Black Flag [KOBOLD PRESS] Tales of the Valiant KS is Live!

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Sneak Peek - Astral Destroyer

Although we are putting our unique Kobold spin on the monsters you know and love from the SRD, we are also including over 50 brand-new, never-before-seen monsters in Monster Vault.

Today, we’re taking a sneak peek at one such monster: the Astral Destroyer!
Was kind of expecting a statblock......

Also, I know people beg for more high level monsters, but do people really use them all that much? The fluff sounds cool, anyway.

Huge new KS Update!

Halfway There and New Stretch Goals

Wow! We’re only halfway through the Kickstarter, and your support so far has been phenomenal! We are almost to $890,000 and we've unlocked 14 stretch goals unlocked so far! Be sure to check out the link to learn more about every one of them!

New Stretch Goals
The kobolds have been hard at work putting together more stretch goals, and today we’re revealing them. We’ve always wanted a good excuse to include a GM screen in a Kickstarter, and you wonderful backers have given us that opportunity! If the stretch goal is unlocked, the GM screen will be included in all pledges that include the two-book set in a slipcase. If unlocked, the GM screen will also be available as a separate add-on after the Kickstarter ends during the pledge management phase.


Today, we released pre-generated characters with complete character sheets for a cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard. You can check out these characters and download their character sheets on the Tales of the Valiant website.

Thank you all so much for your support! Please continue shouting about this Kickstarter from fences, trees, wagons, and other tall locations to ensure as many kobolds and non-kobolds as possible hear about it!


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I wish the spells on the character sheets went horizontally, not vertically. So, the 1st "level" spells would be to the right of the cantrips. Much easier to keep my eyes at the same level on the page.

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