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D&D 5E Keys from the Golden Vault

Free heist to get you started. Preorders are available for digital+book bundle.

They waited until Feb and the ogl flap to settle before getting this going I see.
I've been reading through and unfortunately it appears they don't have any widespread mechanism to prevent the sort of collapse into "just fighting stuff" as is likely with D&D's main resolution system.

Random notes:

The adventure is kind of wild in that the PCs are given a map which is basically a Shadowrun hacker, and can unlock the doors for them at will.

The guy behind the heist being Lawful Good is pretty funny, especially as the target is essentially an LN/LG organisation. Him thinking PCs are going to go for his offer of "2% of whatever turns out to be in this potentially-empty vault" is even funnier. I mean thankfully at least the PCs aren't opening that vault because otherwise dude would not see a penny.

There's a whole "Suspicion" mechanism but it seems like all it does is potentially make the PC's life harder.

Seems weird that the prison can engage a See Invisibility mode at will but it isn't always on.

Also that the spectator guarding the armory "knows the staff on sight" but also there's no mechanism for introducing new staff to it despite the PCs explicitly going in as new staff. Think it through guys.

ACAB means I find it literally impossible to take an LG prison warden (who is a secret Harper lololololol is anyone in the FR NOT a secret Harper?) seriously on any level whatsoever. You have to be kidding me. Especially as the prison is making no attempt to rehabilitate the prisoners.

Prisoner 13 is unquestionably cool, acts like an adventurer, ripped, has badass tats, is kinda hot and we're supposed to not like her why? Because a surly dwarf who is trying to rip us off told us she sucked for unspecified reasons? Oh my god. Also staggeringly detailed account of Prisoner 13's tats. Including those on her hips, back and stomach. Note Prisoner 13 is fully clothed when met so that's a thing. At least they set it up so she doesn't want to escape because 90% of parties are going to be like:


Er but with "her" - Prisoner 13 is female.

It's better laid-out/presented than most WotC adventures so there's that! Also there's basically only one enemy type so it's clear you're not INTENDED to fight them.

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I’m not making that mistake again. I still haven’t received my hard copy of the Dragonlance book, and we’re coming up on two months since it was supposed to ship!
Yikes! Most people got theirs within the first week, maybe a bit late, but not badly so. You're in New Zealand, right? Maybe the distance caused an issue and it got lost or misrouted?

I'm skipping early access this time (I was really wanting to run DL, so I wanted it as early as possible; but since I'm running that, there's no hurry to get this book), but I might try it again with Bigby's Giants book in a few months to see if they've gotten the kinks worked out.

Some good writers here:

Here's the writing team: Amanda Hamon, Christopher Perkins, Justice Ramin Arman, Kate Baker, Makenzie De Armas, Dan Dillon, Brooks Donohue, Tim Hitchcock, Sadie Lowry, Jeffrey Ludwig, Sarah Madsen, Mario Ortegón, Ben Petrisor, and T. Alexander Stangroom

I read that list too quickly, missed some commas, and saw Dillon Brooks in the middle of that. I was wondering how he had time to write an adventure while playing for the Memphis Grizzlies before I re-read it properly lol...

Edit. And ironically, not long after posting this, Dillon Brooks starts trending because he instigated a brawl in a game against Cleveland...
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Just read “Prisoner 13.” I was really looking forward to this book and having this show up early meant I could run it for a 1-shot I had planned in a week. Unfortunately, this really doesn’t give me much more than Rime of the Frostmaiden.


Yikes! Most people got theirs within the first week, maybe a bit late, but not badly so. You're in New Zealand, right? Maybe the distance caused an issue and it got lost or misrouted?
Other people in NZ have received their copies. As far as I can tell, mine hasn’t even been shipped yet.


Been reading my free adventure, "Prisoner 13," and it's really, really good. I love how there is kind of a sci-fi vibe to the prison, but done through arcane means. The suspicion mechanic is really cool, allowing a sort of meta-game in which the party has to manage their suspicion level. It's a great 1-2 evening's worth of play, with a ton of fun RP opportunities that will reward clever play. Definitely not a "Hulk smash!" kind of adventure.

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