Black Flag [KOBOLD PRESS] Tales of the Valiant KS is Live!

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Valiant Design Diary #6

Few things in TTRPG design are as interesting (or nerve-wracking) as the playtest. Though there are quite a few knobs and levers to adjust in 5E mechanics, the largest and most complex are found in the bestiary. There, the rules governing PCs can be bent or outright broken to facilitate a certain style of play. For ToV, the design goal for Playtest Packet #3 and the Kickstarter preview has always been: create high fantasy.

While retooling creatures for ToV, I wanted to capture the unique power some of the linchpin threats might possess in a fantasy world and give them enough survivability to use them. If you could see some of the hit point totals I gave monsters in early playtests, you’d probably lose your capacity for rational thought!

But when running 4+ combats against these creatures, it highlighted that most didn’t have abilities in their toolbox to shock, surprise, or frighten a party. They mostly relied on damage or multiattack. So instead of compounding damage numbers or inflating hit points, I focused on two design options: conditions and gated features.

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Sneak Peek, Gen Con Playtesting, and Other Goodies

Last week, we showed you a sneak peek of the Astral Destroyer and today we have a sneak peek of the art for the deep gnome, ettercap, black pudding, and basilisk. We’re working to re-imagine many classic fantasy monsters, like making the ettercap extra spidery, and can't wait to show them all to you!


We created some fun Tales of the Valiant-themed bookmarks featuring art from the books to ensure you never lose your place in your book. You can download them for free here!


Be sure to check out the full KS Update to find out about Gen Con Playtesting, an awesome Giveaway, and the new Streamer/Creator Kit!!

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