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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
Initiative Order (Round Six)
Brelish Thug: 21 (5-ft step; fails to attack Vitus)
Eeldai [djinni] (bless): 18
Parch (loyalist leader): 18
Loyalist SF Soldier (male): 18
Loyalist SF Soldier (female): 18

Vincenzo (bless, haste, lesser vigor; poisoned): 18
Tim (bless, haste, protection from fire): 17
(full attack; missed)
Custodio (bless, haste, lesser vigor; poisoned): 16
Tuck (bless, haste): 14

Bugbear, Cleric of Darkness: 13
Dungeonbred Unicorn [summoned] (bless, hasted): 12 (moves; heals ?)
Akos (bless): 12
Rockhorn and Spritewing (benediction and lesser vigor [RH only], bless, haste): 11

Mitrik (thug): 10 (unconscious/dying)
Redcap (thug): 10 (demoralized [shaken] until Akos turn in round 7)
Falen (bless): 8
Vitus (bless, invisibility purge): 7

The Deaf-Mute Knight (bless, haste, lesser vigor; cursed): 1 ⬅️
Living Altar [construct]: 1 (can only speak telepathically to Falen)
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Thug near Table: Takes 5 ft. step; tries to will himself to throw his dagger at Vitus...
Brelish Thug - DC 16 Will save to attack Vitus: 1D20+1 = [3]+1 = 4 (fails)

@TaranTheWanderer, once he fails, can he make other actions as long as they aren't vs. Vitus. Can he make a move action?
If he fails, he loses his attack completely and can no longer even target Vitus. He may target anyone else, though, so if he has multiple attacks, he can take them against other people.

Since he moved 5 feet and then 'attacked', he can't move anymore.


World of Kulan DM
Here is the updated battle map.

EDIT: I forgot to note on the map that Vitus' movement included a successful jump check.

Portal Room Fight2-Rnd5-End-Rnd6-Start.png

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