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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

Ugh. Crap. @Knightfall can I edit?
Yeah, sorry about that. I was totally expecting we were going to get ambushed and I wanted to make sure to reveal any hidden enemies or artifacts or writing when we went in. In retrospect it wasn’t very useful. Vitas can dispel it but I think it costs him a standard action. And since Vitas is new he wouldn’t know that his teammates go invisible unless someone would mention it.

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World of Kulan DM
Check FB Message. I need a visual description or link to it if the portal relative to the rest of the room.
The latest battle map is linked here and on the FB group. Here's the link to the map posted here: link.

EDIT: The portal is above the Unknown Construct (the altar). I didn't note it with text on the map.

Aust Thale

It’s Falen. Took a class dip to acquire telepathy and a feat called mindsight. It’s sort of an echo-location based on Intelligent creatures. If it has a language, he can pinpoint the creature within 100’. Not unlike blind sense or tremor sense. Psionics are readily identified, as well as extra-planar creatures. One of the other feats he has is a linguistics feat allowing a new language every level. All combined, once he gets good at it (something new like that requires some role playing adjustment), he should be able to tell the party who’s really around them. He can’t call shots, so to speak, but he can identify intelligent creatures by their intelligence, or omission of it (like the young Knight, who probably has mindblank or something similar). Not Professor X, but not bad as an Unseen Seer.

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