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Ok, this is for all those artists here that like to do free sketches but it is a little more complex than a regular character sketch. I posted something similar to this a while ago.

What you are about to read is a excerpt from my World of Kulan Story Hour. It is a scene involving the characters first encounter with the reef giant called Saisan Marg, who would become their friends and traveling companion for a period of time.

Note that if someone chooses to draw something for this scene, how the characters look is totally up to artist. Simply go by your gut feelings. This is an interpretive challenge.

Unfortunately, there really isn't anything I can give to those who wish to participate. I do have some talent in CC2, so if someone wants to go above and beyond and would like a map done in return, I'll consider it.



From the Journal of Bactra Redwind, son of Minonus

The eastern coast of Harqual:
Thessa didn't speak to Dabuk again for several days after going through the ritual. Besides Dvalin, she remained aloof to the rest of us as well. Dabuk had been upset at me. He didn't really have a right. I'd tried to talk her out of it. And he'd agreed that if someone was insistant that it wasn't right to forbid them.

Mesik had had the chance once to go through the ritual and had backed off immediately. Jeddar didn't want to have anything to do with the ritual, as it was banned in his homeland, the Kingdom of the Silver Leaves. Rikin didn't like the fact that Dvalin was spending so much time with Thessa. He didn't think it was proper for the future consort of the High Thane to be so friendly towards another female...

...The third day of traveling brought us up a long rise that had seemed to stretch on forever. We peaked the top of the rise. Then I saw what I thought would be the strangest thing I'd ever see in my life. And it was pretty close.

A large giant was wading through the water off the coast. He was using a large trident to spear several large fish nearly as big as Mesik. He was obviously enjoying himself laughing and singing in the tongue of giants. We just stood there dumbfounded for several minutes.

The giant hadn't seen us yet. He continued to spear fish, flinging his catch onto the shoreline. He was really good at it too. That's what scared me.

Dabuk motioned everone back over the rise to decide what to do.

"Ok," Dabuk was running his fingers over the hilt of his sword. "What does everyone think?"

It was the first time he didn't seem sure of what to do. Of course, none of us had ever run into a real giant before. Ogres were sort of like giants but not really. Ogres were dumb and cruel. Giants were... well, giants. Not something to take lightly.

Mesik was hunched down as far as he could go. Really big creatures make him nervous. "Um, I think we better take the long way around. Backtrack a ways and then cut across the desert away from it."

"Please don't refer to him as an it. Giants are known for being overly sensitive about such things." Dvalin was whispering.

"How do you know that?" I shook my head in disbelief.

"Trust me," Dvalin had his axe out. "My father has told me things that would curl your toes."

"Aye." Rikin was readying his axe. "Besides, giants are always evil and we have the advantage. I say we take him!"

"Oh sure," I couldn't believe the dwarven bluster being thrown around. "We'll just convince him to come out of the water so we can hack at his knees and ankles. He's at least fifteen feet tall, maybe twenty. And not all giants are evil, that's a dwarven myth!"

"Not so loud." Thessa was peering over the rise carefully. "The giant will hear you."

"Thessa's right," Dabuk kept his voice down. "Everyone stay calm and lower your voices."

Everyone stood there quietly for several minutes while Dabuk paced back and forth. He was thinking.

Jeddar had his blades out, twirling them back and forth impatiently. Sometimes I wondered if his elven blood was so thin that he hadn't learned how to be calm. "Well?"

Dabuk stopped looking at Jeddar. "While Rikin makes good points about giants usually being evil, Bactra is right. Not all giants are evil. This giant isn't a ogre or even one of the foul hill giants my father has fought in the past. This giant is different. He seems intelligent and jovial. I don't think he's evil but I do suggest caution."

"Then we should go around boy." Dvalin shook his head. "Any giant is dangerous when angered."

"We don't have time to go around, my friend. It will take too much time. We have to risk it."

"So we're going to try to sneak by." Rikin slapped his forehead in disbelief. "He'll spot us for sure."

"I didn't say that. We're going to introduce ourselves and be really friendly. If anyone has a problem with that then I suggest you stay well back and let me do the talking."

Everyone was stunned to silence. Dvalin moaned in frustration, Jeddar dropped his swords mid-twirl, while the rest of them stared at my cousin in shock.

It was just crazy enough it might work. Still the plan could get us killed in a heartbeat. Before anyone could stop him, Dabuk had climbed over the rise yelling out to the giant.

"Oh, by Hade's beard." Mesik scrambled up over the rise after Dabuk.

"He is nuts!" Thessa just stood there.

The rest of them followed one by one. I had to literally drag Thessa over the rise...

"Hello there!" Dabuk was yelling at the top of his lungs. "I would like to speak to you if you don't mind!"

After hearing that introduction I was begining to wonder if Thessa was right. This wasn't a good idea.

Dabuk turned his back to everyone. "Damn it, everyone put your weapons away. How are we supposed to look friendly when we're all armed to the teeth."

"All right," Dvalin strapped his axe to his back. "But you better be right about him not being evil."

Everyone but Rikin put away their weapons.

"Rikin," Dvalin patted his adopted brother on the back. "Put you axe away, my brother."

"With all due respect brother." Rikin tightened his gripe on the weapon. "Not a chance. He's evil I tell you."

"Fine. But stay back a bit. If he isn't evil then you might just make him mad enough to attack if you go waving that at him."

"Dvalin, don't-" Rikin couldn't hide his anger and fear.

"I have to. They're my friends."

Dabuk was still yelling at the giant failing to get his attention. He was flailing his arms around like a wounded gull and looked hilarious.

"Oh come on," Dabuk was panting. "He must be deaf."

"I don't think he's deaf." I stepped up to my cousin getting a look at the giant for the first time. He seemed almost at peace in the water. He stood at least fifteen to sixteen feet tall. His hair was the same color as the seaweed washed up on the beach. His skin the color of the water. Yes, the water was definitely his home.

"I think he's so tall and so far out there that he can't hear you. I can barely hear you over his singing. Let me try."

"Ok," Dabuk was still breathing heavily his hands on his knees. "Good luck!"

"I don't need luck. I have my magic."

I stepped part way into the surf, reaching out with my mind and my magic. I could feel the water and the shore. Mumbling the arcane words taught to me by my tutor, I forced my thoughts through the water towards the giant. I could hear his laughing in my head as I made the connection through the sending.

"I hope this works."

I called out to him through my mind with the same greeting my cousin had used before.

The giant stopped singing standing up with his back to us. He scratched his head confused.

"Over here!" I yelled out.

The giant spun around looking cautiously at us. Then he started to laugh again. Yes, he wasn't evil. That I was sure of now.

"AH, THERE YOU ARE." The giant strode towards the beach using his trident as a makeshift walking stick. "I DIDN'T SEE YOU, LITTLE ONE."

The others backed away unsure of the giants intentions. Only Dabuk stayed by my side. He was sure of my magic and my judgement.

"We are pleased to meet you," I kept my voice raised slightly. "I am Bactra Redwind, this is my cousin Dabuk Tigerstorm. And these are our friends."


I stood there dumbfounded. He knew my people.


"Uh can you get him to lower his voice a little. My eardrums feel like thy're going to pop." Mesik had come up beside me tugging on my shirt.

"WHAT WAS THAT, TINY ONE?" The giant bent down speaking right at Mesik. "I COULDN"T HEAR YOU."

"Can you not be so loud!" Mesik was holding his ears yelling.

"OH, oh... <hurumph>... sorry about that. Is that better, little one."

"Much. Ow." Mesik was shaking his head his eyes all blurry.

"Thank you," Thessa was holding her hands over her ears.

"You're welcome, little miss." The giant stuck his trident into the sand, prongs down, leaving it to go and gather his catch of fish. "My... there's more here than I thought."

"You're pretty good with that thing." Dvalin eyed the trident nervously.

"HA," The giant sat down on the sand hard enough to shake Rikin off his feet. "Don't worry, friend dwarf. I only use it against fish and impolite visitors. HA, HA!"

"Heh... funny," Dvalin didn't seem relieved.

"I thought so, HA!" The giant held up one of the fish. "But where are my manners. Would anyone care for some fish? I have plenty to go around."

Thessa sat down near the huge giant. "We would be glad to, um, what was your name again."

"Oh yes," The giant put the fish down on the sand taking out a huge knife. He began gutting the large fish right in front of Thessa. "My name is Salisan. Salisan Marg."

Fish bits landed near Thessa and she quickly turned green.

"Ooh, sorry about that." Salisan buried the fish guts of the first one and began slicing open the next one. "I hope you like your fish raw. I always eat them raw. It's the best way."

Slowly, everyone but Rikin sat in a huge arc with Salisan as the center. Dabuk and I sat closest to him opposite of Thessa. Dvalin sidled up next to the gnome priestess keeping an eye on the giant's large knife. Jeddar sat next to Dvalin while Mesik sat next to me.

"Doesn't your other friend want any?" Salisan didn't seem to notice that Rikin was glaring at him.

"He doesn't trust you." Dabuk was already eating the raw fish. I still wasn't sure if I wanted any.

"Really?" Salisan seemed to be hurt by Rikin's coldness. "I assure you, friend dwarf, I am not the violent sort."

"You're a giant."

"Yes, so I've noticed."

"Giant's are evil."

"HA, HA, HA! Yes, most giants are evil. Even some of my kind have turned towards darkness. But don't believe everything you're dwarven legends say about giants."

"What type of giant are you?"

"Rikin, stop being rude." Thessa was glaring at the dwarf.

"It's quite all right, little miss." Salisan sat up straight with pride. "I am a reef giant. One of the great children of the waves and favored race of Lord Aegir."

Rikin was speachless.

"I thought reef giants were a myth." Dvalin looked at Salisan with less fear and great respect.

"Obviously you were wrong." Thessa nudged Dvalin in the ribs. "Besides, didn't you think gnomes were just a legend until you met me?"

"She's got you there, Dvalin." Mesik couldn't help himself sometimes.

Rikin had strapped his axe to his back and come into the arc towards Salisan.

"Neif mert alnal hish maiy nall." I'd never head that language before. It didn't sound dwarven. Rikin held up his hand his palm facing Salisan.

"Nias mert ananl murt hish cain, Aegir maiy." Salisan returned the gesture his words sounding more fluid then even the dwarf's had been.

Rikin bowed to Salisan, which took eveyone by surprise. "I am sorry, Great One. I mistook you for one of the Neith-shaleiz. My dishonor is great."

"Nonsense. You couldn't have known. Please sit."

"It will be my honor."

Rikin sat next to Jeddar taking a piece of raw fish when it was passed down to him.

"Ok," Dabuk raised an eyebrow. "What was that all about?"

"It was private, Dabuk. That's all I can tell you for now."

Salisan nodded in agreement. "Yes, I will honor Rikin's choice. If he wishes to tell you someday then so be it. But I cannot."

"That's fine," I put my hand on Dabuk's arm as he was about to object. "I'm sure Rikin will tell us someday."

We continued to eat the fish talking with Salisan relating our travels and adventures. He listened attentively laughing when Dabuk told him about our encounter with the phanatons. He seemed saddened by the death of the dragonne but understood.

"I know the desert elves. They are savage but honorable. I've tried to get them to help me get rid of an old shipwreck near here. It's quite the eyesore half-submerged as it is near the beach."

"Shipwreck?" Mesik had been dozing tired from the long day of traveling. But he perked up upon hearing of the wrecked ship. "What shipwreck?"

"Ah, I see I've got your attention now, little one."

"Uh, sorry, I'm a little tired." Mesik stood up looking at Salisan. "But I promise. You've got my full attention, now."

"So I see." Salisan looked at the rest of us. Even Dabuk was eager to hear about the wreck. "All right, I'll tell you what I know about it."

Salisan drew a sigil in the sand then another. Then he drew a oval around the two symbols with a line on either side.

"This is the mark of an infamous pirate that sailed the Karmine Sea. He was infamous for his cruelty and ability to summon great magic against his foes. For nearly a hundred years he sailed up and down this coast and was the bane of ports as far south as Zafira.

I do not know if he was as infamous in the north, as I've never been there myself.

Anyway, his name wasn't feared because no one knew it. Not even his own men. But all knew of him due to the flag he flew with his mark upon it. It is said he worshipped one of the Interloper Gods. One known for great malevolence. I don't know which one, unfortunately.

It was his mark that brought fear to others for it signaled the coming of a servent of the vile Interloper.

But with all tyrants and evil souls, time ran out for the Pirate of the Mark. A great fleet was organized in the port of Selquin in the south. This fleet took to the seas refusing to go home until the pirate and his ship were destroyed.

The rest... I'm not familiar with. But the shipwreck is thought to have been his ship by my people and the desert elves. The elves won't go near it. The think it's haunted by his ghost. I don't believe it's anything but an old wreck that has become an eyesore."

"Interesting," Dabuk was gluping down another big piece of fish. "So where exactly is this wreck?"

"Not more then a day's walk north of here. The ship might still contain some of the pirate's treasure and magic. Are you thinking about taking a look?"

"Definitely," Dvalin eyes were lit up. "Treasure."

"Forget the treasure," I went through my spell components and opened my spellbook. "I'm more interested in the magic."

Rikin shook his head. "It's probably been looted already. We should keep going north."

C'mon brother," Dvalin looked at Rikin pleading. "It won't take long and there could be something useful that could help in the fight against the ogres."

"I don't know." Rikin was nervous. "What if it is haunted. Ghosts are said to be able to steal a man's soul."

"I'm sure there aren't any ghosts. Maybe a few ghouls or skeletons. Ghosts are very rare and I doubt one could exist so close to Salisan's home without it affecting the environment is horrible ways. A ghost would radiate death and fear for hundreds of miles. It would cause the fish to die or become something even worse."

I had had extensive tutoring about the undead. It was something my father had insisted on. He had faced undead before but hadn't explained anything more about it. I missed him and my mother horribly and thoughts of them made me even more melancholy.

"I-I guess your right." Rikin had his axe out fingering it nervously. "There would have been signs by now. What do you say, Mesik?"

"Sounds like fun to me."

"While I don't share Mesik's enthusiasm, I think it's worth checking out." Dabuk looked at Salisan. "You want to come with us?"

"I would be honored."

"All right," Dabuk smiled. He didn't do that unless he was looking forward to something that could be dangerous. "Tomorrow morning, we head for the wreck."

"Agreed." Dvalin nodded.

Everyone else nodded in agreement. I was even looking forward to a little adventure again...

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First Post
I might give this a shot. I think I got a cool perspective in my head of the characters coming over the rise to be looking down at the fishing giant. :)


World of Kulan DM
Chauzu said:
I might give this a shot. I think I got a cool perspective in my head of the characters coming over the rise to be looking down at the fishing giant. :)

Go for it Chauzu! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


First Post

I'll have a go but I have a question or few
please correct me-
there are 3 elves,3 dwarves,1 gnome and the giant
yay or nay:p


World of Kulan DM
Re: Yep

Babette said:
I'll have a go but I have a question or few
please correct me-
there are 3 elves,3 dwarves,1 gnome and the giant
yay or nay:p

Close but not quite.

Dabuk Tigerstorm: half-elf ranger/stalker (forest elf * heritage)
Bactra Redwind: forest elf * wizard
Jeddar Silversun: half-elf bard/blade (silver elf ** heritage)
* Forest elves are like the wild and/or wood elves listed in the MM
* Silver elf is my name for the standard PHB elf, although they are closely linked with gray elves.

Dvalin Thunderstone: mountain dwarf fighter
Rikin Stonefossil: hill dwarf fighter
Thessa Simmial: forest gnome cleric of Baervan

Salisan Marg: reef giant warrior (2E reef giant; I haven't seen this giant race converted to 3E yet.)




First Post
Read it and Done it

Did yon challenge:p
it's pencil darkened later in the scanner, I just finished then.
hope you like my version...different i hope?


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World of Kulan DM
Re: Redo

Babette said:
Um..there we go:p

WOW, that is so cool! Excellent job! I like the story feel to the picture. Any chance of getting that inked too?

Regardless, it's really cool. I'm going to post this on my World of Kulan story hour thread, alright?


Darn it, I forgot about Mesik when you were asking about the characters.

Mesik Tindertwig: male Halfling rouge

I could kick myself!


BTW, check out both my World of Kulan Story Hour and Realmsian Dragonstar Story Hour, as well as my Short Story Thread for more inspirational writing (links under sig). ;)
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