Keeping track of bloodied, marked, etc...

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Invested in Alea Tools. I could have done something cheaper, like the pipe cleaners, and gotten the same result. I like 'game gear' so I spent the money. One session down and I'm mostly happy with them. I think I may not use all of the colors I got, but the ones I was using for bloodied, marked, and ongoing damage were very helpful. I posted a little something in my blog about them, too.

I was actually thinking about them, but I get all thrifty. *8) They'd work great though... the only thing would be converting about 200 minis... yikes! The price wouldn't be too bad, as I'd just build my own set of more tokens of fewer colors. Probably spend $40 on the magnet pieces but another $40 on the conversion pieces. For now I'm going the pipe cleaner route though... We're talking like $10 for a pimped out collection of pipe cleaners! :D


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We are still using coloured glass beads. They work fine until either the figures get tightly bunched or you get lots of figures that can shift in which case moving them with figures all the time becomes a pain.

Still looking for that perfect solution


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We use karma beads for bloodied (kids toy which they make colourful patterns out of and then you iron them so they melt and join together). We use blue tack to stick a red one onto the head of the characters miniature.
Works well. Theirs about 8 colours all up.


Push pins - a colored set for each player. Push the pin gently into the base of the mini. Doesn't hurt the mini, and it looks like they've had darts thrown at them. :)


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the only thing would be converting about 200 minis... yikes!
I have a sizeable stash of minis myself. I'm currently only converting minis as needed. I prewrite most of my encounters, including potential random encounters, so I just put bases on whatever I might need for a given session. I didn't want to deal with the labor or cost of converting all of them at once.

They aren't perfect. I'd still like the precut bases to come in DDM small and large sizes, and I really wish they would've had the new (less powerful magnet) version ready for the inevitable 4e purchases, but I'm digging them thus far.
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Just buy the ALEA magnet discs. They're expensive, but they work great - IF you buy a sheet of metal (2x3 or 3x3 galvanized steel - $7) to place beneath your map, tiles, etc. Otherwise they will stick to each other something fierce.

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