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D&D 5E [Kobold Press] Deep Magic 2 for 5E Kickstarter is Live!

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I've got faint hopes that they'll eventually revisit the project with major contributions from Asian writers (I know some have put up their hands and are keen to work on it), but I'm not holding my breath to be honest.

Marc Radle


Day 1 Recap and a New Pledge Tier

Thanks to all you wonderful folks, we made some serious MAGIC in the first 36 hours! Not only did we reach our funding goal, but we have also already unlocked TWELVE fantastical treats to make this project even more sparkly!

Here are the wondrous stretch goals we’ve unlocked so far:
  • 4 new subclasses (Fortune Bard, Fey Wizard, Vril Wizard, Saint Cleric)
  • 35 total backer-submitted spells
  • 6 new tables (Magical Encounters, Tome Names, Magical NPC Names, Magical Location Names, Magical Descriptions, and a Familiar Reference Table)
  • 1 Twitch Stream with the Designers, going over the updates to Deep Magic 1
  • 2 new NPCs, the Bard and Bard Maestro
  • 1 new “Dream” magic style
  • 14 new spells themed around the new Dream magic style
With our powers combined, we’ll have even more stretch goals to hang on our component pouch. The next three stretches are:
  • 2 new NPCs, the Archdruid and Mage Apprentice
  • Increasing the total backer-submitted spells to 40
  • A table of magical schemes for spellcasting villains

New Limited Edition Tier​

You have blown us away with your enthusiasm and excitement for our limited edition volumes!

Ordinarily, we offer a few hundred limited edition volumes at the start of a Kickstarter and increase that incrementally throughout the life of the Kickstarter based on number of backers (i.e. every few hundred backers, we add Y limited editions). This ensures that even late backers have a chance at a limited edition, and it helps us give you, the backer, a good deal on the cost of the limited edition by keeping our costs down (i.e. every X regular editions/dollars pledged, we can afford to offer Y more limited editions at the discounted price).

However, we were not expecting the popularity of the two-volume limited edition set of Deep Magic 1 and 2! We want to ensure your happiness while also ensuring we can feasibly keep up with the demand. We have now added a new tier of the two-volume limited edition set at a slightly higher price point to help offset the cost of producing so many more copies of the limited edition set. This means we now have a total of 1,000 two-volume limited edition sets available (for perspective, our largest Kickstarter ever, Tome of Beasts 3, offered a total of 1,700 limited edition copies and had 9,438 backers by the end). This is new territory for us, but thank you so much for your support!
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