D&D 5E [Kobold Press] Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns for 5th Edition

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Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns for 5th Edition is live!​

Create and run 5E adventures that crackle with rich lore, dark plots, and glorious NPCs! A homebrewer's guide to better fantasy cities.

Funded in under an hour!


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What does Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns cover? It's a toolset that starts from the bottom and works through the options to build your city. The core book gives you as many options as possible along with the framework for putting them all together into a functioning location in your game world. (Along with all the amazing art and maps that you know are part of every Kobold Press book!)

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This Campaign Builder project isn't just about building a city though! It'ss also about running great adventures in your city!

So in addition to the hardcover, PDF, and VTT materials, you can also get the Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns Map Folio. The folio will feature a minimum of 10 wet/dry-erase battle maps (each a hefty 24 inches by 36 inches in size).

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That's right, folks! We have one week left of this Kickstarter. So far you have unlocked 7 stretch goals, including a form-fillable city character sheet, a sample thieves' guild, a design seminar, an additional city growth map, 3 more NPCs, a sample cult, and 3 more monsters!

You can check out earlier updates for previews of the project, including the Map Folio, the table of contents, and other details such as guilds, magic, and henchmen. Thank you all for your support so far! Let's end strong and see if we can blow past 200K for that free Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding and the expanded Map Folio! (And who knows what might be beyond that?!)


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We're in the last two days of the Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns Kickstarter. We have one last stretch goal and we need your help to reach it so that every backer at the $25 and up tiers receives a PDF of Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding!

Plus, two additional maps will be added to the Map Folio by reaching the stretch goal. This map folio will consist of 12 wet/dry erase maps with this next stretch goal. Each map will depict a different district common to most cities and towns!

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