Large Bounty

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A cloaked man walks up to the fountain and puts a peice of paper on it that reads:

Dead or Alive
Gallik Ranagan Sadrith Aosi

5000 Platinum each for the capture
or murder of these men. They
are wanted for the smuggling
of goods overseas. If you
complete these bounties mark this
paper in red and I will wait here with
your money, bring proof.

((The picture under Gallik shows a man with black buzzed hair and a a black beard with on green eye and one blue eye, the picture of Sadrith shows a man with a brown wide rimmed hat with brown hair just past his eyes.))

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:whatsthis A horse, reddish brown in colour pulled to a stop by it's rider a scantly clothe'd woman, wearing a halter to encase her full chest in metal, matching short leather skirt laced with chainmail. leather strap's wond their way down along her firm shaply leg's to end wrapped around brown furred knee high boot's topped with a trim of white fur, a sword in a worn tan scarbed strapped around her slim waist hung from her right hip
brown leather glove's that have seen better day's holding the rein's of her horse finished her attair.
The woman gracefully slid from her mount , walked over to the fountain and started to read the message left there by the stranger, she then turned remounted her horse and went on her way.

Epic Threats

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