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D&D 5E Keys from the Golden Vault


I crit!
The cover and info have been updated on Amazon.


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Some good writers here:

Here's the writing team: Amanda Hamon, Christopher Perkins, Justice Ramin Arman, Kate Baker, Makenzie De Armas, Dan Dillon, Brooks Donohue, Tim Hitchcock, Sadie Lowry, Jeffrey Ludwig, Sarah Madsen, Mario Ortegón, Ben Petrisor, and T. Alexander Stangroom


The appearance of Revel's End proves at least one tie-in with Honor Among Thieves. Even thought Revel's End first appeared in Rime of the Frostmaiden, it was designed for Honor Among Thieves.

Free heist to get you started. Preorders are available for digital+book bundle.

They waited until Feb and the ogl flap to settle before getting this going I see.

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