-purple light take shape, and, obviously, can be used to actually create binary stars. Any moving effects resembles great sugilite coloured waves of energy "slithering" like a snake.
Beam: 35,964d1,000 x4
Blast: 17,982d1,000 x4
Blood: 8,991d1,000 x4
Breath: 17,982d1,000 x4
Hand: 53,946d1,000 x4
Immolation: 54,946d1,000 x4
Storm: 8,991d1,000 x4
Strike: 8,991d1,000 x4
Wrath: 17,982d1,000 x4

Uncanny Astro Mastery/Uncanny Omega Mastery: roll four times for destruction/delete HD (choose one or the other)
Beam: 25% chance/2,997 HD
Blast: 12.5% chance/1,499 HD
Blood: 5% chance/749 HD
Breath: 25% chance/2,779 HD
Hand: 50% chance/4496 HD
Immolation: 50% chance/4496 HD
Storm: 5% chance/749 HD
Strike: 5% chance/749 HD
Wrath: 12.5% chance/1,499 HD

Summon Neutronium Golems: Summon 3d1,000 Neutronium golems with 100% success; multiplied thousandfold on his throne (3,000d1,000). Can be instead used to summon 3 Quark Golems

Integrated Class Features: The triad has 1499 levels in any class you choose (Psion, Wizard and Bard would be good Choices)

Dimensional Masteries:
Metaphysical: If killed, the triad will, one day, return. Cannot permanantly die.
Unreal: Only one spell from their universe can harm or effect them.

Transcorporeality: Only one artifact can harm them.
Transfinite: Can choose one divine foe and receive a divine bonus equal to theirs.
Transtemporal: Can travel freely in time, triple actions.
Evil Eye: Max rolls, foes always get minimum rolls.

Oblivion: All damage is permanant. ALL.

Omneity: Has all double portfolios, no negatives from them though.

Omnific Goetia: For every 10,000 damage taken, without HD limit, summon any creature, but not Pleromic Phenomena, Time Lords or Eschatols.

Omnipresent: Divine Aura encompasses the universe.

Omniversal: Attacks hit all creatures in divine aura.

Tenth Sense: Knows all events, rewind entire fight basically.

Undimensional: 95% miss chance. Can only be negated by Omnispective.

Fist of the Triple World: This, despite it's name, is not a kestus or hand-to-hand weapon; rather it is basically three entire big bangs put together and forged into a blade of unknown material (basically just call it Bigbangium if you want some humour) that deals 3,000d1,000 base damage, drains 1 divine rank, channels Expression of Power; and absorbs, negates, and reflects one attack (one effect for one attack) from an opponent's arsenal.

Throne of the Universe: This is rather self-explanitory. Actually, don't even look here for this, just copy/paste into a searchbar (http://www.enworld.org/forum/showth...-the-High-the-Mighty-Time-Lords-made-manifest) and hit ctrl+f and type in "throne" and then go to 4/10


Can you make stats for the quark golems? I have always been interested in them. I was thinking they might have some ability called "uncertainty principle" which gives attackers a 90% miss chance.


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I plan too, actually. im just thinking about what they could do, in terms of what could living quark-gluon masses walking/floating around on/in what/wherever they are punching things with the force of actual mini-big-bangs


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Why was this so fast

Golem, Quark
Large Construct
Hit Dice: 700d1,000 +5,000,000 (5,700,000)
Initiative: Always first (always always)
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: 1,500
Base Attack/Grapple: +500/+1,500
Attack: Slam (100d1,000)
Full Attack: 20 Slams
Space/Reach: 10 Ft/10 Ft
Special Attacks: Hot Period Remnants, Quark-Gluon Plasma, Gravitic Aura
Special Qualities: Uncertainty Princible, 10^-6 Temporal, Cosmic Conciousness, Antigrav Inducement, Magic Immunity, War of the Worlds
Saves: Cannot fail
Abilities: Str 1,500 Dex 250 Con - Int - Wis 11 Cha 1
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary, Fist of the High (1d10/universe of High Lord), Spear of God (999d10.,000)
Challenge Rating: 500
Treasure: Nothing (a bunch of quarks really would have anything)
Alignment: Unaligned/Neutral
ECL: 750

(To a Time Lord) A miniscule (to your Time Lordy-ness) shape becomes known to you, some little, extwa wittle, eensy-weensy little humanoid shape. Though not human, or any other mortal race; it's got four arms ending in little... things... not really easy to figure out what they are, anyways, it's body seems to move like liquid. It's punches kind of sting, but not too much. You actually feel something's strikes, something rather rare nowadays. Anyways, you should probably just kick this thing away, you do, and it flies back to start punching you again. Just kill it already.

(To a creature not a Time Lord) This tall, seathing white misty creature charges you, no flash of colour, nothing. It's four long arms suddenly all flung at you. You should probably take back that comment on the universe (or specific High Lord) being terrible.

Charge anything (don't actually use charge (or dire charge), immediately punch anything. Unleash beams of Q-G Plasma against farther away enemies.

Hot Period Remnants: Quark Golems are made of matter that came from the time just after a Big Bang, and thus are extremely hot in every (physical) manner, they have the Heat Aura of a Neutronium Golem, but the ranges for each effect are extended hundredfold and the DCs are 200% higher.

Gravitic Aura: A Quark Golem has the weirdest gravity possible for a creature. There is no DC, effected take d10% damage when 1 mile away from the golem, and take another d10% damage when three miles away from the golem, the 3 mile ring pushes the target into the 2 mile ring (which is safe) and the 1 mile ring pushes the targets into the 2 mile ring.

Antigrav Inducement: Any foes fighting the golem must contend with the immense antigravity the golem gives off. All foes receive a -500 when attacking the golem (and only the golem).

Magic Immunity: Quark Golems can only be effected by spells that provide benefits to the Golem.

Quark-Gluon Plasma: The entire Golem is made of Quark-Gluon Plasma, and thus can easily extend it's body to deal 4d10% Plasma damage in the form of [Effect] type abilities. This has infinite range, but the target must be seen to be effected.

War of the Worlds: This is basically the weird ability. It can travel freely between universes to act out the will of the High Lord that created it. Is not targeted by Neutralizers when moving between the high and low dimensions. It can safely traverse the 9th dimension (The Great Wall, Kuvachim) with an extra day's worth of time. Can only be destroyed when in the 0th or Nth dimensions.

Uncertainty Princible: 85% miss chance when being attacked.

10^-6 Temporal: Quark Golems revert everything near them back to the time just after the Big Bang. Everything within 200 Ft of the Golem automatically takes 4d10% Plasma damage that occurs each turn the golem takes an action.


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i mean it's kinda obvious how to say it
High Lord Supreme Being
Age: Beyond Time
Aliases: Jaguar, GOD, THE Supreme Being, Jaguar Nagual God, THE Almighty, The Creator of ALL Existences, 10th Dimensional Metaterrestrial Ruler of All Existences, GOD, THE God, uncountable amounts of others
Allies: Unknown
Dimension: 10, Aravoth
Enemies: Omegae
Home Plane: None
Nemesis: Melek Taus the Omega
Alignment: Beyond
Pantheon: None (South American)
Portfolios: All
Relatives: The Mother of All (Wife (Not actually married), Ascended Preacher Sh'kajn'Di (Son)


Tezcatlipoca has many legends surrounding his aspects (All usually Greater Deity-Demiurge level beings), but none surround him directly other than one. That single legend is that he was the equal yet opposite counterpart to the now Omega Melek Taus, both created by the unknown, unknowable, and shall be unknown Peta-being AZAG.


Tezcatlipoca has a strange personality. Simply put, he is extremely indecisive.


Tezcatlipoca has no goals. There's nothing he hasn't done.


It is impossible to kill Tezcatlipoca without completely disrupting the Omniversal balance. Plus, he just can't be killed.

Name: Tezcatlipoca
Size: 999 Universes
All forms of Traits, as is multiple 'verses

Encounter Suggestions
It's an entire universe, it's got everything you could imagine in it.

Minions: Neutronium and Quark Golems
Petitioners: Any
Saints: None
Servitors: Muhlatimic Dragons, Hyperarchoi, Some Pleromic Phenomina

Huitzopactli (Tezcatlipoca's Right Hand Man)
Huitzopactli is an extremely powerful Supernal (399,600 HD) with 400 Universes under his belt, who is the bearer 'round of the Omniversally famous Book of GOD. He has access to every Word of GOD at a whim because of his belonging.

The Mother of All (Tezcatlipoca's Wife)
The Mother of All is also an extremely powerful Supernal (368,631 HD), but not as powerful as Huitzopactli in any regard. She is the main person behind the very force that is The Glory, keeping worship in check.

Alter Ego: Tezcatlipoca is technically the alter ego of the Demi-Ultral Magnum Tenebrosum.
Cleric Alignment: Usually Neutral Good
Cleric Gender: Any
Cleric Rainment: Any
Domains: All
Favoured Animal: Jaguar, Snake
Favoured Class: Cleric, Wizard
Favoured Colours: Black, Red and Gold
Favoured Number: 3
Favoured Place: Any
Favoured Race: Any
Favoured Sacrifice: Criminals (severe crimes, not like stealing 5 gold, think murder and grand theft)
Favoured Time: Midnight, Dawn, Dusk
Favoured Weapon: Maquahuitl, Tepoztopilli
Followers: Slaves, Impovershed, those looking for vengeance against corrupt societies
Omens: None
Place of Worship: Any alter, Pyramid-Temple
Rites/Ceremonies: literally sacrificing hundreds of criminals by way of tearing out their still-beating hearts
Sects: People of the Cat
Symbol: Jaguar bearing the sun on it's back
Worshipper Alignments: NG, LG, CG, N,
Worshipper Total: Immeasureable (multiversal)

Society should be peaceful and quite, forgive those who have commited small crimes, remove those who pose major danger to society, grow as a people and as a multi-species congregation.

Normal Structure

Mostly small alters, otherwise massive pyramids made of stone.


What would his cult do that would be adventure worthy?
The People of the Cat are a multiversal cult to Tezcatlipoca, spreading so far as to have managed to enter one of Tezcatlipoca's universes when he was moving about in Muzaloth.

National Animal: Dragon, Jaguar
Flag: Half white half black, half red half gold star in the middle, cat and dragon hold the star while snake forms a figure 8 in the center
Coat of Arms: Jaguar with extended arm and claws
National Colours: Black, Red, Gold
National Antheme: God the Sun
Motto: "Holy Fire in Our Blood."
Government: Theocracy
Policy: "Let all be united in Tezcatlipoca."
Religion: Monotheistic, Tezcatlipoca
Leader: Huitzopactli, Mother of All, Tezcat himself, Ascended Preacher Sh'kajn-Di
Size: 65 universes, possibly more

Governing Bodies
Ascended Preacher Sh'kajn-Di (Son of Tezcatlipoca, Decad High Lord)


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not all of them are as powerful as Tezcatlipoca, I was just going off of him literally being stated to be their supreme god (not the black, blue, red, or white Tezcatlipoca; the one statted out is simply THE Tezcatlipoca)


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Quetzocoatl is an avatar of Melek Taus, Tezcatlipoca (Black) is an avatar of the supreme being Tezcat, who is an avatar of the Demi-Ultral Magnum Tenebrosum, Huitzopactli (or Huitzopochtli(Blue Tezcat) is the servitor of big cat and so is Xipe Totec (a herald and aspect of Tezcat(Red), Huitzopactli has 400 cause he's meant to be like a mini Tezcat, Xipe Totec is actually a Nenead (9 'verses), Quetzocoatl is about 50, Melek Taus is 999 and equal to Tezcat in every regard (also an avatar of Magnum Innominandum, another Demi-Ultral)

i should stat out all the guys mentioned

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