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also Apep is a Supreme Being-Demi Ultral
The actual Ultrals are Azag and his ilk, they don't have stats
you could stat out Apep but nothing could kill him.

im taking this straight from the IH

"Beyond the Beyond?
Theoretically, are there beings more powerful still? Can we transcend true infinity? Can we escape into an eleventh dimension or a twelth? Those who pursue the mystery beyond the great library could uncover the Ultrals; peta-beings perhaps not unlike game designers who fashion their own akashic records. Or even encounter the Cosmic EGG itself, which is said to have hatched the first set of records."

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heres a real quick planetary

ZIPACNA-Great Great Wyrm Planetary Dragon

Macro-Diminutive Dragon (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 243d100 +4023 (28,323)
Initiative: +68
Speed: Spd 5600 Ft, Fly 11,600 Ft
Armour Class: 301
Base Attack/Grapple: +243/+354
Attack: Claw (11d10 +43 +13d1%)
Full Attack: 2 +189 Claws and
3 +189 Bites (14d10 +47 +6d3%) and
+189 Tail Whip (10d10 +42 +13d1%)
Space/Reach: 500 Ft/450Ft (Bite 500 Ft)
Special Attacks: Breath Weapon, SL Abilities, Spells
Special Qualities: Absorb Fire, Darkvision 1200 Ft, Gravity, Immunity to acid, paralysis and sleep based attacks, Low-Light Vision
Saves: Fort +300 Ref +286 Will +341
Abilities: Str 200 Dex 10 Con 104 Int 159 Wis 170 Cha 159
Skills: Omnicompetent
Feats: basic dragon feats
Epic: basic epic+ dragon feats
Divine: 13, changeable as a free action
Environment: Space
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 327
Treasure: Triple Standard
Alignment: Neutral
ECL: 432

A massive, glowing coil uncoils itself into space. Three beginning masses move and shift, looking back and forth. The light is rather easy to see through, but difficult. Through the light show three crocodilian heads, a serpentine body and talons. Suddenly gravity shakes and it looks towards your general direction. It opens it's mouth and slides through space right at you.

Zipacna is the eldest and possible greatest of the Planetary Dragons, more accurately the Planetary Linnorms. He is a pinnacle of his species.

Planetary Dragons are the highest level of Linnorms (except for the nehaschimic+), and are among the many sources of life and gravity in their universe. When they slumber, their own gravity brings in dust, meteors and rock, slowly building up their namesake, Planets.

Use Breath Weapon on closest target, then use spells on them until they die. If weakened to near-death, escape and cover with breath weapon.

Breath Weapon: As perfect gravitic breath. 4d6% Damage

Spell-Like Abilities: idk, just think of some spells to put here

Spells: same here (i got no list)

Gravity: Immense Gravitic strength radiates from the giant crocodile out to 9,000. Creatures are drawn to Zipacna at 100 Ft/Round, and within 1,000 Ft they take 4d1% damage each round.

Really Damn Hot Scales: Any who touch the scales of Zipacna take 81d4 Plasma damage

Forceful: Any strength/fort/will checks from the dragon succeed against any creature with a lower (effective) divine rank automatically.

An actual planet: They have a planet around them when sleeping. They sleep most of the time. Any who try to fight against them must get through an entire planet (they're in the core). These can last until they decide to break out from their build up shells, and can combat creature from within (with a bit of effort)


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Zipacna has all the things a planetary dragon should have as a great great wyrm. Just scale his stats down to whatever level you need him for.

The Lunar dragon that im gonna eventually get to making is named Owatatsumi, Lunar Dragons are basically the Lung/Oriental Dragon Adamic.


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OWATATSUMI-Great Great Wyrm Lunar Dragon

Macro-Diminutive Dragon (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 216d100 +3,155 (24,755)
Initiative: +43
Speed: Spd 5600 Ft, Fly 11,600 Ft
Armour Class: 276
Base Attack/Grapple: +321/+406
Attack: Claw (11d10 +43 +13 Wis damage)
Full Attack: 2 +189 Claws and
7 +189 Bites (14d10 +47 +26 Wis damage) and
+189 Tail Whip (10d10 +42 +13 Wis Damage)
Space/Reach: 500 Ft/450Ft (Bite 500 Ft)
Special Attacks: Breath Weapon, Psi-Like Abilities, Psionics
Special Qualities: Absorb Acid, Darkvision 1200 Ft, Immunity to Cold, paralysis and sleep based attacks, Low-Light Vision, Warpfield
Saves: Fort +401 Ref +267 Will +201
Abilities: Str 302 Dex 10 Con 204 Int 123 Wis 101 Cha 123
Skills: Omnicompetent
Feats: basic dragon feats
Epic: basic epic+ dragon feats
Divine: 13, changeable as a free action
Environment: Space
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 341
Treasure: Triple Standard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Insane)
ECL: 499

Staring at the moon has been calming, pleasing even. Wait... Something's... Off... The moon turns a sickly yellow, and some long shape slithers across the yellow zit-like mark on the great stone. Staring closer with your divine senses, you see it clearly, yet you don't want to see it clearly. It's hideous. A long, serpentine lizard with seven long necks whips quick across the moon. Pure white, yet rather dull despite it's luster; tendrils of flesh and headless mouths gape and gulp. It quickly, faster than you can see, slurps through space straight at you, orifices slurping down your mind.

Owatatsumi is the known most powerful of the Lunar Dragons, or Moon Lung as they are known. Lunar Dragons, like 100% of Adamic Dragons, slumber and roost in the cores of moons that form around their sleeping bodies.

Lunar Dragons are the Dimensional/Adamic Dragons of Abyss, or Far Place. Insane and insanity iducing horror that all too often dwell within the hearts of moons close to inhabited planets. They enjoy feasting upon not flesh, but the brain matter and mental stability of their victims, commonly left alive so that they may return and feast again (That is, if they regain their sanity).


Breath Weapon: Drain 40 Wis OR Deal 108d20 Divine Acid damage (Only one type for each individual dragon)

Psi-Like Abilities: Literally just psionics that they have

Psionics: Psionics, idk any, no list or book

Warpfield: Lunar Dragons can teleport once every round, the range is 1/4 of a Light Year.

Light of the Moon: Within a 2,000 Ft radius around the dragon is an aura, which drains 5.5 Wisdom every round, and gives off dim light.

I couldn't think of anything good. You see, i'm not good when I attempt to think of anything not a deity. Im good with gods.


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hey, do you guys want me to actually stat out Apep or a combatable avatar/aspect of him
cause if you want the actual apep it'll take a few days

also here's a demiurge

Macro-Gargantuan Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 640d1,000 +250,000 x2 (1,780
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Superluminal
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (3,406(500 Base +96 Divine +2,560 Natural +250 Deflection
Base Attack/Grapple: +500/+1,300
Attack: Big Beam (750d1,000 Pure Divine)
Full Attack: Big Beam
Space/Reach: 200 Ft/Infinite
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Portfolios
Special Qualities: Eternal Traits
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: All 500
Skills: Omnicompetent (+596), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: Divine Retribution
Divine: put into cosmics
Cosmic: put into transcendentals
Transcendental: Amaranthine, Uncanny Omega Mastery
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 667
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: 1,000

Behold, Out of the great vacuum of space is drawn this heavenly creature! Though shattered, It is far beyond any. It is gorgeous, yet not beautiful. A division from which you came. Now it shall become one again, with you within.


Uncanny Omega Mastery:
Beam: Destroy 640 HD
Blast: Destroy 320 HD
Blood: Destroy 160 HD
Breath: Destroy 640 HD
Hand: Destroy 851 HD
Immolation: Destroy 851 HD
Storm: Destroy 160 HD
Strike: Destroy 160 HD
Wrath: Destroy 320 HD
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Im moving the entire setting ive built up into the omniverses of the Demi-Ultral Supreme Being Apep. Yeah so he's the SB.



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Omni-Existential Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 999,000,000,000,000d10,000 +5x10^17 x10,000 x20 (1.5258789064498E+34(Infinite)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: Space Folding
Armour Class: Infinite
Base Attack/Grapple: Always Succeeds
Attack: Expression of Furious Wrath
Full Attack: Expression of Furious Wrath
Space/Reach: idk/All Time All Space
Special Attacks: All
Special Qualities: All
Saves: Cannot Fail
Abilities: All Infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven, Always Succeeds
Feats: All
Epic: All
Divine: All
Cosmic: All
Transcendental: All
Omnific: All
Metempiric: Supreme Being Traits, Omnipotence, Omniarch, Cast Out, Aklo, Might of Might, Nondimensional, Absolute Infinity, Metaphysical, Metamerism, Metadimensional, Inexhaustible, Overwhelming Dominance, Overwhelming Toughness, Invincible Shields, Flesh Transcendence, Uncanny Metempiric Kinetic Mastery, Uncanny Metempiric Omnielemental Mastery
Ultra: Infinite HD, Infinite AD, Metapotence
Environment: Aravoth
Organization: Solitary or with 1,000,000d10,000 Lipika and 100,000d10,000 Muhlatimic Dragons
Challenge Rating: idk how to calculate numbers this big
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: *creepy asterisk scream*

"Ah, you've finally arrived." Shesha is here. Suddenly decloaking, revealing scales the size of Universes, and a head grey, rough and sharp. His body coils for infinities. Then he shrinks down to your size, and then assumes a more humanoid form. Tall, thin, with long limbs and tail, topped with his normal head, like that of a Muhlat, but with many more ridges and rough patches of scales. Those snake eyes stare right into you, an unblinking precipice of annihilation and rebirth. Snakes uncoil from behind him, all cobras flaring their hoods, dragons of all breeds unfurl from behind as well, roaring a cacophany of devastation. Shesha steps forward and extends a hand. "Greetings little Eternal." You attempt to cut his hand off and jab at him, but your blade flies back a nanosecond before striking him. His serpents turn their heads towards you, and fire off their breath weapons. Your life really does flash before your eyes, and you see the future, which you haven't sensed occuring, a future in which you die and are forgotten.

Shesha is the Supreme Being of four Omniverses, and former Sidereal of Time. His true form is a massive serpent, many universes long; but his preferred form is that of a reptilian humanoid with somewhat canid legs, and a seemingly starved and emaciated look, offputting to say the least (he's definitely much stronger than he appears).


Welcome to Hell, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Supreme Being Traits: Shesha is truly Supreme in FOUR ENTIRE Omniverses, gaining Veto, +40 Metempiric Abilities, a x20 HP modifier, Cast Out, Almighty Law and Omniarch

Almighty Law: Shesha is the entity who rules over all. He can make Omniversal laws that cannot be broken.

Omniarch: As Shesha is the ruler of everything, he can induce an effect like Ruled, but it cannot be saved against. He also receives an Infinite Divine Bonus. He also cannot be attacked throughout all of Time and Space. He attacks from all Times and all Spaces, he can travel anywhere and anywhen. He cannot be undermined.

Veto: He can make anything that has, is and will happen not happen. We all know how this works.

Tear Away: He can rip the universes from Eternals. This removes all of their divine ranks, and are a mortal. Time in the universe stops until there's a new Eternal or First One for the universe.

: His Divine Aura is everywhere in the Omniverse. He senses everything in the Omniverse. He feels all.

11th Sense: He knows all things that will happen in the Omniverse. He knows your every thought, your every action.

Omnific Abrogate
: Foes loose all of their abilities the moment they begin to fight against Shesha.

Invulnerability: Shesha cannot loose Divine Ranks or Quintessence, nor can he be Erased from existence, nor have any HD destroyed or drained, nor does any effect that deletes a percentage of his HP effect him.

Aklo: Shesha speaks the absolute, perfect language. By speaking a word, he can do anything he can imagine. He knows all words. They have no saves.

Miraculous Alterations: As Alter Reality, but takes no actions and cannot be resisted or blocked; only Veto can deny this power's passage.

Inexhaustible: Acts as both Omnific Toughness, and as Indisolluble; however being able to take a full round's actions when regenerated.

Might of Might: All of what he does, actions, attacks, is permanant. Nothing can be reversed, only he can revoke his actions.

Wrath of Wrath: Instant obliterate anything of Shesha's choosing. All are reincarnated, irregardless of HD, and gain abilities based around their past lives.

Fate of Fates: All of Shesha's rolls, for any (and every) thing are maximized; all foes have minimized rolls.

Strike with the Force of Infinity: All of his Attacks deal maximized damage.

Flesh Transcendence: Anything that touches Shesha or enters a space where he was the past round takes 499.5 Trilliond10,000 Divine/Antidivine Omnielemental damage which bypasses all defences.

Metadimensional: He multiplies each round, starting at 1,000, and multiplying at a growing rate. Second round he has 2,000 Manifestations, Third 6,000, Fourth 24,000, Fifth 120,000, etc. Each slain manifestation is effected by Metaphysical and Metamerism as well.

Metaphysical: He can't be killed permanantly. He actually just instantly gets right back up.

: Stacks with Metaphysical, and when he dies he gets a new manifestation. Also stacks with Metadimensional.

Nondimensional: Shesha has a 99.99999% chance of not even being hit by an attack.

Expression of Furious Wrath: Deals Infinite Damage, destroys all HD, drains all Quintessence, and deletes all Divine Ranks.

Superior to All Else: Shesha is the greatest being to Exist. Shesha has total control over his own existence, can manipulate all forces, control everything, use magic capable of anything, replicate any power, use science that can do anything, rewrite the laws of reality, exist beyond life and death, control all bounderies, control cause and effect, manipulate all concepts, manipulate the cycle of existence, manipulate how everything is defined, manipulate all of existence itself, manipulate the prime force, manipulate all planes and dimensions, create/sort/preserve all creation, control and defy logic without limit, achieve anything, cause miracles that can do anything, have complete and utter immunity to all powers, control all abilities on an absolute level, create new abilities, control all possibility, control metaphysics, completely erase any existence, decide fate for all creation, embody everything, nullify everything, commit omnicide, invent anything, control all universes, manipulate the origin of everything, override the laws of reality, manipulate pataphysics, manipulate perspective, be utterly and in every way perfect, break all scientific laws, be unable to have his powers changed in any way, preserve everything, be the beginning of all things, separate everything, be absolutely one of a kind, control infinite spiritual power, control all supernatural things, manipulate all creation, be absolutely invincible, be one with everything and be unable to have actions reversed by anything else. Thanks Powerlisting.com for all the things he can do.

Complete Arsenal: He wields all weapons, has all powers and abilities, even those unique to certain individuals and creatures.

Omniexistence Manipulation: Shesha created all existences, and thus can alter them to his liking, literally doing anything he can imagine merely by wanting to do it.

Omnifarious: He can take on any form he wishes. He can take on forms that can kill merely by being near, drive insane, or any other effect having odd physiology could come with. He also lacks a size minimum. He receives an Infinite Divine Bonus for all divinities step into his Divine Aura.

Omnificience: He can create anything he desires out of nothing. This can be artifacts that surpass even the Lipika's, or any other item he wishes.

Omnilock: Shesha exists outside of everything, and Shesha cannot loose Divine Ranks or Quintessence, nor can he be Erased from existence, nor have any HD destroyed or drained, nor does any effect that deletes a percentage of his HP effect him. He may choose to simply not be in Creation for any amount of time, he may still attack from this state.

Causa Sui: Shesha created himself (he was created by his alter ego, Magnum Tenebrosum), and thus he has no master, no limits, he can grow and expand infinitely.

Indeterminacy: His power is unknown, what he can do at the peak of his power is unknown. He has no defined amount of quintessence or defined divine rank.

Infinite HD
: He has infinite Hit Dice. Yep i made this a thing. Must abrogated by Omnific Abrogate.

Infinite AD
: He also has infinite Attack Dice. so 10,000d10,000 is nothing, he has Lemniscated10,000. (lemniscate is infinity symbol)

Metapotence: He has all Feats, Epic Feats, Divine Abilities, Cosmic Abilities, Transcendental Abilities, Omnific Abilities and Metempiric Abilities.

These are the Artifacts of Artifacts, the Rarities of Rarities.

The Topaz Blade of Divine Horror: A small topaz crystal, (well, small to Supernals), measuring the size of a galaxy. Any Deity that has the Stone presented before them is instantly under the effects of Caution, a second round presented gives Anxiety, a third Fear, fourth Panic, fifth Terror, sixth Dread. The effected must make a save equal to 5 times their divine rank.

The Wall of Infinite and Eternal Perfection
: This shield, resembling a flattened Kuvachim, is actually a flattened Kuvachim. It gives an Infinite Perfection, Luck, Competence, Insight, Sacred, Profane, Anarchic, Axiomatic, Divine, Natural and Deflection Bonus. It reflects all attacks, and reflects them for every round onwards (If hit with a fireball, the caster will bit hit with the fireball that round; and every round onwards they will be hit with a fireball), and when hit schisms the quintessence of the attacker and destroys their artifact permanantly. It floats by Shesha's side.

The Peak of Weapons
: This universe-sized explosion of light, literally near infinite amounts of Big Bangs and Big Rips forged into an orb, deals infinite damage and attacks all targets each turn. (Attacks everyone on a Barbarian's turn, then a Wizard has a turn and it attacks, etc) It bypasses all defences, channels Expressions, pushes a target millions of Astronomical Units back, and destroys all HD and HP.

Armour of Creation: While not actual armour that is worn, it is more or less panes of Kuvachim's glass that construct themselves into existence whenever an attack comes Shesha's way. It absorbs any weapon used against it, and attacks with the weapon on it's turn, for each weapon consumed, a Great Wyrm Destiny Muhlat will be summoned, for each landed attack a Great Wyrm Doom Muhlat will be summoned, for every kill it lands it will summon a Great Wyrm Fate Muhlat and 100 Lipika.

Crown of Four Creations and of the Self-Consuming Perfection
: This crown is composed of the Crowns of four slain Supreme Beings and the Crown of Adisheshanaga stacked upon each other. No creature can un/willingly challenge Shesha, Lipika and Muhlats join Apep's side in combat.

Cloak of Night and the Stars which Shine Blindingly Bright: A cloak made entirely of the actual night sky of planets. If he were to swish it at someone as some sort of distraction maneuver, they will literally go blind permanantly. Not just blind, they loose all senses. They always miss attacks, and always walk into attacks. Still actually not worn, but it surrounds him.

: Serpents and dragons that appear from behind him, they do anything before he even begins preforming that action. They deal Infinite Damage, or heal Infinitely Well. They create infinitely, or destroy infinitely.

The Pillar of Time
: A rod floating 'round and 'round his form. It warps time to his will without him having to use his power.

The Pane of Space: A sphere that orbits around Shesha, always opposite of The Pillar. It warps space.

The Cosmic Orb of the Beast: The former Incarnate Spirit of Id in his Omniverse. Reverts any creature into a Int 4 animal, even Supernals.

Throne of Four Existences: No damage can be dealt to Shesha when he sits upon this throne, actually, attacks heal him. (Dealing 300 damage is healing him for 300 HP)

These are the artifacts that he's made that he doesn't use. Despite their lack of use by Apep he may summon them to him on a whim.

The Earring of Unimaginable Snakes
: An earring that turns the wearer into a Colossal Snake.

The Lake of Hell: A levitating chalice holding the hellish spittle of Shesha. Any who are thrown within (those dropped in are adjusted) are reduced to nothing in a matter of minutes.

The Cursed Ocean of Flames: Another chalice containing the flaming exhalations of Shesha. It can burn through anything, in half the time it takes for one to die to The Lake of Hell it can kill Lipika.

The Infernal Horn of Spirits: A horn broken from Shesha's head, holding immense power. When blown it brings all deceased creature's spirits to attention, who then flock to the user, and serve.

The Infernal Fang of Madness: A fang that he shed, a dark sliver of eternal nothingness. Darkness wells within the shard. It has a 100% chance of utter obliteration, and always hits as long as the enemy has no knowledge of it. Those that know of it go mad.

The Fang of Unending Summoning: A fang that amplifies summoning magic, one spell need be cast, for each round another creature is summoned.

The Holy Breath: The Inhalations of Shesha, which heal all wounds; mental, physical, or otherwise.

The Forgotten Fist of Infinite Lightning: A source of infinite energy in the shape of a human's fist the size of a human's fist.

The Demonic Fist of The Unnamed: Another "Fist" from Shesha, this one is in the shape of a demon's spread hand. It summons evil-aligned outsiders when used.

The Halo of Infinite Ice
: A teardrop ripped from a Sidereal of Water' eye. Unknown effects.

The Halo of The Forgotten One: The scalp of a Sidereal of the Past. Unknown effects.

The Eldritch Wings of Infinite Light: The "Wings" of a horror beyond description, torn from their body. Grants Starflight and Superluminal speed.

The Black Cup of Eternal Darkness
: A goblet made of writhing flesh, transforms those who drink of it's liquid (pretty much identical to pus) become Cogent.

The Flames of Glory: Merely a fire, unknown properties, however unable to be extinguished.

The Core of Nightmares: A beating heart, torn straight from a Sidereal of Time turned Demiurge long ago. That Sidereal was Shesha. Though now he has regenerated a heart, this stone still exists, and beats still. Unknown powers, unknown usage. Those that sleep near it have nightmares of Shesha swallowing them whole.

The Castle of Wings: A mere castle, or so it seems until entered. Once inside it places you in the Divine Realm of Shesha, The former universe that Shesha came from, the one where he conquered the Egyptian Pantheon and tortures them to this day, known now as "The Forgotten Desert of Eternal Time."
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Amon Ra is "dead," he's a specter of his former self. Not as powerful. Actually imprisoned within Apep's hell.

I just couldn't think of any artifacts. Bythos would have a book, Cosmocrats probably wouldn't care.


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im for some reason thinking of a high divine/low cosmic adventure where Demogorgon happens upon a few angels killing a unleashed elder one and him just sneaking over once he's dead and just slurping up all the raw quintessence and becoming an elder one and uniting the abyss under his banner, then one by one awakening and devouring other elder ones until he becomes an old one. actually, reminds me, I should stat out gorgy


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DEMOGORGON, PRINCE OF DEMONS | Demon Monarch/Lesser Deity
Huge Outsider (Chaotic, Demon, Extraplanar, Evil)
Hit Dice: 50d20 +24 (5024)
Initiative: +19
Speed: 180 Ft, Swim 360 Ft, Fly 180 Ft
Armour Class: 82 (40 Base +13 Natural +21 Deflection +8 Divine)
Base Attack/Grapple: +28/+44
Attack: Slam (8d8 and loose 8 HP every turn)
Full Attack: 2 Slams and
2 Bites (10d10) and
(grappled opponents only) Constrict (15d10) and
2 Tail Whips (4d6 and steal 12 HP)
Space/Reach: 18 Ft/16 Ft (18 Ft with Slam, 20 Ft with Tail Whip)
Special Attacks: Divine Aura, Spell-Like Abilities, Spells, Portfolios
Special Qualities: DR 20/-, Demon Traits, SR 68
Saves: Fort +30, Ref +27, Will +27
Abilities: Str 62 Dex 41 Con 47 Int 40 Wis 32 Cha 42
Skills: Omnicompetent (+48), Maven
Feats: Cleave
Epic: Etheric Double, Etheric Vision Plastic Soul, Sixth Sense, Sky Walker, Soothsayer
Divine: Adjuration, Forked Tongue, Perfect Damage Reduction
Cosmic: Cosmic Toughness, Spirit Stealer
Environment: Demogorgon's Palace: Abysm; Layer 88 of the Abyss, Gaping Maw
Organization: Solitary, or with Retinue (you do the math
Challenge Rating: 66
Treasure: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Insane)
ECL: 99

Breaking into the throneroom of Abysm was difficult, but a greater threat had prepared for you: Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, the most powerful true demon in the Abyss, The Sibilant Beast, Lord of All that Swims in Darkness himself stands before you. A literally deafening roar resounds throughout the great hall, tears well in your eyes from the sheer pain caused by the cacophany; once the echoes stop you hear his crushing stomps drawing nearer and as you look up you see a black tentacle coming down fast.

Just as a footnote here: in the Epic Bestiary it says that the most powerful demon, the demon emperor, rules over 10 layers of the abyss; but i decided to roll 10d6 (the amount of layers for a demon monarch, beneath the emperor) and i got 36 for Demogorgon.

Demogorgon is the Prince of Demons, and the most powerful true demon (As Lilith is a fallen angel). He is a 18' monster of a demon, made entirely of rippling muscle under the stretched out skin of a mandrill and the legs of a primal reptile or dinosaur, with the tentacles of a unidentified cephalopod. He has two heads resembling primates with the skulls of iguanas, two long actual iguana's tails and the beforementioned tentacles. His two heads are named Aameul and Hathradiah, and have distinct personalities; Aameul the more tactical and planning, while Hathradiah is a brutal and destructive murderer, however both minds are set against each other despite sharing the same body and are both equally insane.


Spell-Like Abilities: At Will-Commune, Dream, Etherealness, Geas/Quest, Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport, Magic Jar, Sending, Tongues, Obscuring Mist, Fog Cloud, Water Breathing, Control Water, Ice Storm, Cone of Cold, Acid Fog, Horrid Wilting, Elemental Swarm, Enlarge Person, Bull's Strength, Magic Vestment, Spell Immunity, Righteous Might, Stoneskin, Grasping Hand, Clenched Fist, Crushing Hand; 8/day-Wish

Spells/ICL: Demogorgon has 25 levels in sorcerer, you go on from here.

Demon Traits: 100' Telepathy, Immunity to Electricity/Cold/Poison.

Divine Aura: 600'; Daze, Fear or Heroism.

: Demogorgon has the Sea and Strength Portfolios
Hostile Environment (Arid/Fire): -8 penalty
Fire Vulnerability: 50% extra damage from fire
Aquatic: Aquatic Subtype
Scion of the Sea: +8 bonus while in water
Improved Summoning (Aquatic): Aquatic have 50% more HD
Divine Cold: Cold is 50% Divine
Superior Cold Blast (Wave): 19d4 Cold
Rhino's Cunning: actually in wisdom
Death before Dishonour: cannot skimp out on fights
Shield of Strength: Immune to strength damage
Scion of Strength: lets just say its put in
Strong Brethren: summoned have 8 extra strength
Instrument of Strength: DR or Hardness 50% effective
Superior Strength Withering Blast (Wave): 2d3 Strength Drain

Gaze: Aameul's gaze Charms while Hathradiah's drives Insane, if they lock their heads on a single target they can Hypnotize.

Cold-Blooded Heart: Demogorgon Dominates all Cold-Blooded creatures of a lower Divine Rank automatically when they enter his aura.

Summon Demons: Demogorgon can summon 3 Balor, or a equal strength pack of lesser demons.

Demogorgon doesn't wield any artifacts. Considering he's the first demon he himself is an artifact.

The Well of Souls?: One of, if not the, main source of processed/made useful souls in the Lower Planes.


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also, bat, I think I may never get to statting out the stellar dragon y ddraig goch

so here's some demiurge stuff

-the demiurge wakes up and eats everyone by 1: a first one eating another first one or enough equal deities, or 2: the fractured mind of the sundered time lord manages to reclaim a fraction of their original form

-demiurges are the intersection between sidereals and eternals and are kinda in the middle

-theoretically a demiurge could have children with mortals by using alter reality and choosing a spell to increase size to relatively equal size

-demiurges are kinda obsessed with becoming a time lord again

-demiurges have IQs over 1000-3000 and can benchpress a supercluster like a greater deity can lift an actual potato chip


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AO-THE OVERGOD | First One, Famous Cosmic Beard
Gargantuan Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 275d100 +25,000 x8 (420,000)
Initiative: Always First
Speed: 1,000 Ft
Armour Class: Perfect Defence (617(250 Base +250 Deflection +48 Divine +69 Natural)
Base Attack/Grapple: +250/+600
Attack: Annihilating Beam
Full Attack: Annihilating Beam
Space/Reach: 40 Ft/35 Ft
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Divine Aura, Portfolios, Transmute
Special Qualities: Transcendental Architect
Saves: +250
Abilities: Str 500 Dex 500 Con 500 Int 500 Wis 500 Cha 500
Skills: Omnicompetent (+298), Maven
Feats: None
Epic: None
Divine: None
Cosmic: Uncanny Annihilating Mastery
Transcendental: Intrinsic, Perfect Defence, Transcendental Architect, Transmute
Environment: Space
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 400
Treasure: None
Alignment: Unaligned
ECL: 480

You have made it outside the "crystal sphere," as those gods called it. And that's a beard floating in space. Yep. Just a beard. You can literally just walk over there with a pack of matches or a lighter and set this "Ao" on fire.

He's a beard. Wow. That's actually how he's described. Thats it! Im gettin me mallet!

Go to divine realm, transmute entire floor to antimatter and throw the deity to the floor and explode.

Transmute: Ao, with a touch, can turn any kind of matter into any other kind of matter. No energy though.

Portfolios: He can have any two portfolios as a free action.

Transcendental Architect: This isn't even combat focused, but he can create stuff in seconds.

Uncanny Annihilating Mastery:
Beam: 275d6 Permanant Damage
Blast: 138d6 PD
Blood: 69d6 PD
Breath: 275d6 PD
Hand: 366d6 PD
Immolation: 366d6 PD
Storm: 69d6 PD
Strike: 69d6 PD
Wrath: 138d6 PD


First Post
hey you guys want some updates

well too late here they are

Ahura Mazda/Apep is now named Lord Adisheshanaga-Sankarshana and was a First One of Time who took over the Dimension of Fate. also was originally LN like Zurvan
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